Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and the Worker Protection Act for Indiana Employees

A lot has happened in the month of October!!!!

1. Indiana has a new non-profit organization that formed to protect your rights for medical freedom. We are working closely with the co-founder, and may at some point merge to make it easier. This website will eventually go away, but you will have ample time to follow/subscribe to the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty website. Take a moment to check out the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty website and Facebook page. They are charging $10 for an annual membership, which is inexpensive when compared to the cost of start up fees to form a non-profit and the cost of the website. A link to the membership page is below.

Indiana for Medical Freedom, Indiana Health Choice Coalition, and Hoosiers for Medical Liberty worked together to press for protective legislation for all working Hoosiers when it comes to employers mandating vaccines. We did a call out for your stories of concerns over the upcoming covid vaccine mandate, because we need to justify to legislators that the people are concerned about this. Thank you to all who participated in sending in your concerns about covid vaccine mandates. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL AT GETTING THE WORKER PROTECTION ACT SENT TO LEGISLATIVE SERVICES TO BE WRITTEN AS A BILL!!!!!! That is really amazing news, but it is an uphill battle from here to actually have the bill get a hearing and get passed. This bill will prevent an employee from having a negative action taken on them by an employer if they decline an employer mandated vaccine. This is important, because the government has been talking about using your job as the carrot on the stick to make you get a flu and/or covid vaccine. Our bill will stop that.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please go the the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty website under the Blog link. At the bottom of the page is a fillable pdf form that you need to download and fill out. This is a petition you need to sign to ask for your legislator to support this bill. If you don’t want to use your name, put your initials. Please fill your Senate and House district number so we know which legislator to send this too. If you don’t know your district numbers, the page has a link where you can find them. THIS IS URGENT AND NEEDS DONE ASAP. We are working hard behind the scenes and have more meetings set up with state house officials. You can send the completed petition back to h4ml@protonmail.com .

3. Indiana University is now offering religious/ethical beliefs and medical exemptions for the flu shot that they decided to require for all staff and students. There have been some Facebook comments by IU staff saying they were told they had to get the flu shot or be fired. IU has been rather quiet about offering the exemptions, but they offering them. It took several weeks after the announcement of the flu vaccine requirement for them to offer exemptions. Here is a link to an IU website that has a link to the log in page for employees to sign in to request an exemption. The exemption form is online. Employees who won’t be on campus between December 1 and March 1 are also exempt.

4. Finally, at this point in time, our little group is the only one in the state of Indiana working to get protective legislation passed. We are lobbying behind the scenes. It is important that people realize that no one else is going to save them. When the South Bend school board voted to exclude children with vaccine exemptions from in person learning, we contacted some of the bigger national organizations. Children’s Health Defense did respond but basically said that it is even worse in other states and to keep fighting the good fight. WE ARE ON OUR OWN, AND WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP TO FIGHT FOR ALL OF OUR RIGHTS. Indiana for Medical Freedom is no longer a non-profit due to lack of participation from others to step up when our board members stepped down. Without at least three board members, we had to dissolve. At this point, our best chance is to combine together and donate to the new Hoosiers for Medical Liberty non profit. We also really need you to complete the pdf petition and send it back to h4ml@protonmail.com It is imperative that everyone realize we all have a personal responsibility to help maintain freedoms for yourselves and your children. We are doing everything we can do, but legislators need to see that their constituents care about medical freedom too. Please set up meetings with your legislators to tell them you don’t want a covid vaccine mandate and you do want a law passed that will protect your job if your employer mandates a vaccine as a condition of employment. You can set up a virtual zoom meetings with your legislator, so you don’t even have to leave your home. SET MEETINGS UP STRAIGHT AWAY!!! We are short on time to save our rights. The vaccine is supposed to come out November 25th. It is the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that is still finishing up the clinical trials and looking to receive emergency use authorization by the FDA for a Nov 25 roll out. If you don’t think your industry would require a vaccine, then look at Scott’s Miracle Gro. They are requiring flu vaccines, and that is a random industry to make that requirement. What if the government gives your employer a tax credit for requiring vaccines? Do you really think your job will give up a big tax break?

YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME TO SAVE YOUR FREEDOM. That is so important to understand. This is an instance where we truly are all in this together!!!

There were some technical issues with the “contact us” part of this website and where those questions were ending up. There are several unanswered questions in the contact us box, and we are sorry for that. Most of the questions revolved around exemptions for school. Bottom line, the law doesn’t state that you must sign the school’s pre-made form if you don’t want to. The law says you need to complete a written form stating you have a religious exemption, date it, and sign it. The code is listed on our website for your review. It is a personal decision up to you on whether or not you choose to sign the school’s exemption form. If you feel like what it says is reasonable, you make the decision for yourself to sign it. If you don’t want to sign it, send in your own written exemption. It is up to you if you want to argue with the school about them trying to make you sign their form. Just know that the law does not mention a requirement that you must sign a school created form. Per Indiana law, if an outbreak happens, then your child could be excluded from school during the duration of the outbreak depending on the decision of the health department. Measles and chickenpox only require one case to be considered an outbreak. Pertussis is not on the list of exclusions, but again the health department has the disgression to make decisions on specific outbreaks. That brings up the point that if a covid emergency continues to be declared at a pandemic level, and a covid vaccine is required for school, it is possible that children with exemptions would be excluded if the school has a positive case. Yes, covid vaccines will eventually be mandated to attend school. There have been several national articles about this trying to prepare parents for this reality and telling them that they have to accept that this will happen. Looking ahead to 2022, it is highly likely that schools will have a covid vaccine mandate. That is why we need everyone to take a stand now to preserve our freedoms. The government overreach and power grabs are about to get even more in your face than they are now. It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to tolerate.

One thought on “Hoosiers for Medical Liberty and the Worker Protection Act for Indiana Employees”

  1. I donated my kidney 17 years ago and put all my trust in God to protect me or call me home to Him when He chooses. I have never taken any vaccines including flu or COVID in my life. I have never had so much as a single symptom of flu in the 22 years I have been saved by my Lord Christ. I know others need medicine and vaccines and that is their choice just as not putting medication or alcohol or meat or a vaccine in my body is my choice and right. My one Kidney has been functional perfectly by not putting things into my body that shouldn’t be there and by prayer, scripture, and trust in God my Master and my Doctor and my advisor at all times. God told me to give my kidney and not fear. God told me not to take a vaccine and not fear. I am going on 42 years old and I follow the law and stay to myself other then continuing to share God’s word and salvation to others by any means and my testimony is key to me doing God’s work. Forcing me to take a vaccine is not of God’s will or Word. Let every Man and Woman choice their own path just as I choose to not eat meat is my path. Forcing me to take medicine I don’t need or want or feel in my soul God wants me to take is like forcing me to eat meat or the flesh of a innocent dead animal that is harmful to my kidney and heart just to obey man and trust man over God. The Bible says never trust man over God. Christ our Lord would never approve of this mandate, or vaccine, due to many reasons but most of all He warned us of a time just like we are in right now and I will never disobey or ignore that message. Praying for those that take the vaccines and those that get the virus and those that don’t. Thank you


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