New tee shirt fundraising

Indiana for Medical Freedom is now selling newly designed tee shirts in order to raise money to renew our expiring website and domain name. We started one campaign with Bonfire, but some people were asking for more color options. Once a campaign is started, it cannot be edited to add colors. So we also started a second campaign with more color and style options. The second campaign has a v neck tee option.

Here is the first campaign.

Here is the second campaign link. There are different options on each campaign. The second one has shirts that say #IDONOTCONSENT on the back of the shirt.

We really appreciate your support. We would love to be able to maintain our website. Social media has increased censorship, and Facebook has declared that groups doing the work we do will be censored and eventually removed. It is important that we have the website as an avenue to post action alerts if we get shut down on social media. We have no idea what the legislative session will hold in 2020, and the current Federal state of mind regarding medical freedom is scary.

One thought on “New tee shirt fundraising”

  1. In light of recent events in CA, I feel it’s time to get active and organize. Can you tell me more about your group and what it does?


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