Take Action Against Surveillance

These activists use makeup to defy mass surveillance - i-D
Activists are using anti-facial recognition make up to prevent the cameras from identifying them.

When people ask their children what they want to be when they grow up, the idea of being a person who fights to maintain the simplest of everyday freedoms isn’t usually the response. Yet here we are. What has our world come to?!?!

At the moment, Indiana is starting their tracking and surveillance plan that is going to cost at least $43 million dollars of our hard earned money every year. Here is an article related to that. https://www.journalgazette.net/news/local/20200430/indiana-to-outsource-tracking

In other news articles of the story (with too many pop up ads and blocks on non-subscribers to be posted here) Indiana’s Dr. Kristina Box said that not responding when you are called by a contact tracer is NOT an option. She gave an example that they will send you a message first, and if you do not reply within 4 hours, they will call you. She didn’t get into what happens if you don’t answer your phone when they call.

You can contact Indiana Governor Holcomb here (although he hasn’t seemed to care all that much about what anyone who doesn’t like his plan has to say) :

Office of Governor Eric Holcomb
State House
Room 206
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797
Phone: 317/232-4567
Fax: 317/232-3443
Governor’s website

That brings us to the other big issue brought to us by Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush as a means of Federal Tracking with HR 6666. This bill will give grant money to companies, agencies, schools, etc…that use the tracking guidelines on employees and students. It is going to cost $100 BILLION of our dollars every year. They plan on doing it for more than one year. What a waste of money that we could use for so many other things or maybe not borrow from China. You can read it from the link below.

H. R. 6666

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

It’s very apparent that they want all employers and schools to follow with tracking people, which doesn’t usually stop there, especially with “other purposes”. Purdue is already fighting covid-19 by requiring all staff and students on campus to get a flu vaccine to return this fall. Will this grant money program start requiring all workers and students to get a flu shot in the future?

The bill is sponsored by Democrats who currently control the House of Congress. If they want it passed, there’s not much we can do as they usually all vote together. The best chance to try and stop this is in the Senate. Please click this link to find and contact your U.S. Senator. If you’re receiving this and live in Indiana, then Todd Young and Mike Braun are our two Senators. The link provides an easy way to look up Senators from every state.


Call them and email them to OPPOSE HR 6666.

You can also give it go with contacting your Congressional Representative to let them know you oppose this.


Finally, another group has made a fill in the blank letter to send to OPPOSE HR 6666 if you would like to go that route for contacting.


“When human laws contradict or discountenance the means which are necessary to preserve the essential rights of any society, they defeat the proper end of all laws, and so become null and void.” — Alexander Hamilton

And for good measure, you can also check out this website to help Ban Facial Recognition


ACTION ALERTS SB 185 needs Amended

Help save the sweet little pets.
  1. SB 185 the companion animal (dog and cat) vaccine mandate is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday 2/25/2020 at 10:30 at the Indianapolis State House in the Agriculture Committee. Room 156-A This is the only bill they are hearing that morning, so it should be a fast hearing, not an all day at the Statehouse thing. Pretty quick and easy.
  2. Please come to testify against the vaccine mandate portion of this bill. We want that portion removed. And if they refuse, we at least want the definition of seller to be changed so that it does not include everyone. Some other states define seller as a breeder who sells more than one litter a year or more than 9 animals a year. That would effectively remove the vaccine mandate for those people who are simply charging a small fee to rehome their dog due to various reasons such as if the owner is too sick to continue to care for their dog.
  3. Please call AND email all the members of the Agriculture committee. Ask them to remove the vaccine mandate from the bill or at least change the definition of seller to a breeder who sells more than one litter a year. You can call and leave a message for some of them on the weekend if they accept voicemail. This weekend please at least email them all with the above request, and then for sure call on Monday. If you call early on Tuesday morning, there is still some time for them to listen before the hearing.
  4. Don Lehe 317-234-3827 H25@iga.in.gov COMMITTEE CHAIR
  5. Steve Bartels 317-232-9802 H74@iga.in.gov
  6. Beau Baird 317-232-9981 H44@iga.in.gov
  7. Doug Gutwein 317-232-9815 H16@iga.in.gov
  8. Brad Barrett 317-232-9815 H56@iga.in.gov
  9. Dave Heine 317-232-9816 H85@iga.in.gov
  10. J.D. Prescott 317-234-3827 H33@iga.in.gov
  11. Christy Stutzman 317-232-9753 317-232-9753
  12. Ethan Manning 317-232-9620 H23@iga.in.gov
  13. Melanie Wright 317-232-9794 H35@iga.in.gov
  14. Justin Moed 317-232-9794 H97@iga.in.gov
  15. Ross Deal 317-232-9976 H7@iga.in.gov
  16. Terry Goodin 317-234-9048 H66@iga.in.gov

SB 185 is a version of what is known as a puppy lemon law. There at least 27 other states that have similar laws that require a breeder to compensate the purchaser if the puppy they sold has a known health issue. However, Senator Ron Alting’s SB 185 takes it a step further and goes beyond what many other states are requiring in similar laws. SB 185 requires all sellers, defined as anyone who sells their dog or cat for even $1 including pet rescues, to fully vaccinate the dog and cat following the recommended vaccine schedule. There is no opt out or deviation from the recommended schedule. A puppy or kitten that is smaller than the rest of the litter will no longer be allowed to forego vaccination until a later date. This allows ANY and ALL new vaccines that are added to the recommendations to be automatically mandated. At least other states with this mandate, list out the vaccines and don’t give a blanket statement that any recommendations are required.

This law is brought to you by Purdue Vets. They are pushing the vaccine mandate for all dogs and cats sold at any time in their life in Indiana. If you don’t go get your pet the boosters shots at least every 3 years, and you have to rehome your dog or cat, then you are out of compliance with the law. If the vet or person who now owns the animal finds out, you can be fined a minimum of $500 for the first offense. At the Senate hearing, they were trying to figure out how to enforce this law, and they said they hoped people would be turned over for prosecution. A good way for them to force compliance is for the veterinarians to eventually disallow anyone to purchase pet vaccines at farm stores. They can easily make a law that only allows the vets to give the vaccines, and that would create more office visits and an electronic record for every dog and cat in the state that is purchased for any amount of money. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the already mandated Rabies vaccines. This is for the entire recommended vaccine schedule to be required at any time in an animals life before they are sold for any amount of money.

One of the Senators kinda mocked us for blowing up the phones before the senate hearing for this bill but not having any of us showing up to testify against the bill. Let’s show them that we can show up to testify against tyranny, whether it’s tyranny against our bodies or tyranny against the bodies of our furry friends.


Here is a recent article from mainstream news talking about the possibility of over vaccinating our pets.


Action Alert Oppose SB 185

SB 185 317-232-9600 Main House number to tell your own Representative you oppose the vaccine portion.
Call/email these members of the Agriculture committee to tell them to remove the vaccine mandate, write an amendment to change the definition of seller, or kill the whole bill!

Don Lehe 317-234-3827 H25@iga.in.gov
Steve Bartels 317-232-9802 H74@iga.in.gov
Beau Baird 317-232-9981 H44@iga.in.gov
Doug Gutwein 317-232-9815 H16@iga.in.gov
Brad Barrett 317-232-9815 H56@iga.in.gov
Dave Heine 317-232-9816 H85@iga.in.gov
J.D. Prescott 317-234-3827 H33@iga.in.gov
Christy Stutzman 317-232-9753 317-232-9753
Ethan Manning 317-232-9620 H23@iga.in.gov
Melanie Wright 317-232-9794 H35@iga.in.gov
Justin Moed 317-232-9794 H97@iga.in.gov
Ross Deal 317-232-9976 H7@iga.in.gov
Terry Goodin 317-234-9048 H66@iga.in.gov

Indiana is on the verge of mandating the entire recommended pet schedule for all dogs and cats sold in the state with no ability to deviate from the recommendations. It already passed the Senate and now has a hearing coming up in the Agriculture committee of the House. That will likely be happening in the next week or so. We will keep you updated on the schedule.

SB 185 creates what many people call a “puppy lemon law”. It does have some good points in the law, such as not allowing dogs and cats to be sold until they are 8 weeks old. However, the main portion and reason for the bill is to force every dog and cat sold, even for $1, at any time in their lives to be fully up to date with the recommended animal vaccine schedule. This allows any new vaccines that get added to the schedule to be mandated. For adult cats, boosters are recommended every three years and that is not just the rabies vaccine that is recommended.

This is a BIG $$$$$ bill for big pharma. How many people in Indiana have purchased a dog or cat? If this passes, every single one of those pets will have to be fully up to day when sold/rehomed. That is A LOT of money spent. Pet vaccines are big money. Purdue is behind this bill. The author has 12 veterinarians that are supporting this that he deems as experts, and basically said that he is going to listen to the vets over his constituents who called in opposing this since the vets are the experts.

Senator Alting said that 27 or 28 other states have this bill. But upon review of several other state laws, SB 185 is more restrictive than the majority of these “puppy lemon laws” in other states. When speaking about the bill, the author has repeatedly used the term “breeders” when he is talking about who this law applies to. BUT the actual wording does not only apply to breeders. It defines a “Seller” as anyone who sells a dog or cat (companion animal is defined as dog or cat if you read the bill). That includes every person that sells a dog or cat for any amount of money at any time in the animals’ lifespan. Several other states do not apply this law to people who sell one litter a year or sell less than 9 animals a year. Several states do not include small hobby breeders having one litter a year. Many states exclude the common person selling their pet to rehome them. Otherwise, there could be negative consequences to pet owners.

For example, Tom is moving from Indiana to Hawaii. He can’t afford to take his 9-year-old pet cat. So, he advertises his cat with a fee of $50. Advertising a free cat leaves the cat open to be taken and tortured or used for bait, so it is never a good idea to advertise a free pet. Sue buys the cat for $50. She takes the cat to the vet who says the cat is not up to date on the three-year booster vaccines except for the rabies. The vet informs Sue that it was against the law for Tom to sell her this cat without being up to date with the recommended vaccine schedule. Tom had been getting the rabies vaccine for his cat but nothing else since the cat had finished kitten shots years ago. Sue makes an issue out of this and files for charges against Tom. Tom is already in Hawaii and now must deal with a $500 fine for selling his $50 cat without the recommended booster vaccine. Tom’s cat had never been sick, and this was never an issue for his indoor only cat. It would have been cheaper for Tom to just set the cat free outside.

Ask them to remove the vaccine requirement or at least amend to change the bill to redefine seller as those selling more than one litter a year or more than 9 animals instead of every single person in the state being labeled as a seller and required to follow this vaccine mandate. Changing the definition of seller will align with wording in some other states that have a similar law.

We are also concerned that once this requirement passes, in the future the veterinarians will get a law that makes each dog or cat get a vet check and that only vets can administer the vaccines, just like how the rabies vaccine is now. Currently, animal vaccines can be purchased at local farm stores. That was brought up in the hearing, and the vet didn’t sound super excited that people are able to buy vaccines on their own but did say it is currently possible. Mandatory vet checks for each vaccine schedule is also going to very lucrative for the vets pushing this bill.

Here is a good article written by a Veterinarian who is fighting to save the pets. Dr. Rob. This was his response to other mainstream veterinarians who claim there is no dose dependent size needed regardless of animal weight.

“Lies and Propaganda

As we move towards victory in protecting the pets, lies and propaganda, are the only “evidence” the money hungry Veterinary Establishment has.

First of all I am not monitored at all and own my own hospital practicing the new standard of vaccination.

The new standard, based on science, is to lower the dose by weight and give the minimal number of vaccines to produce a protective titer and stop there, periodically monitoring the titer to insure continued immunity.

As veterinarians around the world are adopting this standard pet lives and suffering from overdosing and over vaccination is being minimized.

I have been practicing for 35 years and have yet to have a pet get any disease I have vaccinated for, however I have saved countless lives by decreasing vaccine reactions.

Since lymphocytes, the cells of the immune system, are the same size in a Great Dane and a Chihuahua of course you have a much smaller immune system in the Chihuahua since there are less lymphocytes. Therefore you can give less vaccine volume, less antigen, to vaccinate smaller pets. Scientific studies, all available on my website, have shown two things:

1) Vaccine reactions go up as the weight goes down if all pets are given 1 cc of vaccine.

2) Titers go up as the weight goes down if all given 1 cc of vaccine.

The conclusion is clear and I am demonstrating it in my practice- lower the volume by weight and measure the titer to verify protection.

I have done this and found that I can achieve the same titer for a small dog administering a lower volume as a large dog getting 1 cc.

This author gives no data to back up her “information” but I have facts, available on my website: http://www.protectthepets.com/

Of course the pharmaceutical companies and the Veterinary Establishment are not going to stop. They have made billions of dollars by overdosing and over vaccination pets and won’t give up the money, despite a trail of dead pets and grieving pet owners in their wake.

However we the people, we the pet owners now know the truth!

We won’t stop until every pet is protected!

On to Victory! Together and united to protect the pets!

God bless you all, love, Doc”

Call to Action for Indiana Legislative Session TODAY.

Call the IN House at 317-232-9600 to request language be removed from HB 1066. Example of what to say: ” I want the amendment requiring that schools give parents information on the non-mandated meningitis vaccines to be removed from this bill. I support an amendment to remove this language. ”

If you have never called, it is very easy. The person who answers the phone will take your information and ask what bill you want to speak about. They are very kind. It is not hard or scary to do. You can also ask to speak directly to your Representative or their aide, and the person answering the phone can transfer you. It takes very little time and is so helpful.

HB 1066 will be open for an amendment to remove that language on Monday 1/27/2020 at 1:30. It will likely get a full vote on Tuesday. Please call straight away on Monday. It also requires schools to recommend that students get this non-mandated vaccine! Schools are not your physician. That is not their job to be to forced to tell parents to get a specific vaccine.

Here is a list of all the phone numbers of each Representative. You may call each one to tell them that you support an amendment to remove the vaccine language. That language was slid in last minute with an amendment to unrelated bill HB 1066 . The committee took vote by consent, so they did not even do a roll call vote to allow the amendment requiring schools to give the vaccine information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m1KOYrjiPwmx9VLhITgQzGazotCY5l7m2J3q3J0_WLk/edit#gid=0

ALSO Call 317-232-9400 to oppose SB 185. This bill is in the Senate. It has language that will mandate the full recommended schedule for all dogs and cats that are sold in Indiana at any time during their lifespan. Charges can be filed against anyone who does not follow the full vaccine schedule if they sell a dog or cat. For example, if you rehome a pet for $20, you have to ensure that the pet is fully vaccinated with the full schedule (not just the rabies vaccine), or you are selling an “unsafe” illegal pet. The court can fine $500 for the first violation, $1000 for the 2nd violation, and it goes up from there.

Senator Ron Alting refused to remove the vaccine mandate portion of the bill. He is amending the bill on Monday to also require all animal shelters and rescues to follow the full vaccine pet schedule before selling a rescue pet.

Purdue vets are behind this bill. He does not allow for titer testing results to be used. It is only the full recommended schedule, which of course will add more vaccines once this mandate passes. Despite several constituents calling him, he is only wanting to listen to the vets pushing the bill. It did not make a difference to share a Purdue study showing the autoimmune conditions that were shown to be caused in vaccinated dogs that did not occur in unvaccinated dogs. The main goal here seems to be the massive profits to be gained by fully vaccinating every single dog and cat in Indiana with every single recommended shot. $$$

This bill will have 2nd reading on Monday 1/27/2020 at 1:30pm. It will likely get a full vote on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

You can also call each Senator. Their phone numbers are listed on the following document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12a-pxoaDlYbuuslU16ym1Nq-hSRbzGIURcDOZmtFzwQ/edit#gid=570646683

Please send Us Your Email Address

Image result for keep in contact

Please send your email to the encrypted IndianaForMedicalFreedom@protonmail.com

The Facebook page for Indiana For Medical Freedom has had a significantly low reach since the end of November/beginning of December. Facebook required the admin to verify identity using the excuse that our page had a large reach and Facebook needed to make sure I was who I said I was. Shortly after verification was completed, Facebook reduced the page reach, also known as shadow banning. Usually one of our average posts would reach about 400-600 people. Popular posts reached over 1000. It was not abnormal to have a monthly reach total of 10,000. Now each post is averaging a reach of about 90-150 people. If it gets up to 300, that’s a lot. The Facebook page is no longer the best point of communication with people interested in medical freedom.

There are over 1000 subscribers to this website, but we don’t have subscribers emails.

Please send your email to the encrypted IndianaForMedicalFreedom@protonmail.com

You may also add your county and/or zip code so we know what region people are in.

I will make an email list based off what people send me to keep in contact if this website goes down for some reason. I am also working to collaborate on a national project that will require emailing supporters. Proton mail is a free service that gets people away from Google or MSN accounts and also offers a VPN. I would encourage others to sign up for an email account with Proton mail if possible, but whatever email account you want to use is fine.

Tour and Meeting at The Indiana State House

Please join us for a 10:00 a.m. tour of the Indiana State Capital building on Wednesday, October 23. We will have a guided tour to help people become familiar with the State House and feel more comfortable attending future hearings during the legislative session.

The tour is scheduled to last about an hour, and then we will meet inside the state house for a presentation.

Metered parking can be found on the streets surrounding the state house, and there is a parking garage directly across Capital Avenue.

We are also encouraging everyone to set up a meeting with your state senator and state representative during the months of October and November. Here is a link to find your legislators:


Get Your Mind Set For the Fight at Hand

The war against bodily autonomy is raging throughout the country. It came to a head in California when the legislators refused to do the will of the people and restricted the medical exemption so greatly, that even verifying that one of your children was killed by vaccines will not medically exempt your other children. The people of California really don’t have a working medical exemption left, and their religious and personal beliefs exemptions were taken away a few years ago with the promise that the medical exemption would be robust and include family history of vaccine injury. That was just a lie to get the religious exemption removed. Then they worked behind the scenes to functionally remove the medical exemption. Can you imagine if you or your child became paralyzed or suffered seizures from vaccination (side effects listed on the insert), and were told that it’s not bad enough to be medically exempt from further vaccines?

California Senator Richard Pan visited Michigan over the weekend to speak to pediatricians to get them to lobby to remove all exemptions for children. But your kids are just the start. You and your grandparents and parents are up next for the mandates with no way out.

Only 1.8% total of Indiana children attending private or public school have exemptions. That puts Indiana well above the non-researched backed claim of “herd immunity”.

The number of 60,000 students does not include flu or HPV vaccines, but it is unclear if the reporter is also including the 3% of students who are in progress of getting all their vaccines in that 60,000. We will assume it is 60,000 based on the report. Some of those children may have siblings or only one parent, but even at that rate an underestimate of the number of parents is approximately 30,000 people.

Can you imagine if 30,000 parents and others who support freedom flooded the streets in response to the mandates, tracking of their families, and removal of exemptions? What if all 30,000 occupied and practiced civil disobedience? Maybe, just maybe, we could win our freedom. Maybe we wouldn’t have to lay awake at night wondering when we are going to lose our job over refusing a flu shot. Maybe we would not worry that our children will be discriminated against and be unable to get a college education. Maybe our children can actually grow up to be whatever they want to be, which is an American slogan that no longer holds true for natural humans. Can imagine going back to how the world was 5-10 years ago when none of this was happening across the country? Wouldn’t that be so wonderful? Wouldn’t it be so great if everyone who stands for religious and medical freedom came and stood together, united, against the pharma cartel? Wouldn’t it be great to win back our freedoms that were never meant to be taken away?

Now is not the time to wring your hands, or sit on the fence, or let your wife or husband do all the work without you. The luxury of that time has passed. Anyone who believes in freedom should not allow themselves the luxury of standing by while others fight for them. We must unite, we all need each other. We can’t do this with 1000 people, and we certainly can’t do it with 10 people. But bring out 30,000 people, and now we’re talking winning.

I have been diligently working on a presentation to help rally people to “set their minds right for the task at hand”. Presentations are being planned for various parts of the state. However, today I opened my email to see that the people at Autism Action Network are thinking the same thing: nation wide work to discriminate, dehumanize, and seclude people who are simply natural human beings, and the lack of the people discriminated against standing up and fighting.

I would like to share a copy of their email for all to read, because they are also trying to get the same point across:

USA: It is time to come out of the closetMore Info
You can’t fight for your rights and hide at the same time
 The following is an editorial.     It is time for our community to “come out of the closet.”  We can no longer hide behind religious and personal belief exemptions and hope to protect our children, or even ourselves. The global drug industry that produces vaccines is no longer willing to tolerate us. They want to force everyone to use their products, and they increasingly have the police power of government to back them up. As the largest advertiser in America they have the clout to buy completely one-sided media coverage, and they are using their power to generate hate against us.  California, New York and Maine have already lost their rights. It looks like New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts could be next.     Once upon a time we could keep our mouths shut and stay under the radar. Those days are over. Either we stand up and fight or get ready to roll up your children’s sleeves. There is no in-between anymore. You can’t hide and fight at the same time. It is time to choose.   At the foundation of every injustice is a lie. The lie that vaccines are safe for everybody. The lie that vaccines do not cause autism. The lie that autism is just a difference. The lie that the government is doing everything possible to protect your children. The first step to correcting the injustice is to refuse to accept the lies any longer. Coming out is all about refusing to accept the lies anymore, lies about reality, about ourselves, about what happened to our children, about the world that makes this possible.     Back in June the biggest gay pride parade ever was held in New York City. The police estimated 4 million people showed up. It was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which is considered the founding event of the gay rights movement. The “Stonewall Riots” began when a handful of drag queens and friends that frequented the Stonewall Inn reached their breaking point when the police raided the bar one too many times and attempted to roust them. They fought back. They fought back for days. They fought back for years. A handful turned into a couple of hundred demonstrating in the streets of Greenwich Village, and a couple of hundred turned into 4 million just in one city. That handful of drag queens  changed the world.     And they are not so different from us. A vilified group of outcasts that the powers-that-be say are legitimate targets for de-humanization, discrimination and violence. When we were trying to persuade the lawmakers not to take away our religious exemption this winter and spring in Albany, NY, we encountered behavior I have never seen in almost 20 years of advocacy. Legislators and their staffs called us “Nazis,” “lunatics,” “flat earthers,” and more. We were compared to holocaust deniers. Staffers wore masks when we entered the room, one legislator made us meet outdoors because she thought we would contaminate her office. Staffers refused to shake hands, some more surgical masks. Many previously accessible legislators refused to meet with us.     Before you finish reading this article in you support the information and advocacy brought to you by the Autism Action Network please make it possible for us to keep doing our work by donation here https://grouprev.com/autismactionnetwork2019 for our one fundraiser of the fundraiser of the year we do in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk, October 20 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY.     The key to the success of the gay rights movement was people coming out of the closet and refusing to lie about themselves or their lives anymore, and the same will be true for us.  In New York there were 26,000 children with religious exemption. Those children probably have 40,000 parents. I would estimate at most 4,000 people did anything to fight the repeal of our religious exemption. What could have happened if all those parents were actively engaged in protecting their children’s rights and bodies? Far too many were hiding and hoping other people would get the job done.     Coming out may lead to conflicts with people who are dear to you. Some people may ostracize you. But you may find much more tolerance and support than you expect. Thousands of people in New York have been involuntarily  forced to come out because of their children’s expulsion from school, and many are surprised at the support they are receiving. And those people who will not accept your choices, well, do you really need them? What are they bringing to your family’s life? It may or may not be easy to come out and tell the truth, but we don’t have a choice anymore: Come out!    Please share this message with family and friends and please share to social networks while we still can.  

More information will be posted soon on action alerts for October. Stay tuned, and please set your mind right for when you are called to stand up for your rights.

Another Teen Gone Too Soon

We’re saddened beyond measure to report that on Saturday July 13, 2019, Jeremy Stutz, son of Vaxxed Indy Warriors Laura and Jay Stutz, passed away due to a seizure.

We are collecting donations to support the family in all ways that we can, and your donation is important. This is a collective effort between Indiana For Medical Freedom, Indiana Health Choice Coalition, Indiana For Vaccination Choice, Vaxxed Indy and Informed Consent Ft. Wayne and made possible because of generous donations like yours. The donation link is listed here. 


You can view the brief interview with Jeremy’s parents about his story on the Vaxxed bus tour here.

Thank you for your generous support of the family.

Ohio Rally Event on June 26 with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Indiana For Medical Freedom would like to thank everyone who donated to renew our website and renew our domain. It’s very much appreciated. THANKS! 

The tee shirt campaign ended last week, but there were some purchases made after it ended, so Bonfire reopened the campaign for us with no minimum printing required.  So if you still want to purchase a shirt, they are available at the following links.


The shirts on this link have #Idonotconsent on the back.



We would also like to make subscribers aware of an event happening next week in Columbus Ohio on June 26 being held by Health Freedom Ohio.

The link to the Health Freedom Ohio event is below along with some of the information about their event. They have some amazing speakers, and some Indiana supporters are planning to attend. If you’ve missed out on attending events in Washington DC ,  Atlanta, California, etc. due to the distance, then this event is just one state over from us!



Join us for a day dedicated to human rights, health sovereignty and informed consent!

We will start the day with an important public press conference introducing The Medical Consumer Protection Act (H.B. 268)


June 26, 2019


9:00 am to 11:00 am


The Atrium

Ohio Statehouse

1 Capitol Square

Columbus, OH 43215



Representative Ron Hood, Ohio House District 78

Robert Kennedy Jr., Founder Children’s Health Defense

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD., Founder and CEO, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK)

Kevin Barry, Esq.  Founder, First Freedoms

Alvin Moss, MD, FACS, FAAHPM

Michelle Krinsky, RN
We look forward to having you join us for this exciting and monumental press conference!
Please arrive early, as the media will be in attendance and your strong health freedom presence is of utmost important.  Let’s make Ohio a State that prides itself in preserving the constitution, our fundamental human rights to health freedom and informed consent!

Together we are making a difference!

We need help covering the travel costs, rental fees, and other costs of this endeavor, please consider donating. Your donations ensure we are able to host these types of events. Any amount helps. Thank you!



A Panel Discussion Reviewing the Science and Policy Affecting Health Outcomes

Please join us for a momentous dinner fundraiser and enlightening panel discussion.


June 26, 2019


6:00 pm to 10:00 pm


The Country Club at Muirfield Village

8715 Muirfield Dr

Dublin, OH 43017

Cost: $100
Attendees will hear experts share their knowledge in a discussion format that will help facilitate understanding of health concerns facing our children, potential causes and solutions. Audience members will have an opportunity to engage with the panelists during the discussion. Event proceeds will go to The Children’s Health Defense, First Freedoms, and The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.

Panelists include:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

James Lyons-Weiler, Phd.

Kevin Barry, Esq.

Alvin Moss, MD FACS FAAHPM  

Event Schedule:

6:00-6:30     Doors open to event venue, guest arrival, informal meet and greet

6:30-6:45     Welcoming remarks by Health Freedom Ohio

6:45-7:30    Three-course dinner commences

7:30-9:30    Panel Discussion

9:30                  Closing remarks by Health Freedom Ohio

10:00               Event concludes

Purchase your ticket here!

****Corporate Sponsorship Available*****

Please contact us for more details:



VIP attendants will have the opportunity to enjoy BOTH the above dinner fundraiser on June 26th, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm AND engage in further discussion with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. over breakfast. The space for this exclusive VIP opportunity is limited to 20 guests, so please be sure to purchase your tickets promptly to reserve your seat. All proceeds benefit Children’s Health Defense.

June 27, 2019

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Federal Attempts to Remove Exemptions are Here

The time to act is now, if we are to have a future.
Attempted national removal of exemptions is upon us. We all MUST be taking action with our Congressional Representatives to voice opposition to the new Federal bills trying to track us and remove all exemptions except very restrictive medical exemptions through taking away funding from any school that allows exemptions.
1. HR 2862 authored by Rep Schrier (D) of Washington state is the national tracking system and study of how to increase uptake of vaccines bill. It has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
It has bipartisan support of both Democrats and Republicans. This one has a good chance of moving forward to pass since both parties are signing on to it.
2. HR 2527 Vaccinate All Children Act authored by Rep Wilson (D) of Florida is the one that is trying to remove all exemptions except a few allowable medical exemptions. This bill is also in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
This is an egregious bill that is trying to get around the religious freedom problem by not actually removing the religious or personal beliefs exemptions, but removing federal funding from any school that allows those exemptions. It also restricts the medical exemption to one of almost needing to literally die from each individual shot. Vaccine induced seizures need to be long lasting, not short term, before you are allowed to refuse further shots. This bill is supported by only Democrats so far.
It does not currently have bipartisan support, so it might not move as fast, but with this current political climate, DO NOT expect it to go away.
Regardless of your political party views or your disgust of politics, we need you to meet with your legislators and tell them they need to stop with the removal of parental rights and removal of freedom to have religious and personal beliefs exemptions. This will be a NATION-WIDE removal if it passes.
  1. Set up a meeting with your Representative or their legislative aide. This is Federal (Congress) and how to find out who represents you is found at a link below. This is not state level legislators. Congressional Reps have local offices in your district area, and they have an office in Washington DC. Often times, you have to meet with their aide when meeting at the local in-state office, but try to get a meeting with the actual Rep if possible.
  2. Email your Representative to Oppose HR 2862 and HR 2527
  3. Call your Representative to voice  your Opposition to both bills. The main switchboard can connect you to them (202) 224-3121
  4. Tweet or comment on their social media pages that you Oppose both bills. 
  5. Contact the White House for President Trump to voice your Opposition to removing exemptions
You can find your own Rep’s email from the links below. An email does not have to be elaborate. People get so anxious about what to say in an email or phone call. You don’t need to write a novel or tell your life story on the phone if you don’t want to. The people answering the phones are getting paid to answer phones. They are not rude, or at least are rarely rude. They can’t be hateful or they would use their job (a job you and I are funding). When you call, they ask for your name and address to confirm that you are in their district. Then all you have to say is “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862.” Most of them don’t even ask why you oppose. They are just writing down you oppose. Some might ask if you have anything to say about the bill that you want your Congressional Rep to know, and you can speak more or not. For email, it can also be just that simple, “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862”, or you can give specific examples of why you oppose too. Please don’t let fear of not knowing what to say deter you from taking action. Your Representative is NOT your ruler. That Rep works for you! We need to remind them of that. 
Here is a link to find your Federal Congressional Rep if you don’t know who represents you.
Here is a link that gives a directory of every Congressional Representative. You can click on the Reps name to open a link to their page. On their page, they will have specific contact details such as email and social media. Tweet to your Rep something as simple as OPPOSE HR 2527 OPPOSE HR 2862.
If you set up a meeting with your Congressional Rep, feel free to contact us at indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com. If scheduling allows, someone with experience may be able to go with you if you want. You are allowed bring other people to your meeting, and they usually ask how many and who are coming with you.  During a meeting it is nice to bring literature/materials to give to your Rep. Tell your specific personal story if you or a loved one who has been injured. Tell them how your life will be affected if this discrimination is allowed and exemptions are removed. Talk about the Constitutional right to religious freedom. There is a new website with religious scriptures to quote at Purismreligion.com, and the  Children of God website gives many reasons why someone would chose an exemption. Also, First Freedoms with Kevin Barry has a good video on why people would use a religious exemption.
As a note, Indiana has Representative Susan Brooks (R) on the Health Subcommittee that both these bills are in. This is big deal since so few states are represented on this subcommittee. The Subcommittee votes on whether to advance bills to the next step or not. This is a great place to try to kill a bill. If Susan Brooks is your Rep, we really, really need you to be setting up a meeting with her or her aide. If you get a meeting with Susan Brooks, please contact us. We may be able to get other people to go with you. 
Please do not sit on this and do nothing.
A quote by a man who is currently undergoing trials and tribulation, “There is unity in the opposition. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.”