Urgent: We need your help. Please sign to support the Worker Protection Act!!!!

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Together with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, we were successful in getting a bill written to protect your job should vaccines become a requirement to maintain employment. Please click on the link and simply fill in the blank with your name and zip code. It couldn’t be easier. We will collect all forms in support of this new bill to share with legislators. This is urgent, because we must garner support for the bill if there is any chance of it getting a hearing. Link is below:


This bill will allow exemptions for all workers. Please don’t think that your job won’t require the upcoming covid vaccine. If the government starts giving tax credits and other types of rewards to coerce employers, they will mandate vaccines as a job requirement. Look at what happened to hospital employees. After the government starting giving extra funding to hospitals with a certain percentage of vaccinated employees, hospital flu shot mandates started everywhere. Your job could very well be next!

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Also, please contact your state senator and state representative to request a meeting with them. Almost all of them are allowing for virtual meetings, so you don’t have to leave your home!

We can make history together by asking your legislators to support the Worker Protection Act and getting it passed. Find your legislators at this link:


If you have questions about how to contact your legislators, what to say, or how a virtual meeting works, please contact the webpage. Most legislators are also willing to meet you in person if that is what works better for you.

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