Donald Rainwater is running under the Libertarian party for Indiana governor. He has a real chance to win. He’s asking for volunteers to call voters for him. There’s a software program so your personal phone number won’t be revealed when calling.

Please sign up to make calls. Just one hour can make a difference.

Since Rainwater is running as a Libertarian, don’t vote straight ticket. If you want to vote for him, you have to pick him for governor as the third party.

Don’t forget to share your story of what would happen if your job requires a covid vaccine in order to stay employed. Your story will be printed, WITHOUT your name and contact information, and shared with some legislators who are deemed friendly to freedom in hopes of getting protective legislation written. Your name and email will be taken off before printing, so these will be anonymous. You may share your general location if you want. We are specifically looking for Fort Wayne area.

Here’s an example letter: “If I am fired due to refusing a covid vaccine, I won’t be able to pay my mortgage or feed my family. My family will need to go on government assistance programs. Please protect me from an employer mandated covid vaccine. “

You can write something short, personal, to the point, heartfelt, long, etc.

We just need people to write something and send it to indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com

Or you can try the contact us form on the website. There were some technical issues with that, but those messages are coming through to be seen now. Behind the scenes, this website is hard to navigate and manage other than blog posts. If anyone knows how to switch to a different website builder without losing subscribers, contact us. I inherited taking over this website. I want one that is more user friendly for people like me who dislike tech, but I don’t want to lose the almost 1700 followers. I wasn’t going to pay to renew the website this year, but with the social media censorship happening, I stuck it out another year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very effective at getting people to take part in action alerts.

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