The meme below contains a direct quote from White House Coronavirus Team member, Dr. Birx, that she said during a speech in Arkansas. It sounds like satire at first, but it is not. Read her other quotes under the meme and see the article.

According to Dr. Birx the decrease in number of deaths has complicated matters. She means that fewer people dying will cause people to stop following the draconian measures forced upon them, and does not make her happy. She wishes the U.S. had went full lockdown with people only allowed to leave their homes for one hour to buy food once every two weeks.

“Mortality decreases” have also complicated matters, she said.

“When people start to realize that 99% of us are going to be fine, it becomes more and more difficult” to get people to comply, she said.

At a news conference afterward, Birx was asked why America, with all its resources, isn’t leading the world in covid-19 containment.

“I wish that when we went into lockdown, we looked like Italy,” she said. “But when Italy locked down, people weren’t allowed out of their houses and they couldn’t come out but once every two weeks to buy groceries for one hour, and they had to have a certificate that said they were allowed.

“Americans don’t react well to that kind of prohibition,” she said.

After you read the news from Arkansas, take some time and watch the newly released Plandemic 2 documentary at the link listed. You will learn that the CDC filed for a patent in 2003 for coronavirus, and in 2007 the CDC filed to make that patent confidential out of the public eye. You will learn about Event 201 where they ran a coronavirus pandemic scenerio not long before the outbreak. You will also learn a lot of information about Bill Gates including his history of Microsoft and being kicked out of India for harming children with vaccine trials. That information has been scrubbed from the internet, and the interviews are from people who were present when that happened in India. Gates says he is making a 20 times return on his investment on vaccines.

We are FAR from being done with the government mandates. As schools start, there were reports of children with autism being removed from schools due to not being able to wear a mask. At least one incident involved a police officer physically removing a maskless child with autism from the building solely due to not being able to wear a mask. Many schools do not care about medical exemptions or disabilities when enforcing the policy of masking to attend in person schooling.

Dr. Birx said, it will be hard to get people to comply when 99% are fine. Unfortunately, she seems to be wrong about that, because most people are blindly complying. Complying to the point that if we had no emergency, no virus, no sickness, and the governors or mayors decided to tell people what to do, most people would do it without thinking. Officials could tell people to fashion your hair in a mohawk for no reason other than they said so, and we would be seeing a lot of mohawks around. So while Dr. Birx thinks it will be hard to get people to comply when 99% are fine, clearly it is not.

Common sense has been thrown out the window. We are now a society using cops to physically remove children with disabilities from school for not wearing a mask. For those of us who don’t want the poorly tested covid-19 vaccine, we better buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

But maybe not quite as bumpy yet as Australia is getting. South Australia, where there are zero hospitalizations for covid-19 at the moment, is requiring Covid Marshalls to be present at grocery stores, churches, gyms, pools, and other businesses. The trained Marshalls will ensure everyone follows the orders.

Even Dr. Birx is admitting 99% of people will be fine, so what else could this plandemic be used for? Among many other things, it is bringing in a cashless society which is in the process in Australia and being debated in the U.S. What is it going to take to shock people out of their slumber? When we are controlled with cashless society, dissidents such as vaccine refusers can and will be shut off from funds.

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