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HB 1032 is being heard Monday 1/24/22 at 8:30. That Monday is a busy morning for bills.

While people are being forced to take unsafe and ineffective covid vaccines to keep a job or attend venues, the GOP has not done anything to protect us yet. However, they are prioritizing decriminalizing donating blood with HIV and knowingly transmitting HIV to others without any repercussions.

HB 1032 needs 7 members to vote yes to pass committee. There are already 5 guaranteed yes votes, all the Dems and Republican Cindy Ziemke.

Call these committee members, especially the first two because Wendy is the chair of the Courts and Criminal Code committee.

Wendy McNamara Phone: 317-232-9816 Email:

Donna Schaibley Phone: 317-232-9753 Email:

Chris Jeter Phone: 317-232-9850 Email:

John Young Phone: 317-232-9648 Email:

Sharon Negele Phone: 317-232-9816 Email:

Michael Alylesworth Phone: 317-234-9447 Email:

Stephen Bartels Phone: 317-232-9863 Email:

Greg Steuerwald Phone: 317-234-3827 Email:

Example of talking points:
Current law is still making it a felony to knowingly give someone any form of Hepatitis or TB. Many forms of Hepatitis cause mild infection that goes away over time. HIV never goes away. It eventually causes death unless the person takes pharmaceuticals drugs for life. It makes no sense to continue to criminalize spreading Hepatitis or TB, but to remove HIV from the list.

Currently, IN is forcing people with covid to be quarantined if positive. Covid has a very high survival rate, and it goes away over time. HIV stays with a person for life. Restrictions for covid infections will actually be harsher than passing HIV to others if this passes.

As a covid survivor, I am not happy with IN allowing transmission of HIV while forcing me to be confined to my home under threat of being arrested if I declined self quarantine while positive for covid-19.

Either decriminalize all infectious disease transmissions or leave HIV on the list. How would you feel if your partner didn’t tell you they were HIV positive and transmitted HIV to you? You then have the option to waste away and die from AIDS caused by HIV or take drugs for the rest of your life being dependent on medical insurance to cover the drugs, worry about the side effects and drug interactions, and struggle to find new partners that are HIV negative. That’s life changing and all because some partner wasn’t afraid of any repercussions from knowingly giving you HIV!

I understand that stigmatizing people with a disease can be problematic, but I bring your attention to the fact that the law criminalizing the spread of Hepatitis and TB remains.

(Those are just a mix of ideas to bring up). People with HIV can live full lives on medication, but that doesn’t mean they should knowingly and secretly spread the disease to others. It doesn’t make sense to have any diseases on the criminal list if HIV is going to be removed from it.


For anyone that is available to be at the statehouse on Monday, here is a list of bills that might be of interest:

Monday at 8:30 in the House education committee. HB 1041 protects women’s sports. This is going to be Amend and Vote only, no testimony.

HB 1190 is about free speech at state educational institutions and is being heard in the House Education committee at 8:30 with testimony. SUPPORT

HB 1032 is being heard for testimony at 8:30 in the Courts and Criminal Code committee. OPPOSE or amend

Bills on Second Reading that could be amended on Monday in the House are:

HB 1107– protects parents from being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements in due process by the school- SUPPORT as long as that part stays in the bill

HB 1134-education matters, gives parents more information about school cirriculum-Support

HB 1158-public health bill that is not good-OPPOSE

HB 1169– They are removing the term intemperance as a reason to remove a local public health officer from office (fire them), this means that the health officers who shut down counties can be even stricter and harsher with their unreasonable restrictions with no way to remove them to being too harsh-OPPOSE-Unless they add intemperance back as a reason for removing a public health official.

We are also opposing HB 1003 that was referred to the Senate. We are closely watching HB 1001, the exemption bill, which was also referred to the Senate. SB 3 puts some the state of emergency into law has passed the Senate and was referred to the House. SB 3 is not going to be stopped. There was a previous post about it in relation to HB 1001.

Action Alert for HB 1169

HB 1169 just passed out of committee and gets a 2nd reading in the House on Monday. It removes intemperance, which means lack of restraint, as a reason to remove a public health officer.

We experienced that many local health officers were intemperate the past two years. We can’t let them remove that term. The health department officials will just get worse and stricter if this happens.

Go to the Indiana General Assembly website to find your legislators. Get their phone number and call over the weekend to leave a message and send them and email telling them to oppose removing intemperance. Vote NO or amend HB 1169 to put intemperance back in. We don’t want more out of control public health officers.

On Monday, call the House 317-232-9600 tell them to add intemperance back in as a reason to remove a public health officer for HB 1169 or vote NO.

We are tired of having of the restrictions and intemperance the Indiana general assembly and local health departments have already shown the

Action Alert Oppose HB 1003

Action Alert: This is a list of sponsors and authors of HB 1003

HB 1003 passed the full house. They are moving this bill as fast as they can to avoid opposition. This allows ongoing temp licenses for students with an end date of when the Federal government ends the emergency, reduces actual clinic hours for students and replaces with simulation, and makes the process to bring in foreign trained nurses easier than bringing in out of state nurses. It says “shall” issue a license to foreign nurses by endorsement, and current law for out of state nurses says “may” issue a license by endorsement.

Call all of these legislators and tell them to AMEND OUT ALL THE FOREIGN NURSES SECTIONS. We already have a system in place for foreign nurses to come here. Nothing against foreign workers, but we don’t need to make it easier to bring them in to replace unvaccinated Indiana nurses.

Ed Charbonneau- head of the public health committee 317-232-9494

Mark Messmer-majority leader of the Senate floor 317-232-9840

Justin Busch 317-232-9488

Ethan Manning-author of 1003 317-232-9619

Brad Barrett-coauthor 317-234-2993

J Michael Davisson-co author 317-232-9619

Next call your Senator and tell them to oppose HB 1003 all together. The only acceptable portion of the bill is allowing healthcare programs to increase class sizes. Everything else is not needed and not good for patient safety.


They will transfer you to your Senator.

Technically they are already addressing the temp licenses in part of HB 1001 the exemption bill.
So HB 1003 is unnecessary.

Call ASAP to Oppose HB 1003


Call your House Rep and tell them to Vote NO on HB 1003


Tell them you don’t want foreign workers brought in to replace nurses who were fired over the vaccine mandates. You also don’t students on temp licenses for years. We already have a process for temp licenses for students.

They just filed HB 1003 and quickly slipped it in to pass a few days ago. It allows temporary licenses for students until the Federal government ends the state of emergency. I’m not sure when they would be required to pass an exam. It also brings in foreign workers to replace nurses.

Usually temp licenses only work for 6 months or less to allow time to work under supervision before taking the test. If a student fails, the temp license is revoked. This doesn’t specify that. I’ve seen some really bad temporary licensed students who failed the license exam and lost their temp license. We don’t need them temp licensed for years.

Mainly, it brings in foreign nurses who are vaccinated and can take the jobs of Americans who are not vaccinated or want exemptions. If nothing else, we need them to remove that part from the bill. There’s already a process to license foreign workers, it doesn’t need to be made easier. We aren’t as much in an actual shortage as much as we are in a CREATED shortage with contract tracing, quarantine, and firing nurses.

The solution isn’t to bring in temp licenses and foreign workers. It’s to stop the madness and move on with life. But this will allow the madness to continue until the Feds say it’s over.

We are already addressing temporary licensure in HB 1001 that allows the medical industry more time to replace the temp licensed staff.

Oppose HB 1003

The bill will have a 2nd reading today at 1:30 session.

Also call the bill authors and tell them you oppose the bill. If nothing else, it needs amended to remove the foreign worker section and leave the section increasing capacity for nursing education programs.

Brad Barrett 317-234-2993

J. Michael Davisson 317-232-9619

Ethan Manning 317-232-9619

Update 1/22/22 HB 1001 is moving to the Senate.

HB 1001 has passed the full House and moved to the Senate.

However, they are passing the state of emergency law in SB 3 without any vaccine exemptions. SB 3 allows the secretary of FSSA to declare an emergency to get Federal Medicaid funds and adds standing orders for children to get vaccines. SB 3 is basically the beginning of HB 1001 without the covid vaccine exemption portion.

SB 3 has already passed the full Senate and moved over to the House. The faster this passes, the slower they will be about passing HB 1001 for exemptions.
They’re getting what they want using SB 3 and not giving us what we want with exemptions.

We still believe that HB 1001 needs amendments. Call and email the bill’s author and ask for the following amendments:
1. add prospective employees to the bill– We have a current law that bans device implantation by employers for prospective employees and employees. If this term is not added, there are concerns for people not being able to get hired at jobs with mandates.
2. remove the line that excludes government entities as defined as employers-We have current law under the device implantation ban that does define government entities as employers. Currently HB 1001 only government entities from using vaccine passport. These government entities include university employees, public school staff, state and city employees such as police and firefighters. They are all excluded from the exemption portion of the bill, yet the bill does not stop their government entity “employer” from mandating the covid vaccines or requiring them to allow for exemptions.

Majority leader Rep Lehman
Phone: 317-234-9380

They are going to pass the emergency power measures regardless, either in SB 3 and/or HB 1001. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars they get for Medicaid and SNAP. With that kind of money, we aren’t going to stop that part unless thousands of people stand up in person at the statehouse.

Don’t be fooled. NO OTHER EXEMPTION BILLS ARE GOING TO GET A HEARING. The Republicans put all the good bills, like SB 114, SB 30, SB 31 in the public health committee so they won’t compete with HB 1001 in the Employment committee. Those bills will die due to the committee chair who is also the author of SB 3. There aren’t enough people showing up at the statehouse to get them to hear the good bills.

HB 1001 is what we have for employee exemptions. We need to get behind passing it and get the best deal we can with exemptions.

Unlike Ohio, we can’t add a bill to go directly for a vote of the people.

HB 1001 has a long way to go. It needs to get through the Senate after the House and then Holcomb. People are on the chopping block to lose their jobs now. We don’t have time to waste.

HB 1001 Exemption Bill

On Monday January 10th at 1:30, HB 1001 will have a 2nd reading at the full House. Amendments can be offered at 2nd reading.

We are asking you to contact the House reps, and the author of the bill Rep Matt Lehman to make the following amendments.

  1. Add prospective employees to the exemptions. We have a current law that bans device implantation on prospective employees. We also need to ensure that anyone applying for a job is eligle for an exemption.
  2. Change the definition of “employer” in the bill. The bill removes “government entities” from the definition of employer. That means that university staff, public school staff, state employees, city employees, firefighters, police, etc are excluded from the exemption bill. They are supposedly covered under the vaccine passport ban, but that did not stop Indiana University from mandating it’s employers earlier this year.
    Specifically remove the line that excludes government entities from the definition of an employer. Current law banning device implantation does include government entities as employers.

The portion in yellow needs to be removed: “however the term does not include an Indiana government entity”


Dear Legislator,

I am asking you to makes amendments to HB 1001.

  1. I would like you to add prospective employers to the bill. We have a current law that includes prospective employers from mandated device implantation. We must protect prospective employees with exemptions.
  2. I would like you include government entities as defined as employers. Many current laws do include government entities as employers. By excluding government entities from being an employer, it is also excluding university staff, public school staff, state and city employees, fire fighters, police, etc from the exemption bill and no more than weekly testing being allowed.
    You can remove the line “however the term employer does not include an Indiana government entity” and that will fix the issue.

    Contact info:

Majority leader Rep Lehman Phone: 317-234-9380 Email:, , , ,,, , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , ,, ,, , , , , , , ,, , , , , , ,,, , , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,

We know that HB 1001 is not the best bill in the world by any means. It does not stop discrimination against employees, but it does ensure exemptions for most without further inquiry.

There are some jobs that are banning staff who are not vaccinated from taking breaks or eating in the building. They have to go outside in the cold for breaks. This bill won’t stop that behavior unless a case could be made that banning from taking breaks inside is an adverse employment reaction.
However, HB 1001 is going to be passed. It is better to try and get a voice in it then just let it pass along.

Other better bills like SB 30, SB31, and SB 114 were placed in the Public Health committee instead of the Employment committee. This was likely done to prevent them from competing with HB 1001 in the Employee committee, and prevent us from complaining that the Employment leader heard HB 1001 but not the other bills. The better bills were sent to die in the Public Health committee. Our Indiana Republicans continue to fail us when it comes to actual freedom. Hopefully, many will be replaced in the May primary.

December 16, 9:00 am Hearing with Testimony at the Statehouse

HB 1001, the Indiana bill for employee exemptions, will be heard December 16 at 9:00 at the statehouse in the Employment, Pensions, and Labor committee.

They will have testimony on the bill from the public. If you can be there, please come to testify.

We are still asking for the bill to include:

1. Prospective employees

2. Employees of government entities (it currently carved them out of the exemptions since the vaccine passport ban is supposed to protect them but it’s not enough and doesn’t guarantee exemptions)

3. Student interns

Feel free to add additional requests for amendments to the bill. I’d like to get rid of weekly testing for unvaccinated and to ban mandates all together, but I’ve chosen to focus on getting all employees in the state covered.


They will be making the decision regarding amendments in committee.

Representative Heath VanNatter.


Representative Dave Abbott


Representative Martin Carbough


Representative Chuck Goodrich


Representative Dan Leonard


Representative Jerry Torr


Representative Joanna King


Representative Randy Lyness


Representative Cindy Ziemke


If you copy and paste all emails together to send at once, please BCC.

Sending each an individual email would be best.

Here’s a link to see the calendar and livestream.

Global Covid Summit Indianapolis Dec 4 Livestream

The Epoch Times is livestreaming the covid summit today from 9-4. The summit speakers started around 9:45 . If you want to watch the livestream, it is happening right now.

I am still working on recovering from covid. Without medical professionals willing to buck the horrible system and provide proper treatment, I am not sure I would have pulled through. This information is so important. Early treatment is so important to save lives.

Contact The House Employment Committee Regarding HB 1001

This is a Sample Letter to Send to the Representatives on the Employment Committee for HB 1001

We are asking for three additions to the bill.

1. We need to include prospective employees as it will be hard to get hired at jobs that mandate the Covid-19 vaccines who refuse to offer exemptions to prospective employees. We already have a state law including prospective employees in the ban on device implantation.

2. We want to include government entities as employers just like current law defines government and state as employers in the ban on device implantation. Excluding all employees of government entities such as public K-12, public universities, and state worker like the state police is leaving thousands of Hoosiers unprotected from mandates. Some of those government entities might start denying employee requested exemptions. We have seen that the so called vaccine passport ban has not stopped IU from requiring an electronic attestation form with their mandate. It also does not stop government entities from verbally asking vaccine status.

3. Many students gave compelling testimony that although their educational programs allowed for medical and religious exemptions, their required internship sites were refusing to allow for any exemptions. Many are students in their last year of their program, and they are being coerced into taking the covid vaccines to complete the requirements of internship sites.


The Bold words are the requested additions HB1001.

Add this section to include student interns. Add a section with a definition of student intern.

If an educational program requires a student to complete an internship, clinical, fieldwork, apprenticeship, or other rotation at an employer’s facility, the employer may not impose a requirement that the student intern receive immunization against the COVID-19 immunization unless the employer provides individual exemptions that allow a student intern to opt out of the requirement on the basis of any of the following:
1 Medical reasons. 2 Religious reasons.  In addition to the exemption requirements under subsection  an employer:  must provide the student intern with an option to submit to 6 testing for the presence of COVID-19 not more than once a week at no cost to the student intern in lieu of receiving an  immunization against COVID-19; and may not require an student intern who has: (A) tested positive for; and (B) recovered from; COVID-19 to receive an immunization against COVID-19 for the six (6) month period following the student intern’s date of recovery from COVID-19.  (c) An employer may require a student intern to submit to testing for the presence of COVID-19, not more than once a week at no cost to the student intern, if the student intern receives an exemption based on: (1) medical reasons under subsection (a)(1);  (2) religious reasons under subsection (a)(2); or (3) prior infection and recovery from COVID-19 under 22 subsection

Chapter 4.6. Exemptions from COVID-19 Immunization 24 Requirements 25

Sec. 1.As used in this chapter,”COVID-19″ has the meaning set 26 forth in IC 34-30-32-3. 27

Sec. 2. As used in this chapter, “employee” means an individual 28 who is employed by an employer on a full-time or part-time basis. 29 The term includes an independent contractor. 30

 Sec. 3. As used in this chapter, “employer” means the state or any individual, partnership, association, limited liability company, sole proprietor, corporation, business trust, government entity, political subdivision, or other entity with one (1) or more employees. However, the term 33 does not include: delete the line that excludes an Indiana government entity as an employer (1) the United States and its agencies and instrumentalities. 37

 Sec. 4. As used in this chapter, “immunization” means the 38 treatment of an individual with a vaccine to produce immunity. 39 Sec. 5. (a) An employer may not impose a requirement that an employee or prospective employee receive an immunization against COVID-19 unless the 41 employer provides individual exemptions that allow an employee or prospective employee 42 to opt out of the requirement on the basis of any of the following:


Representative Heath VanNatter

Representative Dave Abbott

Representative Martin Carbough

Representative Chuck Goodrich

Representative Dan Leonard

Representative Jerry Torr

Representative Joanna King

Representative Randy Lyness

Representative Cindy Ziemke

While we would love to see vaccination status added as a protected class under discrimination laws, we need a lot more people in this fight to win that uphill battle. King Holcolm is not even supporting the exemption bill, let alone a ban on mandates. People are asking for the FL law. In comparison, IN is using much of the FL law language. The FL law actually expires in 2023! Let’s do better than FL with permanent protections.

Feel free to ask for more than this when you contact the legislators. This is just the basic three asks in order to include all employees, all prospective employees, and all student interns. More manpower and showing up, might get stronger protections.

Verizon Unvaccinated Employees Will be placed on Unpaid Leave Soon

So much talk around the mandates has been for healthcare workers. We can’t forget that thousands of people in other industries are facing harsh mandates with frequent, if not total, exemption denial.

Factories such as GE, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin have mandated. Many airlines and other big businesses have mandated.

Despite the court ordered hold on the OSHA/Federal mandate, Verizon is pushing forward with their mandate. They have an estimated 130,000 employees, and thousands are on the chopping block for unpaid leave. Verizon has different deadlines for departments. There are reports of exemption denial for most people.

This Verizon employee in the attached video has been fighting for freedom since the mandate was announced. You Tube removed his video, he’s only talking about freedom of choice without coercion.

I felt it was important to share his video. Many people don’t understand the level of commitment, stress, and bravery it takes to be a person who speaks up and tries to gather others to take action.

Stay tuned for further action alerts for IN. I’m in the process of gathering a script with amendment requests to the employment committee.

Additionally, I’ve also been trying to get people to ask their legislators to write a bill similar to an Illinois law that children are not considered abused or neglected based solely on vaccination status. That is already in IL law, so I don’t see why Indiana can’t do that here, especially when our DCS system has 60% higher neglect cases than all surrounding states. I’ve added that parental vaccination status can’t be used in custody and parenting time decisions. Family law attorneys have already talked about how this is going to be massive issue.

As much as I would like this parents rights bill to happen, I have been unsuccessful in getting a legislator to write it. If you can share it, and ask your legislators to author, that might help. We only have a few weeks left to get an author before session starts in January.

Due to significant illness, I haven’t been able to work as much as I wanted on this and it seems like everyone is concerned about exemptions and mandates. So this has went to the wayside.

We know medical neglect and custody issues are coming. It already happened in MN to the mother of a 5 year old hospitalized for a non covid respiratory illness. She was threatened with child endangerment for declining to allow them to give her 5 year old the covid vaccine deemed necessary for him by the hospital physician. She received an outpouring of public support, and her son is now home.

Lastly, here is the link to join Indiana for Medical Freedom on Telegram due to major censorship on Facebook.