What Can We Do Now?


It seems like the walls are closing in on us left and right. We don’t have a lot of time left. California is rolling out its vaccine passport system where you can be discriminated against based on just being a natural human being. Can private businesses ban all Asian people from entry? Can private businesses ban all Jewish people from entry? The answer is no. While private business owners have rights, they are not allowed to discriminate against classes of people. You were born without vaccines, therefore they are saying that simply being a human who wants to stay a person with a natural immune system not made artificial by big pharma, can be outcast from society and discriminated against. That is not okay. Rosa Parks refused to sit on the back of the bus based on her skin color. We are not even going to be allowed on the bus if we don’t stand up together. People have protested, but the numbers are NOT enough to make a change.


  1. We need to boycott businesses that discriminate and demonstrate outside them. We need to research when our local city and county council meetings are and attend the meetings. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty had the idea to call and set up meetings with your local officials and ask them to write a local ordinance to ban vaccine passports for businesses in your area. Yes, they have the authority to do that. Several city councils made mask ordinances this past year including West Lafayette. If they can do that, they can ban vaccine passports with local businesses.

2. Your local school boards have the authority to ban masks wearing for staff and students starting July 1. School boards meet monthly. Simply do a quick internet search by typing the name of your district and board meeting to find the date. Attend the school board meetings along with emailing and calling the members to tell them to remove the mask requirements and do not require vaccines for staff and students. Westfield IN schools will be ending the mask mandate for the fall. If you don’t make your voice heard, the schools will only listen to the Indiana Health Department which has already recommended mask wearing for all students and staff that don’t have the vaccine. Oklahoma, FL, TX, and other states have already banned masks for K-12. Are those Republicans in the same political party as the Indiana Republicans? It sure doesn’t seem like it! Are you happy that Kokomo schools are using an estimated $600,000 in grant money to give $750 stipends to vaccinated employees? Last we heard teachers weren’t paid enough and many districts are trying to cut programs like music due to funding issues.


3. SET UP MEETINGS with your state senator and state representative now. They are doing virtual or in person. Your job is next on the mandate list whether you think it is or not. Do you think this global agenda is going to stop because your boss is nice to you? The IN Republicans have failed us time and again. They had the opportunity to vote to protect all employees in the state to ensure a guaranteed exemption for the covid vaccine. It was a win-win bill. Employers could still require it, but staff who did not want it could get an exemption without being fired. Once the Republicans killed that freedom bill, they also refused to vote on amendments added to other bills that included the language for employee protection. Not only did Republicans refuse to vote for all to have state exemptions, they also refused to vote on a bill that would have banned mandates for vaccines under emergency use, Hb1488 in the House Labor committee. They also refused to vote on strong vaccine passport ban amendments that would have prevented discrimination of natural humans. In Richmond IN, there is a private museum that is banning those without the covid vaccine from entering. It is already happening here. The IN Republicans would rather rely on the Federal government with the Biden administration for protections which they were told were weak protections. We are already seeing staff being put on unpaid leave after being denied religious exemptions. Tell your legislators that being “disappointed” in the mandates does nothing. You want them to take action against this and bring back and pass SB 74 and HB 1488 to ensure exemptions and ban mandates under emergency use. Find your legislators here.


4. We need to find people or run in the primaries. Indiana is a super majority Republican state and even the legislators who have never followed the party values, such as Holcomb, will win with an R behind their name. The deadline to file for candidacy is February 1 2022. If they don’t have a primary challenger, they don’t care what you want and will continue to appease corporate donors and the chamber of commerce. As soon as they see nobody has filed by Feb 1 to run against them in the May 2022 primaries, it’s back to status quo and nothing will be done in the January to March 2022 session. The people of Florida didn’t even have to beg and grovel for their freedom. Why do we need to beg with our legislators from the same political party and still with no action? These people need replaced. They have proven time and again that they don’t have values that support liberty. You can look up candidacy forms at the Indiana election website. The process will likely require getting a certain amount of petition signatures to get on the ballot, but each office has different rules.


5. Vote for Margaret Menge for IU trustee if you graduated from any Indiana University campus. The election ends at noon on June 30.


6. An Indiana healthcare worker was injured by the Moderna vaccine at the beginning of Janurary 2021. She was pressured by her skilled nursing home employer to get the covid vaccine that day. She had been working on the covid floor with positive residents for months without getting sick, but she felt obligated to get the covid vaccine due to pressure from her work administration. She started to have uncontrollable tongue movements to the point her tongue was rubbed raw against her teeth. The she quickly developed full body convulsions and was sent home from 5 ERs told to see a neurologist. That was January and her neurologist appointment is in August. Workers compensation denied her claim, and she was fired from her job since she is unable to physically return to work. She had worked for many, many years at this job, and they left her high and dry. Shawn spoke at the June 12 rally in Indianapolis. She clearly is still suffering from tremors and seizures, and she had to finish up her speech because her voice was giving out. If you are able to help, please donate to her medical bills. She has been left on her own to suffer from the harm the Moderna vaccine did to her. She can’t work, she can’t sue Moderna, she can’t sue her employer, and conventional medicine is doing little to help her. She has been working with functional medicine to help her heal.

Lastly, hang in there. Things seem to be getting worse before they get better, but if we stand together, we have a chance.

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