House District 7: Teshka vs Williams- majority of St Joseph County

House District 7 has a contested race between Republican incumbent Jake Teshka and Constitutional Conservative Sarina Williams.

Much to the surprise of many medical freedom activists, Teshka recently received an endorsement from a large health freedom group in Indiana.

Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly the reach/money that the big group has, but Teshka absolutely is not strong on medical freedom.

He was elected in 2020. In 2021, he voted for SB 1 and HB 1002 to give Civil Immunity to businesses for covid.

We all fought hard against SB 1 and HB 1002 last year. Hoosiers showed up and gave heart wretching testimony about how hospitals and nursing homes had neglected their loved ones, including allegedly starving them to death. Attorneys for the families talked about how this bill would make it impossible to sue for the neglect that had occurred.

Teshka heard that testimony, but still joined to Vote Yes on covid immunity twice, while 21 other House Reps Voted NO twice. Teshka didn’t have peer pressure of being only one of a handful who would have voted No. He easily could have voted No.

This year, he also voted against amendments that would have given medical freedom.

Do his votes sound like a person who believes in true medical Liberty?

Is he just trying to save his job by giving lip service now that a candidate who does support liberty is running against him?

Sarina Williams has promised to not only vote Yes for freedom, but also to author bills for medical freedom.

I spent several months trying to get a legislator to write a parental rights bill regarding making a parent’s vaccination status inadmissible evidence during a custody hearing, and following the state of Illinois to make lack of vaccination alone NOT medical neglect in children. If we can take over the State House by replacing the status quo with the primary challengers, we will get that bill written!

This May primary is important. There are at least 30 House candidates running that are good candidates, but they need us to show up and spread the word.

I know some of you have heard the “just vote harder” negative point of view. Every election cycle, awful legislators get elected, and we wait for the next election to “vote harder”, yet we still get awful legislators in office. Very little changes.

BUT this year actually is different, our state is healing from a state imposed pandemic. People are mad about how they were treated. We have a lot of primary challengers that we rarely have. Most are normal people like you and I who are fed up with the GOP leadership and Holcomb.

Only 20% of registered voters show up to vote in the May primaries. We absolutely can show up en masse, and replace at least 25% of the House Reps with freedom lovers.

Let’s work to turn Indiana into a state that the people of Florida envy for our freedoms.

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