2018 Measles Outbreak: Our Response

This morning, Indiana For Medical Freedom was contacted by Amanda Mueller from Evansville’s Eyewitness News with the following:

(For privacy reasons we have blocked out personal details)

Here is our response:

CDC states that the majority of cases were in non-vaccinated individuals, but the CDC report does not include the evidence to support that statement. It is unknown if these individuals were partially vaccinated, if the strains that were imported from other countries are even included in the vaccine we offer here in the United States, etc.

We question the severity of each of the cases. If mild, a vaccine was not needed since these individuals acquired safe, natural, lifelong immunity. In those who were fully-vaccinated, their vaccine failed them which has nothing to do with vaccine choice and everything to do with vaccine efficacy.

Since 2010, Merck has been ensnarled in an ongoing Federal Anti-trust lawsuit for lying about the efficacy of the Mumps component of the MMR vaccine. The vaccine has remained on the market during these 8 years.  (http://ahrp.org/former-merck-scientists-sue-merck-alleging-mmr-vaccine-efficacy-fraud/)

There is also a head scientist at CDC blowing the whistle on falsified safety reports during the 2004 MMR Autism study. His name is Dr. William Thompson, he has protected whistleblower status, and he is still employed by CDC now.

Here is a C-SPAN video of U.S. Congressman William Posey, FL imploring Congress for an investigation into CDC in 2015, yet still nothing has been done:

All 100,000 documents turned over by Dr. Thompson can be requested by contacting the office of Congressman Posey. https://posey.house.gov/contact/

In addition, there are 13 CDC whistleblowers, calling themselves CDC SPIDER, who claim CDC can no longer be trusted to act in the best interest of public health. From their letter, “These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our
credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health.”

You can read their letter to CDC Chief of Staff here:

Here is a Huffington Post article discussing their letter: https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/12525012

For the 5th year in a row, members of our group (along with concerned citizens from other states and even other countries) will rally outside CDC headquarters in Atlanta on October 10, 2018 to demand truth and transparency. All are welcome to join.

Finally, just last month, HHS admitted (through a lawsuit over a FOIA request) that they have neglected to file a single vaccine safety report in 32 years, as required of them by Congress in 1986 when liability immunity was granted to all vaccine manufacturers. http://icandecide.org/government/ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

This lawsuit was represented by Robert F Kennedy Jr, who earlier this week made national headlines for his Monsanto Cancer trial victory. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/lawyer-in-monsanto-trial-reacts-to-verdict-1296820291640?v=railb

Since CDC is not transparent with measles case outcomes in the US, we cannot compare the risk of death or permanent injury from a measles infection with the risk of death or permanent injury from the MMR/MMRV vaccines. Parents would like to know this information so they can make a true risk/benefit analysis. All we can find is 1 US measles-related death since 2003 and VAERS data showing 90 US deaths from the MMR/MMRV vaccines during the same time period.


Nothing in medicine is one-size-fits-all and every parent and individual is doing what is safest for their own family. Indiana For Medical Freedom respects the right for each family to weigh their own risks and benefits and to make their own choices for every medical procedure, including vaccination.

Until CDC can be transparent and offer evidence to support the statements they make, this statement (in its entirety) will be our only comment.


Ms. Mueller/Eyewitness News have published their article, which can be viewed here. (Screenshots below) Take notice that only ONE case of measles has been reported in the state of Indiana in the last 7 months and the ISDH admits it is not connected to any outbreak. The media continues to play a part in the fear mongering by including Indiana in a list of 21 states “included in the outbreak” when the truth is, our own Health Department admits the single case has nothing to do with the outbreak. When will fair, unbiased reporting become something We The People can depend on?

***8/16/2018 update:

CDC issued a correction to the public regarding the media who have been proclaiming all over the country that there is a measles outbreak. Evidently the media was a little premature and presumptive on their reporting and in fact there is NO outbreak whatsoever. I wonder how much money MMR manufacturer Merck has made on MMR sales during this false-alarm reporting period?….. 

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