One Correction for Senate District 23

Sorry, I accidently listed the wrong District number for Paula Copenhaver. She is running for Senate District 23, which was anti-freedom Senator Boot’s district. He is retiring, and Crawfordsville area was removed from the district under the new maps. Senate District 23 now includes West Lafayette. I previously put 25 instead of 23, which is a crazy error, because I know all about District 23 and have followed it closely .

Senate District 23- Vote for Paula K Copenhaver

This is going to be a tough win, because there is a strong establishment candidate running, Spencer Deery. Please don’t vote for him.

We need all the rural folks in Senate District 23 to really show up to counteract the new addition of West Lafayette voters.

Previous posts listed a link to the newest maps if you don’t know where you are districted for the primary.

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