Indiana University- Will Require Faculty, Staff, and Students to get the Flu Shot

Some people have questioned if it is true, because there hasn’t been a public press release about it yet. Unfortunately, it is true, and it will be required for faculty, staff, and students once the vaccine IU has ordered arrives. IU used a consulting team to create their reopening plan. The plan included requiring the flu vaccine, and IU is going to do that. They have already announced the flu vaccine requirement in a letter and are allegedly in the process of wording the exemption form. We need to have a voice now while they are working on finalizing the paperwork for exemptions. It apparently has not been announced to students yet per an IU parent who was unaware of it, so we might even be able to stop the mandate.

Please continue to contact them at the President’s office, the Provost office, and now the Office of Public Safety. IU is directing everyone to only contact the Office of Public Safety since that is the office dealing with the flu vaccine mandate and exemptions. But we need to let the top officials at IU know this is ridiculous. They are the largest public university system in the state. They have multiple campuses, and they are one of the state’s big employers. This is going to affect a lot of people, 94,000+ students and 21,000+ employees.

Office of Public Safety

President McRobbie
Indianapolis Office: 317-274-3571
Bloomington Office: 812-855-4613

Vice President/Provost Lauren Robel
Phone: 812-855-4613

Purdue announced in May 2020 that they were requiring the flu shot for staff and students. After public pushback, President Mitch Daniels announced that there are exemptions. This is a screenshot of part of the exemption form downloaded from Purdue’s website in the middle of June. However, after speaking with a Purdue staff member this week, the exemption form given out to staff has since changed. Purdue removed the options for “do not wish to say why I decline and other reason”. Did Purdue quietly make that change, because people backed off once they announced exemptions? Sure, they still have an exemption, but it’s odd they would initially allow a person to simply say no, and then backtrack for the person to need a caveat if they want to say no. There should not be any flu shot requirement anywhere, any time in the first place. Plus if more of the exemption form was showing, you would see the other statements Purdue is making employees agree that “they know are to be true”, are absurd.

Purdue exemption form from June 15. It is now changed, and they removed the last two options.

Also please watch this 6 minute video from Children’s Health Defense about the damage caused by the 2009 Swine flu vaccine. It’s a great short film.

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