Indiana Primary Election Voter Guide

Indiana has the Primary elections on May 3. It is very important that everyone who wants to have a true change for freedom VOTES in the primary. For those who cannot vote in person on May 3, early in person voting is available between April 5-May 2.

Contact your local county clerk’s office to find early voting hours and locations.

Register to vote by April 4. In person voting on May 3 election day is the best way, but for those who are unavailable to in person, mail in absentee ballots for those who qualify need to be requested by April 21.

Register to vote here:

This voter guide includes all the Indiana House Districts, Senate Districts, and Congressional Districts that have primary challengers in the May elections. If your District is not listed, there is no primary challenger running. Not all Districts have a good primary challenger running, so some have no recommendation. The recommendations are based on review of candidate’s websites and social media pages along with contacting a few of them to ask their stance on medical freedom.

The guide has a link to the new District maps that were drawn based on the 2020 Census data and has some basic information on counties included in each district. Some Districts have completely changed, so you might not be in the same District from previous years.

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