Vote for Freedom Candidates

Natural humans who have not taken vaccines are the most discriminated group of people in this country. They are the only group who can be denied a free and appropriate public education. They are denied going to college, and they are often denied employment based on vaccination status. This year when you vote, please vote for candidates who do not support discrimination against people without vaccines.

Donald Rainwater is running for Indiana Governor against current Governor Eric Holcomb. Rainwater has surged in the polls and has a real chance at winning if everyone votes for him instead of listening to the “split the vote” reasoning. Rainwater supports medical freedom. Indiana will not have a covid-19 mandate if he wins. Holcomb is one of a handful of United States governors that China has deemed friendly to Communist China. There’s not a lot of hope that he would refuse a covid-19 vaccine mandate, and he has not responded to any messages. Please vote for freedom!

Also, a quick reminder that public records can be requested via Freedom of Information Act. Here is a link to request information from the Indiana Health Department. People can email and ask about requesting records on mandates, the shutdown, mask wearing, and whatever else you are interesting in learning about. A recent city FOIA request showed that the White House covid response team with Dr. Birx had local government politicians listen on the call providing training on what to do at the local level. Local elections matter more than people know. Please take the time to find out who is on your ballot for city and county councils along with sheriff and judges. Look up their information, reach out to them on the Facebook pages and email, and ask them their beliefs on the shutdown and the mandates. It is important.

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