Donations for Freedom

🚨🚨We need your support!🚨🚨

Our biggest legislative champion for medical freedom in Indiana needs our help!

Representative Curt Nisly is up against a big competitor this election and needs our support. If Rep Nisly loses this election– we are in 🚩BIG TROUBLE! 🚩 Especially this year with more mandates on the table….

We also have the promise for the first time of having a 2nd champion (candidate in District 93- south side of Indy- John Jacob). This is MAJORLY significant because House motions need someone to 2nd them or else they’re ignored. Until now, no one has been willing to second Rep Nisly’s motions on v@x bills and other health freedom bills so we haven’t been able to be as effective as we could be. Keeping Rep Nisly in office is of EXTREME importance! I just cannot stress this enough. 🗣🗣

Having said that, we are doing something we don’t typically do and are asking if our group can help financially support his campaign for re-election. Can you spare $20 to help protect medical freedom? How about $50? $100? $500? How much is your medical freedom worth to you? Rep Nisly is one of us. Except for the fact that he is on the inside and can do the one thing we cannot- vote on these crucial bills!

Can our medical freedom groups raise $5,000? That goal is completely achievable with over 3,000 followers. We know not everyone will donate so every dollar helps. Chiropractors and other natural health businesses may also be interested in donating to support a legislator who will protect them/their right to practice so please share this with them as well.

I’m more encouraged than ever this year about legislation that we are proactively lobbying regarding adult exemptions and we already have insider intel about a bill being lobbied by Pharma in January.

If not NOW, then when?…

Thank you to all of our followers in advance for all of your support now and in the coming months as we fight for our freedom! 🇺🇸

Here is a link to donate to Representative Curt Nisly’s campaign (if you plan to donate $500 or more, please send me a PM or comment below as I have separate instructions for you):

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