Rallies June 10 and June 12 against the mandates

Indiana University continues to have a mandate for the covid vaccine. They stopped making people upload proof of vaccination, but staff and students are required to report their covid vaccination status in an electronic form. This requirement continues to violate the ban on vaccine passports which does not allow for requiring written or electronic means of a person’s covid vaccine status. IU has really changed very little to nothing regarding their mandate, especially for staff. Staff will still be fired if they do not get fully vaccinated with the covid vaccine by August. IU has said the their administration will review requests for exemptions and respond within 5 business days. Once again, this fight will come down to keeping jobs, which is why we fought so hard to worker rights with SB 74.


The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates has created a website.

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There is a second rally on Saturday June 12 in Indianapolis against the IU Health mandate. Even if you don’t work for IU Health, please come, because your job is likely next. IU Health owns a lot of facilities in Indiana including outpatient and homecare. It is not just the hospital staff that are mandated. IU Health is also mandating vendors, volunteers, and students to have the covid vaccine by Sept 1. Will they require the truck drivers delivering supplies to be vaccinated? This is not just about healthcare workers. This includes the parking valet, the cooks, the secretaries in the business offices. Don’t ignore this just because you aren’t a healthcare worker.

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Franciscan Health is in the process of deciding to mandate the covid vaccine.


Right now, there are thousands of employees in Indiana having severe anxiety about the future of their jobs. Many can’t just get another job or move to a free state like Florida due to family obligations such as taking care of elderly parents who live near by, custody of their children, poor job market, owning a home and having bills that don’t allow them to quit and go work at McDonald’s after getting a Master’s or Doctoral degree in their field, and most of all because this is America and nobody should have to choose between feeding their family and getting a vaccine that has a side effect of death. Let’s all contact Senator Boots and Rep VanNatter and ask them why they allowed this to happen to thousands of hardworking Hoosiers when they both had a chance to vote on bills that would have ensured employees had exemptions and banned mandates under emergency use authorization.

Senator Boots

Ask him why he sided with corporations and refused a vote on SB 74 which would have prevented the fear so thousands are feeling right now of being denied exemptions and being fired: “Workplace immunization prohibition. Prohibits an employer from requiring, as a condition of employment, an employee or prospective employee to receive any immunization if the immunization is medically contraindicated for the employee or receiving the immunization is against the employee’s religious beliefs or conscience. Allows for a civil action against an employer for a violation.”

Representative VanNatter

Ask him why he refused to vote on HB 1488 that was written by a nurse practitioner and banned mandates under EUA: “Vaccination exemptions. Prohibits an employer from requiring, as a condition of employment, an employee or prospective employee to receive an immunization that: (1) has been approved for emergency use; and (2) lacks full approval from the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prohibits an employer from: (1) inquiring into; or (2) otherwise requiring an employee or prospective employee to disclose; the reason for refusing an immunization that: (A) has been approved for emergency use; and (B) lacks full approval from the FDA. Allows for a civil cause of action against an employer for specified violations.”

These same legislators signed on against the IU mandate, but they had ample chance to head this problem off at the pass months ago. We need to remind these people that they work for the people, not the Chamber of Commerce.

2 thoughts on “Rallies June 10 and June 12 against the mandates”

  1. https://odysee.com/freeourkids:808827fc24ea51fca405bc45c2cec8c2a28809e6?src=embed

    Watch this video! This is about stopping with the masks -but we need to STOP everything! We are hurting everyone by following recommendations! HELP FIGHT – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    IU’s “VACCINE MANDATE” is Unlawful and Illegal! They are Practicing Medicine Without a License!! In All 50 States: “Only an Authorized License Medical Physician is Legally Allowed to Give Medical Advice and Recommendations for Any Medical Interventions, e.g., testings, masking, scanning, medications, vaccinations etc.” However, we are NOT allowed to require, force, persuade, convince, pressure etc. any patient into anything -Period! ALL patients have the LEGAL right to refuse any and all medical interventions, including any information we give them!

    If we allow IU and employers to decide what is best for everyone medically; why on earth do we have physicians/doctors who went through YEARS of schooling, who take an extensive medical history (background) of each patient etc. if ANYONE can make a medical requirement…which I cannot even do! This is not only a violation of Medical Laws and core principle ethics, but violates SEVERAL federal and state laws!!! Enough is Enough!!!


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