City Plans to Use Facial Recognition and Heat Sensing Cameras to enforce Social Distancing

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Please read this excerpt from the news article about the plans for the city of Crown Point. The link to the news article is listed below.

“Crown Point media director Adam Graper said the analytical cameras can identify when people aren’t social distancing through a heat map that shows the concentration of individuals, the (Northwest Indiana) Times reported Friday.

Crown Point is waiting on proposals for the project.

Graper said during a Board of Works meeting that the city has reevaluated how it uses technology to interact with the community.

“Since March, we found some weak points on where we are,” he said.

Along with heat maps to identify large groups of people, Graper said the city would be able to put in custom crowd notifications, which would alert officials if there are too many people in a specific area.

The project would include 24 analytical cameras with 4K resolution. They are portable and can be moved to other parts of the city.

Since they can identify the lack of social distancing, produce heat maps and utilize facial recognition for contact tracing, the project should be eligible for reimbursement under federal coronavirus relief funding, Graper said.

Crown Point Mayor David Uran said the cameras are very detailed.

“There’s other applications that are going to be beneficial to the city of Crown Point, but our main focus on this right now is to be able to comply with the COVID pandemic that’s out there; put us in a better situation to be aware of what’s taking place,” he added.”

People can still stop this madness since it’s not been implemented yet. Please contact the Crown Point city council members at their emails and phone numbers.

Sample email and phone message: I oppose the use of facial recognition and heat sensing cameras that the city has proposed to use on us, especially for the use of covid response.

City Council members:




City Council Office Phone number and website to check for sending general emails. Phone: (219) 662-3250;id=36

Lake County Health Department

Unfortunately, after listening in on local virtual city council meetings, it seems as if the majority of city councils don’t care what the citizens want. They only care about following the agenda of covid response. One mayor mentioned following what “AIM” said, and that was that council meetings will be virtual indefinately. He said AIM used to be every 30 days for the recommendations to stay virtual, and now the 30 days has been taken off to be indefinite. If we can all go out and shop and have large gatherings, why can’t a small group of less than 10 city council members have an open, inperson meeting with the public? Currently, we can’t go testify or speak at virtual meetings. The only option is to email a public comment. Since our local councils are not listening, we need to go to a higher authority.

Please also find and contact your state legislators, because once these Communist style tactics roll out, they are coming to your city next, and this is not going away when covid ends. Find your legislator here:
Senate general phone number and they can help you find your senator: (317) 232-9400
House general phone number and they can help you find your representative: (317) 232-9600

This is “Enemy of The State” in real life. For the people who say “you have nothing to worry about if you aren’t doing anything wrong”, well the government changes the rules for “what is wrong” every week. The Ohio mom who was arrested when being hassled for not wearing a mask outside while social distancing wasn’t doing anything wrong…..until she was according to the government. You could be next if you aren’t complying with all their arbitrary rules. What happens when only the non-vaccinated have to wear masks and social distance everywhere and you are surveilled via facial recognition to ensure compliance? The UK is already proposing this method.

Please, please, please take this seriously and TAKE ACTION! Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up to live in such a dystopian world? We need to band together to nip these power grabs in the bud now.

You can also go to this website to send a letter to your member of Congress to ban facial recognition nationwide.

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