GOP fights against Freedom Loving Representative John Jacob

Please listen to this radio interview with Representative John Jacob. It’s about 15 minutes, but even if you listen to 5 minutes, you will want to hear it.

As stated in the interview, the Indiana Republican party hates conservatives. Holcomb hates conservatives. The GOP fights conservatives harder than they fight Democrats.

Hoosiers have only two Representatives who have consistently pushed back on establishment leadership. Representative John Jacob House District 93 and Representative Curt Nisly House District 22. The establishment redrew both of their districts in an effort to get them out of office.

Time and again, Rep Jacob and Rep Nisly have written liberty bills. They have also demanded roll call votes so the people can see how their public servants have voted. The Republican establishment HATES ROLL CALL VOTES. The establishment does not want you to see that they vote against your freedom. So when Nisly and Jacob make a good amendment on a bad bill and they call the amendment for a roll call vote, the establishment would rather kill the bad bill than go on record going against a freedom amendment. That is how bad bills have been stopped.

The rest of our public servants go along with the establishment leadership. Even if they add a good amendment, they are too afraid of the punishment to call a roll call vote when leadership does not want one. In fact, the rest of the legislators might write a good bill or amendment as a show that they support freedom, but then they cower and won’t even call the amendment up for any vote.

Only Nisly and Jacob have been brave enough to push back on the GOP establishment to continue to fight for freedom legislation.

Please don’t believe the nasty lies the establishment party members say about Nisly and Jacob. They are upset that these two freedom fighters don’t play by the anti freedom establishment games.

Rep John Jacob and Rep Curt Nisly are so effective for freedom that the Republican party is spending half a million dollars just to get Rep Jacob out. Usually $25,000-$30,000 is spent on getting a candidate elected. Why is the Republican party spending $500,000 to get a seated Representative following the actual party values out?!

Rep John Jacob’s opponent is number 4 down the line of hand picked establishment candidates. Establishment Julie was a Senate staffer and will fall in line. Her campaign is using the same language that John Jacob uses, because they know people want freedom. That’s how slimy the establishment gets.

Please make sure you vote for liberty on or before May 3.

I also haven’t forgotten about the establishment voter guide from Stand for Health Freedom. They sent out another push for their establishment voter guide. They continue to double down on getting Rep John Jacob out of office by recommending his opponent.

Rep John Jacob reports that he has spoken at Stand for Health Freedom events in the past. He doesn’t write bills for Stand for Health Freedom. He writes strong freedom bills with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, another large non profit that could be competition for fund raising. I’ll let you decide why that group supports his establishment opponent.

Establishment Julie apparently filled out Stand for Health Freedom’s weak promise survey, but John said he wasn’t given their survey to complete. Establishment Julie is making promises to stand up for health freedom, but anyone with any common sense realizes that the establishment does not allow Reps or Senators to do anything leadership doesn’t approve.

Voter guides that actually support freedom candidates are posted for your review.

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