Federal Attempts to Remove Exemptions are Here

The time to act is now, if we are to have a future.
Attempted national removal of exemptions is upon us. We all MUST be taking action with our Congressional Representatives to voice opposition to the new Federal bills trying to track us and remove all exemptions except very restrictive medical exemptions through taking away funding from any school that allows exemptions.
1. HR 2862 authored by Rep Schrier (D) of Washington state is the national tracking system and study of how to increase uptake of vaccines bill. It has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
It has bipartisan support of both Democrats and Republicans. This one has a good chance of moving forward to pass since both parties are signing on to it.
2. HR 2527 Vaccinate All Children Act authored by Rep Wilson (D) of Florida is the one that is trying to remove all exemptions except a few allowable medical exemptions. This bill is also in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Health.
This is an egregious bill that is trying to get around the religious freedom problem by not actually removing the religious or personal beliefs exemptions, but removing federal funding from any school that allows those exemptions. It also restricts the medical exemption to one of almost needing to literally die from each individual shot. Vaccine induced seizures need to be long lasting, not short term, before you are allowed to refuse further shots. This bill is supported by only Democrats so far.
It does not currently have bipartisan support, so it might not move as fast, but with this current political climate, DO NOT expect it to go away.
Regardless of your political party views or your disgust of politics, we need you to meet with your legislators and tell them they need to stop with the removal of parental rights and removal of freedom to have religious and personal beliefs exemptions. This will be a NATION-WIDE removal if it passes.
  1. Set up a meeting with your Representative or their legislative aide. This is Federal (Congress) and how to find out who represents you is found at a link below. This is not state level legislators. Congressional Reps have local offices in your district area, and they have an office in Washington DC. Often times, you have to meet with their aide when meeting at the local in-state office, but try to get a meeting with the actual Rep if possible.
  2. Email your Representative to Oppose HR 2862 and HR 2527
  3. Call your Representative to voice  your Opposition to both bills. The main switchboard can connect you to them (202) 224-3121
  4. Tweet or comment on their social media pages that you Oppose both bills. 
  5. Contact the White House for President Trump to voice your Opposition to removing exemptions
You can find your own Rep’s email from the links below. An email does not have to be elaborate. People get so anxious about what to say in an email or phone call. You don’t need to write a novel or tell your life story on the phone if you don’t want to. The people answering the phones are getting paid to answer phones. They are not rude, or at least are rarely rude. They can’t be hateful or they would use their job (a job you and I are funding). When you call, they ask for your name and address to confirm that you are in their district. Then all you have to say is “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862.” Most of them don’t even ask why you oppose. They are just writing down you oppose. Some might ask if you have anything to say about the bill that you want your Congressional Rep to know, and you can speak more or not. For email, it can also be just that simple, “I oppose HR 2527 and HR 2862”, or you can give specific examples of why you oppose too. Please don’t let fear of not knowing what to say deter you from taking action. Your Representative is NOT your ruler. That Rep works for you! We need to remind them of that. 
Here is a link to find your Federal Congressional Rep if you don’t know who represents you.
Here is a link that gives a directory of every Congressional Representative. You can click on the Reps name to open a link to their page. On their page, they will have specific contact details such as email and social media. Tweet to your Rep something as simple as OPPOSE HR 2527 OPPOSE HR 2862.
If you set up a meeting with your Congressional Rep, feel free to contact us at indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com. If scheduling allows, someone with experience may be able to go with you if you want. You are allowed bring other people to your meeting, and they usually ask how many and who are coming with you.  During a meeting it is nice to bring literature/materials to give to your Rep. Tell your specific personal story if you or a loved one who has been injured. Tell them how your life will be affected if this discrimination is allowed and exemptions are removed. Talk about the Constitutional right to religious freedom. There is a new website with religious scriptures to quote at Purismreligion.com, and the  Children of God website gives many reasons why someone would chose an exemption. Also, First Freedoms with Kevin Barry has a good video on why people would use a religious exemption.
As a note, Indiana has Representative Susan Brooks (R) on the Health Subcommittee that both these bills are in. This is big deal since so few states are represented on this subcommittee. The Subcommittee votes on whether to advance bills to the next step or not. This is a great place to try to kill a bill. If Susan Brooks is your Rep, we really, really need you to be setting up a meeting with her or her aide. If you get a meeting with Susan Brooks, please contact us. We may be able to get other people to go with you. 
Please do not sit on this and do nothing.
A quote by a man who is currently undergoing trials and tribulation, “There is unity in the opposition. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.” 

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