Indiana May 3 Primary Voter Guide

Are you registered to vote yet? Please make sure to register by the April 4 deadline. You can register here:

In person voting on May 3 is the best way, but for those who are unavailable to vote on May 3, there are options. Early in person voting is from April 5 to May 2. Mail in absentee ballots for those who qualify need to be requested by April 21.

Contact your local county clerk’s office to find early voting hours and locations.

Indiana Medical Freedom
Quick Reference Primary Voter Guide

This is a shortened quick guide to help you know which candidates support freedom for the May 3 Primary elections. Districts are only listed that have strong recommendations for freedom supporting candidates. The previously posted 20-page full voting guide gives more detailed information about all districts with primary challengers even if they do not mention medical freedom on their public stance.
If your District is not listed, I am unaware of a strong medical freedom candidate or there isn’t one running.

Please show up to vote for the Primary. We have so many great candidates running, we have to get some of them in office to support us. Also, now that you know who to vote for, please spread the word to friends and family, volunteer on their campaigns, get a yard sign, attend fundraiser events, etc. The GOP is spending a lot of money to beat these non-establishment candidates. We fight back by volunteering and helping to advertise the freedom candidates.

Status quo has got to go, and we can do that on May 3rd if everyone shows up. Only a small fraction of registered voters vote in the May primaries. If we make a strong showing, we will replace the RINO Republicans with medical freedom fighters.

Districts for State House of Representatives

District 7- Vote for Sarina Williams (Do Not Vote for Jake Teshka)

District 16- Vote for Bryan Washburn
District 20- Vote for Heather Oake

District 21- Vote for Stephen Gray

District 22- Vote for Curt Nisly

District 25- Vote for Becky Cash

District 27- Vote for Tim Radice

District 31- Vote for Andy Lyons
District 32- Vote for Fred Glynn

District 33- Vote for Brittany Kloer

District 34- Vote for Susan Dillon

District 41- Vote for Richard Bagsby

District 45- Vote for Bruce Borders
He is the incumbent and being challenged by another current Legislator
District 47- Vote for Luke Campbell

District 50- Vote for Lorissa Sweet

District 54- Three freedom candidates 1. Heather Carie 2. Joshua Gillmore
3. Melissa Melzer – any of the three would be good but Melissa Melzer appears to be the most viable due to her current status in the Republican party

District 55- Vote for Lindsay Patterson

District 56- Vote for Mark Pierce

District 57- Vote for Melinda Griesemer

District 60- Vote for Brittany Carroll

District 62- Vote for Dave Hall

District 72- Vote for Jackie Bright Grubbs

District 78- Vote for Sean Selby
District 79- Vote for Russ Mounsey

District 81- Vote for David Mervar
District 85- Vote for Stan Jones 

District 88- Vote for Chrystal Sisson
District 90- Vote for David W Waters
District 91- Vote for David Hewitt

District 93- Vote for Rep John Jacobs

End of House Districts.

Begin State Senate Districts.

Senate District 4- Vote for Johannes Poulard

Senate District 14- Vote for Tyler Johnson

Senate District 23- Vote for Paula K Copenhaver

Senate District 26- Vote for Katherine (Kat) Kritsch

Senate District 47- Vote for Gary Byrne

End of State Senate Districts.

Begin Federal Congressional Districts.
First Congress District- Vote for Ben Ruiz

Ninth Congress District- Vote for Dan Heiwig

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