Another Teen Gone Too Soon

We’re saddened beyond measure to report that on Saturday July 13, 2019, Jeremy Stutz, son of Vaxxed Indy Warriors Laura and Jay Stutz, passed away due to a seizure.

We are collecting donations to support the family in all ways that we can, and your donation is important. This is a collective effort between Indiana For Medical Freedom, Indiana Health Choice Coalition, Indiana For Vaccination Choice, Vaxxed Indy and Informed Consent Ft. Wayne and made possible because of generous donations like yours. The donation link is listed here.

You can view the brief interview with Jeremy’s parents about his story on the Vaxxed bus tour here.

Thank you for your generous support of the family.

Ohio Rally Event on June 26 with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Indiana For Medical Freedom would like to thank everyone who donated to renew our website and renew our domain. It’s very much appreciated. THANKS! 

The tee shirt campaign ended last week, but there were some purchases made after it ended, so Bonfire reopened the campaign for us with no minimum printing required.  So if you still want to purchase a shirt, they are available at the following links.

The shirts on this link have #Idonotconsent on the back.


We would also like to make subscribers aware of an event happening next week in Columbus Ohio on June 26 being held by Health Freedom Ohio.

The link to the Health Freedom Ohio event is below along with some of the information about their event. They have some amazing speakers, and some Indiana supporters are planning to attend. If you’ve missed out on attending events in Washington DC ,  Atlanta, California, etc. due to the distance, then this event is just one state over from us!


Join us for a day dedicated to human rights, health sovereignty and informed consent!

We will start the day with an important public press conference introducing The Medical Consumer Protection Act (H.B. 268)


June 26, 2019


9:00 am to 11:00 am


The Atrium

Ohio Statehouse

1 Capitol Square

Columbus, OH 43215



Representative Ron Hood, Ohio House District 78

Robert Kennedy Jr., Founder Children’s Health Defense

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD., Founder and CEO, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK)

Kevin Barry, Esq.  Founder, First Freedoms

Alvin Moss, MD, FACS, FAAHPM

Michelle Krinsky, RN
We look forward to having you join us for this exciting and monumental press conference!
Please arrive early, as the media will be in attendance and your strong health freedom presence is of utmost important.  Let’s make Ohio a State that prides itself in preserving the constitution, our fundamental human rights to health freedom and informed consent!

Together we are making a difference!

We need help covering the travel costs, rental fees, and other costs of this endeavor, please consider donating. Your donations ensure we are able to host these types of events. Any amount helps. Thank you!


A Panel Discussion Reviewing the Science and Policy Affecting Health Outcomes

Please join us for a momentous dinner fundraiser and enlightening panel discussion.


June 26, 2019


6:00 pm to 10:00 pm


The Country Club at Muirfield Village

8715 Muirfield Dr

Dublin, OH 43017

Cost: $100
Attendees will hear experts share their knowledge in a discussion format that will help facilitate understanding of health concerns facing our children, potential causes and solutions. Audience members will have an opportunity to engage with the panelists during the discussion. Event proceeds will go to The Children’s Health Defense, First Freedoms, and The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.

Panelists include:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

James Lyons-Weiler, Phd.

Kevin Barry, Esq.

Alvin Moss, MD FACS FAAHPM  

Event Schedule:

6:00-6:30     Doors open to event venue, guest arrival, informal meet and greet

6:30-6:45     Welcoming remarks by Health Freedom Ohio

6:45-7:30    Three-course dinner commences

7:30-9:30    Panel Discussion

9:30                  Closing remarks by Health Freedom Ohio

10:00               Event concludes

Purchase your ticket here!

****Corporate Sponsorship Available*****

Please contact us for more details:


VIP attendants will have the opportunity to enjoy BOTH the above dinner fundraiser on June 26th, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm AND engage in further discussion with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. over breakfast. The space for this exclusive VIP opportunity is limited to 20 guests, so please be sure to purchase your tickets promptly to reserve your seat. All proceeds benefit Children’s Health Defense.

June 27, 2019

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

The Country Club at Muirfield Village

8715 Muirfield Dr

Dublin, OH 43017

Federal Attempts to Remove Exemptions are Here

The time to act is now, if we are to have a future.
Attempted national removal of exemptions is upon us. We all MUST be taking action with our Congressional Representatives to voice opposition to the new Federal bills trying to track us and remove all exemptions except very restrictive medical exemptions through taking away funding from any school that allows exemptions.
1. HR 2862 authored by Rep Schrier (D) of Washington state is the national tracking system and study of how to increase uptake of vaccines bill. It has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
It has bipartisan support of both Democrats and Republicans. This one has a good chance of moving forward to pass since both parties are signing on to it.
2. HR 2527 Vaccinate All Children Act authored by Rep Wilson (D) of Florida is the one that is trying to remove all exemptions except a few allowable medical exemptions. This bill is also in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
This is an egregious bill that is trying to get around the religious freedom problem by not actually removing the religious or personal beliefs exemptions, but removing federal funding from any school that allows those exemptions. It also restricts the medical exemption to one of almost needing to literally die from each individual shot. Vaccine induced seizures need to be long lasting, not short term, before you are allowed to refuse further shots. This bill is supported by only Democrats so far.
It does not currently have bipartisan support, so it might not move as fast, but with this current political climate, DO NOT expect it to go away.
Regardless of your political party views or your disgust of politics, we need you to meet with your legislators and tell them they need to stop with the removal of parental rights and removal of freedom to have religious and personal beliefs exemptions. This will be a NATION-WIDE removal if it passes.
  1. Set up a meeting with your Representative or their legislative aide. This is Federal (Congress) and how to find out who represents you is found at a link below. This is not state level legislators. Congressional Reps have local offices in your district area, and they have an office in Washington DC. Often times, you have to meet with their aide when meeting at the local in-state office, but try to get a meeting with the actual Rep if possible.
  2. Email your Representative to Oppose HR 2862 and HR 2527
  3. Call your Representative to voice  your Opposition to both bills. The main switchboard can connect you to them (202) 224-3121
  4. Tweet or comment on their social media pages that you Oppose both bills. 
  5. Contact the White House for President Trump to voice your Opposition to removing exemptions
You can find your own Rep’s email from the links below. An email does not have to be elaborate. People get so anxious about what to say in an email or phone call. You don’t need to write a novel or tell your life story on the phone if you don’t want to. The people answering the phones are getting paid to answer phones. They are not rude, or at least are rarely rude. They can’t be hateful or they would use their job (a job you and I are funding). When you call, they ask for your name and address to confirm that you are in their district. Then all you have to say is “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862.” Most of them don’t even ask why you oppose. They are just writing down you oppose. Some might ask if you have anything to say about the bill that you want your Congressional Rep to know, and you can speak more or not. For email, it can also be just that simple, “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862”, or you can give specific examples of why you oppose too. Please don’t let fear of not knowing what to say deter you from taking action. Your Representative is NOT your ruler. That Rep works for you! We need to remind them of that. 
Here is a link to find your Federal Congressional Rep if you don’t know who represents you.
Here is a link that gives a directory of every Congressional Representative. You can click on the Reps name to open a link to their page. On their page, they will have specific contact details such as email and social media. Tweet to your Rep something as simple as OPPOSE HR 2527 OPPOSE HR 2862.
If you set up a meeting with your Congressional Rep, feel free to contact us at If scheduling allows, someone with experience may be able to go with you if you want. You are allowed bring other people to your meeting, and they usually ask how many and who are coming with you.  During a meeting it is nice to bring literature/materials to give to your Rep. Tell your specific personal story if you or a loved one who has been injured. Tell them how your life will be affected if this discrimination is allowed and exemptions are removed. Talk about the Constitutional right to religious freedom. There is a new website with religious scriptures to quote at, and the  Children of God website gives many reasons why someone would chose an exemption. Also, First Freedoms with Kevin Barry has a good video on why people would use a religious exemption.
As a note, Indiana has Representative Susan Brooks (R) on the Health Subcommittee that both these bills are in. This is big deal since so few states are represented on this subcommittee. The Subcommittee votes on whether to advance bills to the next step or not. This is a great place to try to kill a bill. If Susan Brooks is your Rep, we really, really need you to be setting up a meeting with her or her aide. If you get a meeting with Susan Brooks, please contact us. We may be able to get other people to go with you. 
Please do not sit on this and do nothing.
A quote by a man who is currently undergoing trials and tribulation, “There is unity in the opposition. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.” 

New tee shirt fundraising

Indiana for Medical Freedom is now selling newly designed tee shirts in order to raise money to renew our expiring website and domain name. We started one campaign with Bonfire, but some people were asking for more color options. Once a campaign is started, it cannot be edited to add colors. So we also started a second campaign with more color and style options. The second campaign has a v neck tee option.

Here is the first campaign.

Here is the second campaign link. There are different options on each campaign. The second one has shirts that say #IDONOTCONSENT on the back of the shirt.

We really appreciate your support. We would love to be able to maintain our website. Social media has increased censorship, and Facebook has declared that groups doing the work we do will be censored and eventually removed. It is important that we have the website as an avenue to post action alerts if we get shut down on social media. We have no idea what the legislative session will hold in 2020, and the current Federal state of mind regarding medical freedom is scary.

IFMF Addresses the Alleged Measles Death from the RTV6 Interview

Again we would like to thank RTV6 for doing the news story, and we thank IFMF co-founder Melissa Sfura for agreeing to be interviewed, especially during a time of such a hot button issue.

We want to address another statement Dr. Christenson made in the article listed below.

 “I’ve had a star soccer player from Indiana die of measles and encephalitis,” Dr. Christenson said. “He was unvaccinated.”

That’s odd, a measles death of a healthy star soccer player that hasn’t made news or been brought up across the nation especially with measles stories running across the country. So, we reached out to RTV 6 to clarify the year this death happened. The reporter’s response in summary said that she had asked Dr. Christenson, but he did not remember the year of the death. He thinks it was around 15 years ago, and the neurologist that treated the patient has died.

Then we reached out to the Indiana State Health Department to get information on this alleged measles death. Measles is a reportable disease, so there should be a public record of this death.

The response from their state epidemiologist was this:

“I am writing to you in response to your inquiry regarding the measles news story that mentioned a soccer player who died from measles.  Neither my supervisor or myself are familiar with the death that Dr. Christenson is referring to in the article.  You may want to reach out to Dr. Christenson if you are looking for the specific year that this may have occurred.  He has been in practice for more than 30 years so I am not sure when this may have occurred.”

So, the Indiana Health Department has no record of the Indiana athlete Dr. Christenson says died from measles maybe around 15 years ago. Dr. Christenson recalls the patient played soccer and did not have vaccines, but he does not recall any other details, including the year, that such a significant death occurred. We have not reached out to the physician yet.

Last week Del Bigtree did a news story on his show, The Highwire, about measles including the death rate and the most recent deaths from measles in America. Here is a link to his show.

Starting at minute 33, Del starts interviewing pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears. Dr. Sears says the fatality rate of measles in the United States, before the vaccine was introduced, was 1 in 10,000 children. When adults are included in the total death rate, it is 1 in 500,000 people.  Dr. Sears goes on to state that if you are exposed to measles and get two days of high dose vitamin A, the complications are significantly lowered.

Investigative reporter Jefferey Jaxson joins around minute 39 to give his investigative reporting on the last deaths from measles in the U.S. He appeared to be able to find measles deaths based on public records.  In 2015 an adult woman with underlying medical conditions that required her to take drugs to suppress the immune system was listed as dying from measles. She had an unknown vaccine status but may have been vaccinated as a child. Her public medical records were partially redacted. She died of pneumonia, but after she died, a blood test for titers was completed. Titers showed antibodies to measles, but her vaccine status was unknown and people who are vaccinated usually test positive for measles titers. Due to the measles titers, her death was declared to be from measles. In 2003, a child who received a bone marrow transplant for a rare disease died four months after the transplant. The measles was diagnosed post mortem, and the child was declared to have died from the measles.

Why didn’t Jefferey Jaxson find the death of the Indiana star soccer player that Dr. Christenson spoke of in the interview? We don’t know, but it seems no one else, including the CDC who tracks measles deaths, has been able to find it either. We do not want to make light of a death, any death is horrible. We do however want to verify the statement made in this story, because it is a death that does not appear to have ever been mentioned in all the news stories through out the entire country including on CNN. When a physician uses a death to back up his statement about taking away religious freedom, we would like to get the details. According to his bio, Dr. Christenson has worked in multiple developing countries including West Africa and Central America. Could he be mixing up a patient from one of those countries? We really do not know.

Interview with RTV6

Indiana For Medical Freedom would like to thank Kara Kenney of RTV 6 for reporting a balanced news story. Here is the link to her story that includes an interview with IFMF co-founder, Melissa Sfura.

Despite the shocking headline, Indiana schools have a religious exemption rate of ONLY 1.5% of all school children.

Apparently, the physician interviewed, Dr. John C. Christenson a professor of clinical pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Disease and Global Health, thinks that Indiana should abolish religious freedoms that only a very small minority, 1.5%, of Hoosier families express.

There are many people who declare a religious exemption, and nobody questions it, and that’s where some of the problems lie,” said Dr. Christenson. “I’m a believer that having mandates and taking away exemptions may be a good thing. It’s too easy.”

Well Dr. Christenson, you might want to read the Indiana State Constitution which contains the following statement:

Section 2. All people shall be secured in the natural right to worship ALMIGHTY GOD, according to the dictates of their own consciences. (History: As Amended November 6, 1984).

Section 3. No law shall, in any case whatever, control the free exercise and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.

Then after you read our state Constitution, Dr. Christenson, you need to read the Constitution of the United States of America. You see, Doctor, we enjoy the right to freedom of religion in this country. A freedom that many of us aren’t keen to give up, and a freedom we aren’t too happy to see you want to take away.

Many people have religious beliefs that do not allow injecting aborted baby cells into their bodies, but that is not the only religious reason to claim an exemption. Kevin Barry of First Freedoms has a website listing various reasons.

The religion of Purism has several scriptures listed regarding religious beliefs and vaccination.

The bottom line is, we have a God given right to religious freedom no matter what a person’s beliefs are. It is very unfortunate that Dr. Christenson does not share a belief in religious freedom.

Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips Still Needs Your Help!

Please click on the link to go to the Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom’s website. It takes you to the letter that you can sign you name and send easily.


Also go to the Bar Watch website listed below and sign the petition. Phillpis