South Bend School excluding students with Legal Exemptions

This has been a busy week with so many important meetings that happened on Monday. UPDATE on Crown Point. They had a virtual meeting on Sunday and Monday, and they decided NOT to implement facial recognition for Covid restrictions. That’s a win!

Here’s a new issue. South Bend School corporation school board voted on Monday to disallow students who aren’t full up to date per state standards from attending in person school. Students with medical and religious exemptions will not be allowed to return to in person school with their peers, and they will not receive an equal education being offered to others. The nurse’s statement makes it sound like medical and religious exemptions need to be “corrected” by getting the children up to date. Even with a medical exemption, the school believes the children need to be caught up regardless, and the health department is doing vaccine clinics at the schools. This letter is being sent out to parents at the school district this week.

People want to know what they can do?

Calling to complain to the school needs to happen immediately. Parents with children who are being discriminated against should find an attorney even if it’s just to have a letter sent to the school about this.
The minutes from 10/5 school meeting aren’t available yet, but this guy appears to have given the presentation about the vaccine requirement.

Call him:
Chief Academic Officer
Brandon White

Email the Superintendent

Contact the board. They meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

John Anella (President): 574-383-0048;

Rudy Monterrosa (Secretary):574-855-4235;

Dr. Ruth Warren: 574-855-7645;

Oletha L. Jones: 574-210-8404;

Leslie Ann Wesley (Vice President): 574-532-0563;

Stephanie Ball: 574-339-6193;

Dr. Stuart Greene: 574-855-7371;

Schedule a protest outside the 10/19 board meeting, the corporation’s office, and/or the St Joseph county health department. The health department is likely the driving factor for this. We really need to start protesting outside health departments across the state.

If you’re local to South Bend, at least three of the board members listed above are up for reelection right now and have opponents running against them. Write down their names, and don’t vote for any of them this year. We need to get people like this out of office.

Let’s start here and go forward with more as needed.

The code allows for school exclusions but that is more like if there’s a case of chickpox, the students not up to date or naturally immune to chickenpox can be excluded during the outbreak. But that exclusion has nothing to do with a student not up to date on the MMR vaccine when the outbreak involves chickenpox. Those students without an MMR would not be excluded during a chicken pox outbreak. Additionally, there is no Covid vaccine. How can they exclude students when a vaccine isn’t available for the alleged outbreak?

This begs the question, when the covid vaccine comes out and the Governor keeps the state of emergency declaring a pandemic, will all students with vaccine exemptions from the covid vaccine be excluded from school as long as the “outbreak” is declared? This is something for parents to start thinking about now. Get a back up plan now for your children if this happens when a covid vaccine is approved.

Just another reason why Governor Holcomb needs to be voted out. He recently talked about the possibility of another shutdown due to case numbers. Donald Rainwater is running as a Libertarian for governor. Don’t vote straight ticket for either Democrat or Republican party on the machine, or you can’t vote Rainwater for governor since he’s Libertarian. He wants to end this state of “emergency”and move on with life, and he doesn’t support vaccine mandates.

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