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Meet With Legislators ASAP!!!

Fellow Hoosiers, the time is now to stand up for our medical freedom. The Biden announcement of covid vaccine mandates and no more testing for Federal workers along with the pending OSHA rule requiring all businesses with 100+ staff to mandate the covid vaccine and force weekly tests for anyone with an exemption, has made this a now or never moment. If we can’t stop this and get protective legislation in 2022, then we may never be able to stop it. Once many people comply in order to keep their jobs, it will make us the minority. This is time sensitive for us to take action.

First of all, we can’t be complacent thinking we are guaranteed a religious exemption to keep our jobs. Federal laws allow for employers to apply for an undue hardship where they can deny exemptions based on their inability to accommodate you. With this unprecedented national mandate, we will be seeing more jobs deny exemptions. Businesses have the burden of proof to show why allowing your exemption is a hardship on them. You don’t have the burden to prove you have religious beliefs. You DO NOT have to have a leader from an organized religion sign off for your beliefs. However, it’s important for you to understand that the federal law does not guarantee protection of your job with an exemption if the employers can’t accommodate based on undue hardship and significant safety risk. Too many people aren’t taking action, because they believe an exemption will be no problem. In the past, mainly healthcare workers have been the ones with vaccine mandates, and people are used to getting exemptions in those fields. Indiana has a current state law that ensures medical, religious exemptions, and simply saying NO to the flu vaccine mandate for healthcare workers who have direct patient contact. Our state law is there to make sure that healthcare workers have exemptions protected. With the OSHA Federal mandate, industries that have never dealt with vaccine mandates are pulled in the loop, and I promise that we will start seeing many companies denying religious exemptions and applying for a hardship clause.

If you don’t believe me, please view this interview with attorney KrisAnne Hall who also alludes to and mentions the hardship clause that companies can use to deny religious exemptions.

This is the link to the Stand for Healh Freedom interview.

Also, here are some screen shots of Hoosiers talking about being put on unpaid leave when asking for a religious exemption and simply being denied the religious exemption accommodation based on “undue hardship”. The employer does need to prove that it truly is a hardship and that the person can’t be accommodated by other means including virtual work.

We have to meet with our state senator and our state representatives and demand that they provide protection for us under state law. They all refused to pass a law ensuring employee exemptions during January 2021 session, because they claimed federal law was enough to protect us, employers weren’t going to mandate, and they don’t add regulations to private businesses. Those were all bunk reasons for them to cop out and support the Chamber of Commerce and big pharma instead of the rights of the people.

State law makers will write and support legislation that
a. stops discrimination based on vaccine status
b. ensures religious and medical exemptions for all employees in the state against the covid vaccine without the undue hardship clause
c. a full ban on vaccine passports across the entire state including businesses

Meet with your lawmakers. They exist simply to do YOUR WILL. Demand they take the above actions to protect us. Don’t let them get away with lip service. Pin them down for an answer. Point blank ask them: do they support or oppose medical freedom and what will you do to support us? If not, let them know you will not be voting for them in 2022 regardless of who their opponent is. Republicans know they have us over a barrel, because right now it’s the Democrats pushing mandates. Republicans believe they can do what they want to us, because the alternative is worse.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been working on doing classes for exemptions for people. I suggest you sign up to view that class. Ashley has some great information.

Ashley with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has a call out for everyone to make these phone calls:

“Is the Indiana State Legislature denying Medical Liberty in the face of Biden’s mandates while bending to every whim of the Teacher’s Union?

The State legislature has insisted that your Medical Liberty will not be addressed because they will “only” address redistricting when going back to session next week. Yet, Thursday Rod Bray released a statement about the necessity of addressing demands from the Teacher’s union?

What has changed?

Are they brazen enough to continue ignoring you?

Make some calls today and forward this text to your friends!

Tell them: “Listening to teacher’s unions and not your constituents demand for Medical Liberty will be a costly mistake.”

Rod Bray, Senate Pro Tem

Todd Huston, Speaker of the House

Rep Bob Behning

Don’t forget to call your own Rep and Senator if you don’t know who they are text 260-286-0988 with the word: find



There is a rally Tuesday September 28 outside the Indiana State House at 11:00. Please use that day as an opportunity to set up meeting with your legislators at the State House while you are there. If they can’t meet, pop in their office and leave a list of demands with their staff. Then set up a meeting with them later to go over their thoughts.

Tuesday 9/28 Rally at the State House


You can read EEOC information here.

Don’t forget to join on Telegram for uncensored news.

Exemption Meetings

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is having meetings with exemption information. Allen, Wells, Whitley counties are scheduled. If you want a meeting near you, they ask that you find a venue and have at least 30 people planning to attend.

Also there’s a new Telegram channel for those who follow on social media but don’t like censorship.

French Police patrol outdoor cafes checking for vaccine papers.

This video is reminiscent of the SS Nazis checking people’s paper. French diners are hassled by police demanding they produce proof of vaccination papers to sit outside at a cafe. France is also denying non emergency hospital care to those who can’t prove they had the covid vaccine. They are starting to do away with using a negative covid test for entry and requiring the covid vaccine.

Just complying to get the covid vaccine this time is only going to make matters worse. There are already boosters being prepared and those might be required every six months. Once they get you, they don’t stop forcing you to be their slave.

Welcome to dystopian hell brought on with repeatedly complying with two weeks to flatten the curve.

Meanwhile here in America, we have a bill in Congress proposing to ban those who haven’t taken the covid vaccine from flying domestic and international while simultaneously trying to pass a bill that will lead to being charged per mile of driving . They really want to limit our freedom of movement.

People sign a petition to imprison those who don’t take the covid vaccine.

Should you go to prison for not getting the covid vaccine? Apparently many people walking on the street in San Diego think you should be arrested and sent to prison. You tuber Mark Dice stood on the street asking strangers to sign his petition to force people to take the covid vaccine or arrest and imprison them. Sadly, many people agreed and wanted this to happen. They didn’t realize it was a joke.

We are being too nice and polite while our rights are being stripped. There are a lot of people who want anyone that doesn’t take the covid vaccines to be locked up and stripped of their rights. If you are put in prison, you lose your kids. These people literally want to take your children away. These people should be viewed no differently than the Jews viewed the Nazis. They are dangerous and would support our murder if given the chance. Watching the Nazis signing the form trying to imprison us should be a wake up call.

West Lafayette mayor calls people A$$holes for not taking the Covid vaccines. Please let him know what you think about that

Republican mayor Dennis showed how low class he truly is by name calling anyone who doesn’t take the dangerous covid vaccines. Mayor Dennis doesn’t seem to have Republican values yet remains in the party somehow. Last year he imposed some of the strictest mandates in the state and lost in court due to his actions being unconstitutional regarding the fines. Instead of apologizing, he went full force and got an ordinance passed with a fine. He also called for people to shame those who don’t follow covid restrictions and who don’t get the covid vaccine. He supported a covid vaccine mandate for all city employees and it was tabled by an amendment from a city council member to suggest recommending it versus mandating it. But this week, Dennis said, he’s considering a vaccine mandate for city employees. He’s still trying.

Please contact his office to complain.


Despite even the Democrats trying to ban facial recognition in West Lafayette, Republican Mayor Dennis said he will veto the ban. Who is this horrible guy? The answer is definitely not a person who believes in the constitution or freedom.

Lawsuit Against IU has a Hearing July 13

Please donate to fund the lawsuit against Indiana University. This lawsuit handles several issues including exemptions for mask mandates, medical exemptions for vaccines (IU has been limiting medical exemptions even with a physician order for one), violation of the vaccine passport ban in Indiana, and mandating the covid vaccine including under emergency use. Even if an attorney donates all his time, court costs such as expert witness testimony are very expensive. We cannot sit back while others fight for us. This whole scamdemic is going to get worse than it already is, the tyranny is not over by any means. This is likely just the eye of the storm. Let’s try and fight back in the courts, despite how corrupt many of them are.

Did you know that many other major countries, such as Australia and France, are starting to lock down again? An Australia news reporter actually announced on TV that “today is the first day of the New World Order, only one person per household is allowed to shop, only 2 people can be in a group”. Australia’s Health Minister announced that the New World Order is here to stay. People are only allowed to go shopping for essential items like food within a short distance from home. Videos have shown police beating people breaking the lockdown rules. The United Kingdom is also talking about a fourth wave coming. Is this foreshadowing a United States lockdown this fall? Have you noticed the signs put up on businesses that state unvaccinated people are required to wear a mask? As of now, they are not separating people out, but once another “big covid wave” happens, that’s when the vaccine passport will be rolled out to separate us out. Do you think that can’t happen? Look at France. President Macron declared a few months ago that the covid vaccine would not be mandatory and there would be NO vaccine passports. Fast forward to this week, and he was proven to have been lying about that. France and the United Kingdom, which also promised there would be no vaccine passport to enter a pub, have both declared that heath certificates/vaccine passports will be required starting this July 21 into August. People who don’t have the vaccine will have to pay out of pocket for covid testing just to enter a pub. France has also mandated all healthcare workers to be vaccinated or be fired. UK is working on the same national mandate.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros, stated “let me be clear, we will not be returning to the old normal”. The world leaders have ZERO intent on ever allowing the people to go on with their lives with freedom. All the people telling us to “just wear the mask, it’s only 2 weeks, it’s only 30 days, it’s only a mask”, have no clue about what is really happening in the scheme of the world. The elite world rulers have stair stepped the world into allowing freedoms to be taken forever by using short increments of totalitarianism.

Door to door knockers are gearing up to be coming to your door. Lake county Illinois has laid out a plan in documents to volunteer health ambassadors to call property managers and ask to enter to senior living centers and apartment buildings. Those volunteers will be carrying a speadsheet that lists the address, apartment number, whether the person says yes they got the vaccine, whether the person says No they have not got it, and whether those who say no want to get it or not. When the Gestopo and SS officers were going door to door looking for Jewish people, do you think it would be smart to tell them you are Jewish when they ask, knowing it will lead you to a gas chamber? When these vaccine data collectors come to your home, you have to option to say Yes or No regarding if you took the covid vaccine. Do as you see fit to save yourself and family.

Donation Link for the Lawsuit against Indiana University

Here is the link to donate to the lawsuit against IU. They appear to be violating the vaccine passport ban by requiring an electronic report of covid vaccine status. The lawsuit is also for allegedly violating Indiana state law regarding religious exemptions for testing and medical exemptions, mandating emergency use authorization vaccines, and other issues.

The hearing has been expedited. You can read about it at the Bopp Law Firm website.

What Can We Do Now?


It seems like the walls are closing in on us left and right. We don’t have a lot of time left. California is rolling out its vaccine passport system where you can be discriminated against based on just being a natural human being. Can private businesses ban all Asian people from entry? Can private businesses ban all Jewish people from entry? The answer is no. While private business owners have rights, they are not allowed to discriminate against classes of people. You were born without vaccines, therefore they are saying that simply being a human who wants to stay a person with a natural immune system not made artificial by big pharma, can be outcast from society and discriminated against. That is not okay. Rosa Parks refused to sit on the back of the bus based on her skin color. We are not even going to be allowed on the bus if we don’t stand up together. People have protested, but the numbers are NOT enough to make a change.


  1. We need to boycott businesses that discriminate and demonstrate outside them. We need to research when our local city and county council meetings are and attend the meetings. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty had the idea to call and set up meetings with your local officials and ask them to write a local ordinance to ban vaccine passports for businesses in your area. Yes, they have the authority to do that. Several city councils made mask ordinances this past year including West Lafayette. If they can do that, they can ban vaccine passports with local businesses.

2. Your local school boards have the authority to ban masks wearing for staff and students starting July 1. School boards meet monthly. Simply do a quick internet search by typing the name of your district and board meeting to find the date. Attend the school board meetings along with emailing and calling the members to tell them to remove the mask requirements and do not require vaccines for staff and students. Westfield IN schools will be ending the mask mandate for the fall. If you don’t make your voice heard, the schools will only listen to the Indiana Health Department which has already recommended mask wearing for all students and staff that don’t have the vaccine. Oklahoma, FL, TX, and other states have already banned masks for K-12. Are those Republicans in the same political party as the Indiana Republicans? It sure doesn’t seem like it! Are you happy that Kokomo schools are using an estimated $600,000 in grant money to give $750 stipends to vaccinated employees? Last we heard teachers weren’t paid enough and many districts are trying to cut programs like music due to funding issues.

3. SET UP MEETINGS with your state senator and state representative now. They are doing virtual or in person. Your job is next on the mandate list whether you think it is or not. Do you think this global agenda is going to stop because your boss is nice to you? The IN Republicans have failed us time and again. They had the opportunity to vote to protect all employees in the state to ensure a guaranteed exemption for the covid vaccine. It was a win-win bill. Employers could still require it, but staff who did not want it could get an exemption without being fired. Once the Republicans killed that freedom bill, they also refused to vote on amendments added to other bills that included the language for employee protection. Not only did Republicans refuse to vote for all to have state exemptions, they also refused to vote on a bill that would have banned mandates for vaccines under emergency use, Hb1488 in the House Labor committee. They also refused to vote on strong vaccine passport ban amendments that would have prevented discrimination of natural humans. In Richmond IN, there is a private museum that is banning those without the covid vaccine from entering. It is already happening here. The IN Republicans would rather rely on the Federal government with the Biden administration for protections which they were told were weak protections. We are already seeing staff being put on unpaid leave after being denied religious exemptions. Tell your legislators that being “disappointed” in the mandates does nothing. You want them to take action against this and bring back and pass SB 74 and HB 1488 to ensure exemptions and ban mandates under emergency use. Find your legislators here.

4. We need to find people or run in the primaries. Indiana is a super majority Republican state and even the legislators who have never followed the party values, such as Holcomb, will win with an R behind their name. The deadline to file for candidacy is February 1 2022. If they don’t have a primary challenger, they don’t care what you want and will continue to appease corporate donors and the chamber of commerce. As soon as they see nobody has filed by Feb 1 to run against them in the May 2022 primaries, it’s back to status quo and nothing will be done in the January to March 2022 session. The people of Florida didn’t even have to beg and grovel for their freedom. Why do we need to beg with our legislators from the same political party and still with no action? These people need replaced. They have proven time and again that they don’t have values that support liberty. You can look up candidacy forms at the Indiana election website. The process will likely require getting a certain amount of petition signatures to get on the ballot, but each office has different rules.

5. Vote for Margaret Menge for IU trustee if you graduated from any Indiana University campus. The election ends at noon on June 30.

6. An Indiana healthcare worker was injured by the Moderna vaccine at the beginning of Janurary 2021. She was pressured by her skilled nursing home employer to get the covid vaccine that day. She had been working on the covid floor with positive residents for months without getting sick, but she felt obligated to get the covid vaccine due to pressure from her work administration. She started to have uncontrollable tongue movements to the point her tongue was rubbed raw against her teeth. The she quickly developed full body convulsions and was sent home from 5 ERs told to see a neurologist. That was January and her neurologist appointment is in August. Workers compensation denied her claim, and she was fired from her job since she is unable to physically return to work. She had worked for many, many years at this job, and they left her high and dry. Shawn spoke at the June 12 rally in Indianapolis. She clearly is still suffering from tremors and seizures, and she had to finish up her speech because her voice was giving out. If you are able to help, please donate to her medical bills. She has been left on her own to suffer from the harm the Moderna vaccine did to her. She can’t work, she can’t sue Moderna, she can’t sue her employer, and conventional medicine is doing little to help her. She has been working with functional medicine to help her heal.

Lastly, hang in there. Things seem to be getting worse before they get better, but if we stand together, we have a chance.

Purdue looking to do a Religious Challenge? There’s a lot going on Indiana.

As many of you already know, IU-the public college, some private colleges, IU Health system, Comunity Health Network in Indianapolis, and several skilled nursing companies have already mandated the covid vaccine under experimental emergency use authorization in spite of 35 Indiana State Senators mentioning legal problems under current emergency use in a letter to IU-college.

“We would also like to draw your attention to one federal statute and one state statute that highlight the legal problems with your vaccine mandate. In our view, the federal statute found at 21 USCS360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) prohibits anyone or any entity from mandating a vaccine that has only received emergency approval (such as the COVID-19 vaccines). In addition, during the 2021 legislative session, the General Assembly passed HEA 1405 prohibiting local units from requiring vaccine passports. The intent and spirit of both of these codes are clear, and we believe our opinion is further solidified by the recently released legal opinion by Indiana’s Attorney General in support of our position.”

Unfortunately, a Federal judge just dismissed a lawsuit brought against a Houston hospital for mandating the covid vaccine under emergency use, which is not exactly shocking due to the corrupt nature of our court system. If that ruling stands, the covid vaccine can be required under experimental emergency use.

For the IU-college people-specifically staff. We know of an attorney willing to take a case against IU-the college for continuing to allegedly violate HEA 1405 which bans state and local units from requiring a vaccine passport which is defined as written, electronic, and printed form of your covid vaccine status. IU continues to require all students and staff to electronically provide their covid vaccine status or be fired/expelled. Once you electronically provide your covid vaccine status, you can apply for an exemption which if approved will require twice a week covid testing and masking. However, the retainer for an attorney is 5 figures along with a high hourly rate. We would most likely win, because IU is continuing to require a form of vaccine passport, but we were told that we cannot be awarded attorney fees back. So if anyone has $20000-$30000 to spend to get IU to simply follow the law, that’s an option. However, the law does not stop them from verbally asking employees and students to state their covid vaccine status. Additionally, we all thought that the Federal statute would prevent mandates of emergency use vaccines, but a Federal judge ignored that statute and dismissed the case. What seems like a slam dunk with them breaking the law could turn out to be loss based on a judges “opinion” or ties with pharma. We cannot depend on corrupt judges to save us.

For the IU Health and all other employees: It has been reported that several employees with IU Health have already been denied religious exemptions for the covid vaccine. There are also reports of workers, such as cooks, in skilled nursing home being denied religious exemptions and put on unpaid leave until they get the covid vaccine or get fired. Here are the EEOC guidelines updated from May 28.

“If the assessment shows that an unvaccinated employee with a disability poses a direct threat to self or others, employers must consider whether providing a reasonable accommodation, absent undue hardship, would reduce or eliminate that threat. Employers may rely on CDC recommendations when deciding whether there is an effective accommodation available that would not pose an undue hardship. As for potential reasonable accommodations, EEOC offers the following non-exclusive examples:

[R]equiring the employee to wear a mask, work a staggered shift, making changes in the work environment (such as improving ventilation systems or limiting contact with other employees and non-employees), permitting telework if feasible, or reassigning the employee to a vacant position in a different workspace.”

“Under Title VII, employers must provide employees, who sincerely hold a religious belief, practice, or observance that prevents them from getting a COVID-19 vaccine, with a reasonable accommodation, unless the accommodation poses an undue hardship. A religious accommodation request from an employee who wishes to wait until an alternative version or specific brand of COVID-19 vaccine becomes available should be processed according to the same standards applicable to other requests for accommodation set forth above. Employers must engage in an interactive process to find a reasonable accommodation and should thoroughly consider all possibilities, including telework and reassignment. Employers may rely on CDC recommendations when deciding whether there is a reasonable accommodation available.”

Attorneys don’t seem to be taking employment cases until after you are denied an exemption or are fired. Even then, do you have thousands of dollars to spend on an attorney to defend your rights?

For the Purdue people: It has been reported that some (if not all) Purdue University employees received an email stating that once the covid vaccine is FDA approved, it will be required and staff who claim a religious exemption will be put to a religious challenge by being forced to have a religious leader sign off on their exemptions for approval to be considered. Notre Dame University is already doing that unconstitional religious challenge, and they have been denying religious exemptions signed by your religious leader verifying that your beliefs are sincere, because the actual doctrine of the particular religion does not forbid vaccination. Here’s a reminder, Purdue also has to follow the law 1405 that prevents them from requiring a covid vaccine status in written, electronic, or printed form.

This is what the EEOC has to say regarding religious beliefs:
“The definition of religion under Title VII is broad and the EEOC suggests that employers “should ordinarily assume that an employee’s request for religious accommodation is based on a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. However, if an employee requests a religious accommodation, and an employer is aware of facts that provide an objective basis for questioning either the religious nature or the sincerity of a particular belief, practice, or observance, the employer would be justified in requesting additional supporting information.”

IU Bloomington campus rally on June 10 starts at 1:00

To clarify, the rally on June 10 in Bloomington on the IU campus will start at 1:00 pm. They will meet at the Sample Gates near the IMU. Originally, a group was planned to meet at 10:00 am at alumni hall so the IU board of trustees would see the rally against the mandate. The board is meeting on June 10 and 11. However, the board has decided to avoid answering to the people by suddenly changing their meeting to virtual. That seems to be the trend officials have been using for over a year now to avoid the public and do what they want over a video screen.

Please show up for a 1:00 start. People are being asked to wear white shirts. There are some great speakers coming. Including Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and Shawn Skelton (an Indiana woman injured by the Moderna vaccine).