May 3 Primary-Vote for Freedom

Early in person voting runs from April 5-May 2 for those unable to show up on May 3. Many Indiana voter machines will have a printer that runs a receipt for your ballot this year.

The great news is that requests for mail in ballots has massively decreased. In fact, Tippecanoe county reported that in 2020 at least 7000 voters requested a mail in ballot. This year, a little less than 30 people out of 120,000 registered Tippecanoe voters requested a mail in ballot. It’s highly likely we are not going to have the mail in ballot issues we had for 2020 in our state primary.

This year, people are fed up with government over reach we have experienced over the past two years. The great news is, we have at least 30 House districts with primary challengers who support freedom. That’s massive! Together we can vote out our seated legislators who have refused to serve our freedoms time and time again.

There are two current legislators we want to keep in office for the House, Curt Nisly District 22 and John Jacobs District 93.

Mandates remain a big issue with the majority of county debates asking candidates their stance on the issue. Almost all candidates are claiming to be against mandates, but we haven’t seen that to be the case with their actions over the past two years.

The current incumbents are pandering to supposed health freedom organizations that they believe will help get them reelected by a recommendation/endorsement. Unfortunately, many politicians make promises they never intend to keep.

The “do nothing, freedom stealing” current legislators are afraid of the freedom supporting challengers running against them. Their fear has been reported on by multiple news outlets, and even the Democrats have voiced opinions that the current Republicans in office are at risk to be replaced by their more conservative challengers. These incumbents are likely to make any promises if it will save their jobs for reelection.

Do not be misled into supporting our current do little to nothing legislators that we have been fighting against since forming in 2015. Vote for their primary challengers. Send a message that Indiana, with a super red majority, should have more freedom than Florida. Let’s kick these legislators to the curb.

Here are the current recommendations for districts with primary challengers.

If you see a voter guide claiming to represent health freedom that is recommending House District 56 for Brad Barrett and House District 79 for Matt Lehman, along with many other RINO incumbents, that is probably not the guide you want to follow. Rep Brad Barrett MD has not been a supporter of medical freedom. He killed several good medical freedom bills this year alone, including 1350 by Rep Bruce Borders to create an Indiana vaccine adverse event reporting system and 1372 by Rep Curt Nisly to ensure that ivermectin is available at the pharmacy and can be used as a treatment. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for how Rep Brad Barrett has been against us for medical freedom.

To make matters worse, Holcomb created a public health commission and appointed Dr Judy Monroe, CEO of the CDC Foundation, as the co-chair. She commutes from Atlanta for the Indiana meetings. This commission is going to make recommendations for new laws in Indiana. Their report will be issued by the end of summer 2022, after the primaries are over. One big issue they have is that Indiana ranks 48th in funding the public health departments. They want more money and more power for the health departmens. The CDC wants to get it’s claws into the state more than ever. Dr Monroe’s pet project is increasing vaccine uptake in children. It’s possible that Indiana will start to see more school mandated vaccines, such as flu and HPV, along with more school vaccine clinics based on their legislative recommendations. Who you vote for in May will shape the future of our state.

Do you actually believe that Dr Brad Barrett, head of the public health committee, is going to fight against the recommendations of Holcomb’s public health commission? I do not. His record does not support that he would stand up for health freedom, yet he is being recommended by another organization claiming he supports health freedom.

If you want change, vote for Mark Pierce in District 56 instead of Brad Barrett. We need legislators who will refuse to follow the CDC Foundation when it comes to recommending they write and pass legislation to further the goals of the public health commission.

Even though Mark Pierce is the underdog in the District 56 race against Brad Barrett, I refuse to sell out and support Barrett in hope of pandering to be in his good graces. I have watched the breadcrumbs the current Republican leadership throws us, and I find it unacceptable. I won’t accept crumbs, and neither should you.

I will never sell you out. I will never sell your children out, and I will never sell my family out by supporting/recommending/endorsing or helping the current status quo, do nothing legislators in office just to have hopes of earning their favor and possibly get them to write more weak and worthless legislation like HB 1001 for us. I have more integrity than that.

It’s extremely disappointing and unfortunate that certain other alleged health freedom groups have turned their backs on grassroots efforts and are supporting the establishment candidates, especially since many other freedom groups have been fighting to make change in our state by working on voting the do nothing Republican in Name Only legislators out.

We have a historic amount of medical freedom supporting primary challengers that need to be supported. What is the point of continuing to fight for freedom, if we are unwilling to fire our current public servants who refuse to serve us when we have a chance to replace them with a better public servant?

I am NOT supporting the establishment candidates, and I hope you won’t either!

Show up to vote on May 3, let’s fix our state.

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