Help the Man who Spoke out against Tyranny

Mike Mattingly at the California statehouse.

These are difficult financial times for many people due to the government imposed shutdowns. Some people are struggling to make ends meet, but if you are able to give a little extra money to donate for Mike Mattingly, it’s greatly appreciated.

Last year California legislators decided to go full on Communist with SB 276. This bill strictly limited medical exemptions from vaccines. Not even seizures caused by vaccines are a medical reason to avoid further vaccination thanks to this bill. The cruelty of California Democrats was unbelievable, since only 5000 children in the entire very large state had medical exemptions.

Mike had the courage to stand up and speak out against the legislators as they were passing SB 276. He was arrested for speaking out against tyranny.

Mike has been to court several times over the past year. Each trip is 300+ miles from his home, and he has to miss work unpaid. He has an upcoming trial this month.

This is the link to his Go Fund Me page. Any money you can give will help him offset the costs incurred by the strong arm of the government coming against him. It’s ridiculous that he is still being taken to court for something this miniscule. It’s likely to make an example of him, especially since he is a man in a fight for freedom mostly dominated by moms.

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