Talk of Making Covid Vaccine Refusers Second Class Citizens

When to Disobey Authority

Government control is getting real. A British Conservative MP is talking about forcing the covid 19 vaccine, and anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine will not be allowed to travel. They will also have to maintain social distancing and masks while the vaccinated enjoy freedom. This is something that we have been saying will happen for a long time. It is getting started. The EU is talking about the Covi Pass, Ireland has the Health Passport, and Africa is planning to use the Trust Pass. Those who want to travel internationally and eventually domestically will not be allowed if they don’t have the covid-19 travel vaccine. To make matters worse, there is talk that this will become an annual vaccine much like the flu shot.

We need people to be willing to stand up for themselves and everyone else as a whole in the individual liberty movement by performing civil disobedience when needed. Being complacent and complying to get along is not helping any of us maintain freedom. This all ends when we the people say it ends, but unfortunately the mainstream media outlets have convinced the majority of people that the lockdown and restrictions are necessary in order to stay alive.

However, complacency is alive and well in our movement too. The last action alert asking people to email the West Lafayette city council to oppose the mask ordinance with fines fell on deaf ears. A recent FOIA request for public records showed that people did not write in to oppose based on the action alert, and the ordinance easily passed. West Lafayette will have a city mandate that is legally binding with fines and it will be reviewed in 6 months to decide about continuing.

We need your help with all this. This is all real. It’s not a conspiracy theory. If people don’t start doing more to stand against the governments making unjust rules and laws, we will be forced to take the covid 19 vaccine, or we will not be able to travel, work, or at some point (after they whittle the numbers down to a few hundred people per state holding out) you won’t be able to leave your house without getting it. Remember New York fined parents thousands of dollars for having kids, including babies under age one, who didn’t have the MMR vaccine.

This Ohio mom did the right thing by refusing to back down when her freedom was taken away and other people stood by and watched her be taken away. The Republican governor of Ohio supported the police officer arresting her. If you think she should have just gave up her freedom and left, then you might as well roll up your sleeve or accept being being banned from working and traveling as something that you have to do, no big deal, and take it in stride. The go along to get along attitude is only going to work for so long before the government takes more than you are willing to give.

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