Judge Voids West Lafayette Mask Executive Order-Help us stop the city council by emailing opposition to a new mandate clerk@westlafayette.in.gov

This week a Tippecanoe county judge ruled that a local mayor does not have the authority to mandate masks. The order included a $100 fine for the first offense, and $250 fine for further offenses.


The West Lafayette city council is meeting on Tuesday September 8 to reinstate the mandate with fines implemented. This meeting is only virtual, no one will be present in the building. The public can call in to listen but not speak. The only option they are allowing is to email your comment.

Please email to oppose this city mandate no matter where you are. Indiana has a state order, and a local order is a waste of time and money. Also, this will add fines that the state does not have. We need at least 1000 emails in their email by Tuesday at 4pm. For those who support mask mandates, Indiana has a statewide mandate. We don’t need a city level mandate. So please help us!!!

Here is the email address:


Here is a link to the meeting agenda and call in information.

Also please tell them that they are outside of the law by refusing to allow the public to have a voice. Their duty is to protect our rights.

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