Did you graduate from any Indiana University Campus? We need your vote for IU board trustee for freedom.

As an IU alumni, had you ever heard of being eligible to vote for IU board trustee members? This is the first time I’ve heard of such as option, but you have a voice in the board. You do not need to be in the alumni association to vote. Voting takes place between June 1-28.

We need your vote for Margaret Menge. She supports medical freedom regarding the covid vaccine. Go to the link to vote. It’s easy and takes less than a minute. You can vote for up to two candidates, but I suggest just voting for Margaret because we don’t want to add votes to others. If you decide you really want to vote for a second person, I don’t suggest voting for the MD, the DDS, or for the former IU Health board member Shreve. It’s highly unlikely they support medical freedom based on their profile.

Here’s the link to vote. If you don’t know your university number, just use the last four of ssn. It should be very fast to take you to the candidate names.

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