Donald Rainwater is running under the Libertarian party for Indiana governor. He has a real chance to win. He’s asking for volunteers to call voters for him. There’s a software program so your personal phone number won’t be revealed when calling.

Please sign up to make calls. Just one hour can make a difference.


Since Rainwater is running as a Libertarian, don’t vote straight ticket. If you want to vote for him, you have to pick him for governor as the third party.

Don’t forget to share your story of what would happen if your job requires a covid vaccine in order to stay employed. Your story will be printed, WITHOUT your name and contact information, and shared with some legislators who are deemed friendly to freedom in hopes of getting protective legislation written. Your name and email will be taken off before printing, so these will be anonymous. You may share your general location if you want. We are specifically looking for Fort Wayne area.

Here’s an example letter: “If I am fired due to refusing a covid vaccine, I won’t be able to pay my mortgage or feed my family. My family will need to go on government assistance programs. Please protect me from an employer mandated covid vaccine. “

You can write something short, personal, to the point, heartfelt, long, etc.

We just need people to write something and send it to indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com

Or you can try the contact us form on the website. There were some technical issues with that, but those messages are coming through to be seen now. Behind the scenes, this website is hard to navigate and manage other than blog posts. If anyone knows how to switch to a different website builder without losing subscribers, contact us. I inherited taking over this website. I want one that is more user friendly for people like me who dislike tech, but I don’t want to lose the almost 1700 followers. I wasn’t going to pay to renew the website this year, but with the social media censorship happening, I stuck it out another year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very effective at getting people to take part in action alerts.

We Need Your Stories

Three Tips for Mastering the Art of Storytelling in the Digital Age |  Carabiner Communications

Are you worried about being forced to take the covid-19 vaccine to keep your job?

We are working on an important project for the upcoming legislative session. Please write a short statement, a paragraph or longer is fine, about what would happen if you lost your job due to declining a forced covid vaccine required by your employer. If your spouse is the sole provider for you family, what would it mean to you if they lost their jobs? If you are a single parent, how would your family be harmed by the loss your means of financial support? Many people have voiced concern about being fired due to declining to take a covid or flu shot over the past few months, but they haven’t moved forward with trying to stop it.

Other states are getting aggressive with adult mandates, and the goal is to have employers require them in order to keep a job. They have deemed cutting off the ability to work as the best way to coerce people into complying.  We need to try to nip this in the bud in Indiana now.

Give us your story about potential financial hardship if you refuse to be coerced under duress to take a covid-19 vaccine. Please send the stories to indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com . The deadline is October 25. This is a time sensitive matter due to lobbying efforts set up shortly after the deadline passes.

There is already a concern that students will be excluded from school if they are exempt from a covid vaccine, but the covid outbreak continues to be officially declared.

We have A LOT of work to do Indiana, and there are only a handful of people doing it at the moment. We need your help. We need your voices. We need your stories. We need you to help stand up for yourself and your family’s human rights. We can’t do it without you. We need at least 100 people to follow through and send us a story. There are 1600 subscribers to this website, and we need you.  If we don’t have enough people who care, we will not be as successful in getting protective legislation written. Legislators need to know this is an important issue that they need to handle, but they won’t know that if only a few people in the entire state step up and speak out.  


Help the Man who Spoke out against Tyranny

Mike Mattingly at the California statehouse.

These are difficult financial times for many people due to the government imposed shutdowns. Some people are struggling to make ends meet, but if you are able to give a little extra money to donate for Mike Mattingly, it’s greatly appreciated.

Last year California legislators decided to go full on Communist with SB 276. This bill strictly limited medical exemptions from vaccines. Not even seizures caused by vaccines are a medical reason to avoid further vaccination thanks to this bill. The cruelty of California Democrats was unbelievable, since only 5000 children in the entire very large state had medical exemptions.

Mike had the courage to stand up and speak out against the legislators as they were passing SB 276. He was arrested for speaking out against tyranny.

Mike has been to court several times over the past year. Each trip is 300+ miles from his home, and he has to miss work unpaid. He has an upcoming trial this month.

This is the link to his Go Fund Me page. Any money you can give will help him offset the costs incurred by the strong arm of the government coming against him. It’s ridiculous that he is still being taken to court for something this miniscule. It’s likely to make an example of him, especially since he is a man in a fight for freedom mostly dominated by moms.

South Bend School excluding students with Legal Exemptions

This has been a busy week with so many important meetings that happened on Monday. UPDATE on Crown Point. They had a virtual meeting on Sunday and Monday, and they decided NOT to implement facial recognition for Covid restrictions. That’s a win!

Here’s a new issue. South Bend School corporation school board voted on Monday to disallow students who aren’t full up to date per state standards from attending in person school. Students with medical and religious exemptions will not be allowed to return to in person school with their peers, and they will not receive an equal education being offered to others. The nurse’s statement makes it sound like medical and religious exemptions need to be “corrected” by getting the children up to date. Even with a medical exemption, the school believes the children need to be caught up regardless, and the health department is doing vaccine clinics at the schools. This letter is being sent out to parents at the school district this week.

People want to know what they can do?

Calling to complain to the school needs to happen immediately. Parents with children who are being discriminated against should find an attorney even if it’s just to have a letter sent to the school about this.
The minutes from 10/5 school meeting aren’t available yet, but this guy appears to have given the presentation about the vaccine requirement.

Call him:
Chief Academic Officer
Brandon White

Email the Superintendent

Contact the board. They meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

John Anella (President): 574-383-0048; janella@sb.school

Rudy Monterrosa (Secretary):574-855-4235; rmonterrosa@sb.school

Dr. Ruth Warren: 574-855-7645; rwarren@sb.school

Oletha L. Jones: 574-210-8404; ojones@sb.school

Leslie Ann Wesley (Vice President): 574-532-0563; lwesley@sb.school

Stephanie Ball: 574-339-6193; sball@sb.school

Dr. Stuart Greene: 574-855-7371; sgreene@sb.school


Schedule a protest outside the 10/19 board meeting, the corporation’s office, and/or the St Joseph county health department. The health department is likely the driving factor for this. We really need to start protesting outside health departments across the state.

If you’re local to South Bend, at least three of the board members listed above are up for reelection right now and have opponents running against them. Write down their names, and don’t vote for any of them this year. We need to get people like this out of office.

Let’s start here and go forward with more as needed.

The code allows for school exclusions but that is more like if there’s a case of chickpox, the students not up to date or naturally immune to chickenpox can be excluded during the outbreak. But that exclusion has nothing to do with a student not up to date on the MMR vaccine when the outbreak involves chickenpox. Those students without an MMR would not be excluded during a chicken pox outbreak. Additionally, there is no Covid vaccine. How can they exclude students when a vaccine isn’t available for the alleged outbreak?

This begs the question, when the covid vaccine comes out and the Governor keeps the state of emergency declaring a pandemic, will all students with vaccine exemptions from the covid vaccine be excluded from school as long as the “outbreak” is declared? This is something for parents to start thinking about now. Get a back up plan now for your children if this happens when a covid vaccine is approved.

Just another reason why Governor Holcomb needs to be voted out. He recently talked about the possibility of another shutdown due to case numbers. Donald Rainwater is running as a Libertarian for governor. Don’t vote straight ticket for either Democrat or Republican party on the machine, or you can’t vote Rainwater for governor since he’s Libertarian. He wants to end this state of “emergency”and move on with life, and he doesn’t support vaccine mandates.

City Plans to Use Facial Recognition and Heat Sensing Cameras to enforce Social Distancing

YogaEsoteric :: DARPA Using Warfare Technology on Unsuspecting Civilians  for Mass Mind Control ::

Please read this excerpt from the news article about the plans for the city of Crown Point. The link to the news article is listed below.

“Crown Point media director Adam Graper said the analytical cameras can identify when people aren’t social distancing through a heat map that shows the concentration of individuals, the (Northwest Indiana) Times reported Friday.

Crown Point is waiting on proposals for the project.

Graper said during a Board of Works meeting that the city has reevaluated how it uses technology to interact with the community.

“Since March, we found some weak points on where we are,” he said.

Along with heat maps to identify large groups of people, Graper said the city would be able to put in custom crowd notifications, which would alert officials if there are too many people in a specific area.

The project would include 24 analytical cameras with 4K resolution. They are portable and can be moved to other parts of the city.

Since they can identify the lack of social distancing, produce heat maps and utilize facial recognition for contact tracing, the project should be eligible for reimbursement under federal coronavirus relief funding, Graper said.

Crown Point Mayor David Uran said the cameras are very detailed.

“There’s other applications that are going to be beneficial to the city of Crown Point, but our main focus on this right now is to be able to comply with the COVID pandemic that’s out there; put us in a better situation to be aware of what’s taking place,” he added.”


People can still stop this madness since it’s not been implemented yet. Please contact the Crown Point city council members at their emails and phone numbers.

Sample email and phone message: I oppose the use of facial recognition and heat sensing cameras that the city has proposed to use on us, especially for the use of covid response.

City Council members:
219-689-2423 cjeffries@crownpoint.in.gov


219-663-8144 akyres@crownpoint.in.gov

219-663-8731 lsauerman@crownpoint.in.gov

219-662-1126 cdrasga@crownpoint.in.gov



City Council Office Phone number and website to check for sending general emails. Phone: (219) 662-3250 https://www.crownpoint.in.gov/egov/apps/staff/directory.egov?view=detail;id=36

Lake County Health Department https://www.lakecountyin.org/portal/group/health/page/default

Unfortunately, after listening in on local virtual city council meetings, it seems as if the majority of city councils don’t care what the citizens want. They only care about following the agenda of covid response. One mayor mentioned following what “AIM” said, and that was that council meetings will be virtual indefinately. He said AIM used to be every 30 days for the recommendations to stay virtual, and now the 30 days has been taken off to be indefinite. If we can all go out and shop and have large gatherings, why can’t a small group of less than 10 city council members have an open, inperson meeting with the public? Currently, we can’t go testify or speak at virtual meetings. The only option is to email a public comment. Since our local councils are not listening, we need to go to a higher authority.

Please also find and contact your state legislators, because once these Communist style tactics roll out, they are coming to your city next, and this is not going away when covid ends. Find your legislator here: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/
Senate general phone number and they can help you find your senator: (317) 232-9400
House general phone number and they can help you find your representative: (317) 232-9600

This is “Enemy of The State” in real life. For the people who say “you have nothing to worry about if you aren’t doing anything wrong”, well the government changes the rules for “what is wrong” every week. The Ohio mom who was arrested when being hassled for not wearing a mask outside while social distancing wasn’t doing anything wrong…..until she was according to the government. You could be next if you aren’t complying with all their arbitrary rules. What happens when only the non-vaccinated have to wear masks and social distance everywhere and you are surveilled via facial recognition to ensure compliance? The UK is already proposing this method.

Please, please, please take this seriously and TAKE ACTION! Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up to live in such a dystopian world? We need to band together to nip these power grabs in the bud now.

You can also go to this website to send a letter to your member of Congress to ban facial recognition nationwide.


Vote for Freedom Candidates

Natural humans who have not taken vaccines are the most discriminated group of people in this country. They are the only group who can be denied a free and appropriate public education. They are denied going to college, and they are often denied employment based on vaccination status. This year when you vote, please vote for candidates who do not support discrimination against people without vaccines.

Donald Rainwater is running for Indiana Governor against current Governor Eric Holcomb. Rainwater has surged in the polls and has a real chance at winning if everyone votes for him instead of listening to the “split the vote” reasoning. Rainwater supports medical freedom. Indiana will not have a covid-19 mandate if he wins. Holcomb is one of a handful of United States governors that China has deemed friendly to Communist China. There’s not a lot of hope that he would refuse a covid-19 vaccine mandate, and he has not responded to any messages. Please vote for freedom!


Also, a quick reminder that public records can be requested via Freedom of Information Act. Here is a link to request information from the Indiana Health Department. People can email and ask about requesting records on mandates, the shutdown, mask wearing, and whatever else you are interesting in learning about. A recent city FOIA request showed that the White House covid response team with Dr. Birx had local government politicians listen on the call providing training on what to do at the local level. Local elections matter more than people know. Please take the time to find out who is on your ballot for city and county councils along with sheriff and judges. Look up their information, reach out to them on the Facebook pages and email, and ask them their beliefs on the shutdown and the mandates. It is important.


Talk of Making Covid Vaccine Refusers Second Class Citizens

When to Disobey Authority

Government control is getting real. A British Conservative MP is talking about forcing the covid 19 vaccine, and anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine will not be allowed to travel. They will also have to maintain social distancing and masks while the vaccinated enjoy freedom. This is something that we have been saying will happen for a long time. It is getting started. The EU is talking about the Covi Pass, Ireland has the Health Passport, and Africa is planning to use the Trust Pass. Those who want to travel internationally and eventually domestically will not be allowed if they don’t have the covid-19 travel vaccine. To make matters worse, there is talk that this will become an annual vaccine much like the flu shot.



We need people to be willing to stand up for themselves and everyone else as a whole in the individual liberty movement by performing civil disobedience when needed. Being complacent and complying to get along is not helping any of us maintain freedom. This all ends when we the people say it ends, but unfortunately the mainstream media outlets have convinced the majority of people that the lockdown and restrictions are necessary in order to stay alive.

However, complacency is alive and well in our movement too. The last action alert asking people to email the West Lafayette city council to oppose the mask ordinance with fines fell on deaf ears. A recent FOIA request for public records showed that people did not write in to oppose based on the action alert, and the ordinance easily passed. West Lafayette will have a city mandate that is legally binding with fines and it will be reviewed in 6 months to decide about continuing.

We need your help with all this. This is all real. It’s not a conspiracy theory. If people don’t start doing more to stand against the governments making unjust rules and laws, we will be forced to take the covid 19 vaccine, or we will not be able to travel, work, or at some point (after they whittle the numbers down to a few hundred people per state holding out) you won’t be able to leave your house without getting it. Remember New York fined parents thousands of dollars for having kids, including babies under age one, who didn’t have the MMR vaccine.

This Ohio mom did the right thing by refusing to back down when her freedom was taken away and other people stood by and watched her be taken away. The Republican governor of Ohio supported the police officer arresting her. If you think she should have just gave up her freedom and left, then you might as well roll up your sleeve or accept being being banned from working and traveling as something that you have to do, no big deal, and take it in stride. The go along to get along attitude is only going to work for so long before the government takes more than you are willing to give.


Judge Voids West Lafayette Mask Executive Order-Help us stop the city council by emailing opposition to a new mandate clerk@westlafayette.in.gov

This week a Tippecanoe county judge ruled that a local mayor does not have the authority to mandate masks. The order included a $100 fine for the first offense, and $250 fine for further offenses.


The West Lafayette city council is meeting on Tuesday September 8 to reinstate the mandate with fines implemented. This meeting is only virtual, no one will be present in the building. The public can call in to listen but not speak. The only option they are allowing is to email your comment.

Please email to oppose this city mandate no matter where you are. Indiana has a state order, and a local order is a waste of time and money. Also, this will add fines that the state does not have. We need at least 1000 emails in their email by Tuesday at 4pm. For those who support mask mandates, Indiana has a statewide mandate. We don’t need a city level mandate. So please help us!!!

Here is the email address:


Here is a link to the meeting agenda and call in information.

Also please tell them that they are outside of the law by refusing to allow the public to have a voice. Their duty is to protect our rights.

Donations for Freedom

🚨🚨We need your support!🚨🚨

Our biggest legislative champion for medical freedom in Indiana needs our help!

Representative Curt Nisly is up against a big competitor this election and needs our support. If Rep Nisly loses this election– we are in 🚩BIG TROUBLE! 🚩 Especially this year with more mandates on the table….

We also have the promise for the first time of having a 2nd champion (candidate in District 93- south side of Indy- John Jacob). This is MAJORLY significant because House motions need someone to 2nd them or else they’re ignored. Until now, no one has been willing to second Rep Nisly’s motions on v@x bills and other health freedom bills so we haven’t been able to be as effective as we could be. Keeping Rep Nisly in office is of EXTREME importance! I just cannot stress this enough. 🗣🗣

Having said that, we are doing something we don’t typically do and are asking if our group can help financially support his campaign for re-election. Can you spare $20 to help protect medical freedom? How about $50? $100? $500? How much is your medical freedom worth to you? Rep Nisly is one of us. Except for the fact that he is on the inside and can do the one thing we cannot- vote on these crucial bills!

Can our medical freedom groups raise $5,000? That goal is completely achievable with over 3,000 followers. We know not everyone will donate so every dollar helps. Chiropractors and other natural health businesses may also be interested in donating to support a legislator who will protect them/their right to practice so please share this with them as well.

I’m more encouraged than ever this year about legislation that we are proactively lobbying regarding adult exemptions and we already have insider intel about a bill being lobbied by Pharma in January.

If not NOW, then when?…

Thank you to all of our followers in advance for all of your support now and in the coming months as we fight for our freedom! 🇺🇸

Here is a link to donate to Representative Curt Nisly’s campaign (if you plan to donate $500 or more, please send me a PM or comment below as I have separate instructions for you):

Indiana University- Will Require Faculty, Staff, and Students to get the Flu Shot

Some people have questioned if it is true, because there hasn’t been a public press release about it yet. Unfortunately, it is true, and it will be required for faculty, staff, and students once the vaccine IU has ordered arrives. IU used a consulting team to create their reopening plan. The plan included requiring the flu vaccine, and IU is going to do that. They have already announced the flu vaccine requirement in a letter and are allegedly in the process of wording the exemption form. We need to have a voice now while they are working on finalizing the paperwork for exemptions. It apparently has not been announced to students yet per an IU parent who was unaware of it, so we might even be able to stop the mandate.

Please continue to contact them at the President’s office, the Provost office, and now the Office of Public Safety. IU is directing everyone to only contact the Office of Public Safety since that is the office dealing with the flu vaccine mandate and exemptions. But we need to let the top officials at IU know this is ridiculous. They are the largest public university system in the state. They have multiple campuses, and they are one of the state’s big employers. This is going to affect a lot of people, 94,000+ students and 21,000+ employees.

Office of Public Safety

President McRobbie
Indianapolis Office: 317-274-3571
Bloomington Office: 812-855-4613
Email: iupres@iu.edu

Vice President/Provost Lauren Robel
Email: provost@indiana.edu
Phone: 812-855-4613

Purdue announced in May 2020 that they were requiring the flu shot for staff and students. After public pushback, President Mitch Daniels announced that there are exemptions. This is a screenshot of part of the exemption form downloaded from Purdue’s website in the middle of June. However, after speaking with a Purdue staff member this week, the exemption form given out to staff has since changed. Purdue removed the options for “do not wish to say why I decline and other reason”. Did Purdue quietly make that change, because people backed off once they announced exemptions? Sure, they still have an exemption, but it’s odd they would initially allow a person to simply say no, and then backtrack for the person to need a caveat if they want to say no. There should not be any flu shot requirement anywhere, any time in the first place. Plus if more of the exemption form was showing, you would see the other statements Purdue is making employees agree that “they know are to be true”, are absurd.

Purdue exemption form from June 15. It is now changed, and they removed the last two options.

Also please watch this 6 minute video from Children’s Health Defense about the damage caused by the 2009 Swine flu vaccine. It’s a great short film.