We Need Your Stories

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Are you worried about being forced to take the covid-19 vaccine to keep your job?

We are working on an important project for the upcoming legislative session. Please write a short statement, a paragraph or longer is fine, about what would happen if you lost your job due to declining a forced covid vaccine required by your employer. If your spouse is the sole provider for you family, what would it mean to you if they lost their jobs? If you are a single parent, how would your family be harmed by the loss your means of financial support? Many people have voiced concern about being fired due to declining to take a covid or flu shot over the past few months, but they haven’t moved forward with trying to stop it.

Other states are getting aggressive with adult mandates, and the goal is to have employers require them in order to keep a job. They have deemed cutting off the ability to work as the best way to coerce people into complying.  We need to try to nip this in the bud in Indiana now.

Give us your story about potential financial hardship if you refuse to be coerced under duress to take a covid-19 vaccine. Please send the stories to indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com . The deadline is October 25. This is a time sensitive matter due to lobbying efforts set up shortly after the deadline passes.

There is already a concern that students will be excluded from school if they are exempt from a covid vaccine, but the covid outbreak continues to be officially declared.

We have A LOT of work to do Indiana, and there are only a handful of people doing it at the moment. We need your help. We need your voices. We need your stories. We need you to help stand up for yourself and your family’s human rights. We can’t do it without you. We need at least 100 people to follow through and send us a story. There are 1600 subscribers to this website, and we need you.  If we don’t have enough people who care, we will not be as successful in getting protective legislation written. Legislators need to know this is an important issue that they need to handle, but they won’t know that if only a few people in the entire state step up and speak out.  


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