Zoom meeting Monday Jan 25

Announcing our next meeting with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty!
This Monday January 25th at 6:30 pm.
Register here: https://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/meeting
This meeting will provide you with continuing information on SB74, and how we can move forward with continued success.
Please make sure you save our email address to your “safe list” contact@hoosiersformedicalliberty.com, the invitation will come through email. Sometimes our emails go to spam or promotions.

We also encourage you to submit your stories of discrimination: https://hoosiersformedicalliberty.com/discrimination

If you haven’t been calling the Pensions and Labor committee to tell them to “Pass SB74 AS IS!” you can text the words “as is” to 260-286-0988
Please invite your friends and family, share the petition, and membership. All of which can be found on the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty website. We are growing so quickly and we are so grateful for your help.


This is a fantastic day to call Senators and tell them “PASS SB74 AS IS!!!”
This week the state house is closed, please make the phone calls your priority. The big opposing view is that businesses should have the right to require vaccines if they want. Well vaccines have a side effect of death and the business refuses to accept any liability if you are injured. You are on your own. SB 74 DOES NOT STOP businesses from requiring vaccines, but it does require businesses to allow exemptions for vaccines. It’s a balanced view. Please make that point. Also, legislators make rules for businesses to follow all the time. Can businesses fire someone based on their race? No they can’t, because regulations and laws were put in place to protect people. We just want protections.

Phil Boots 317-234-9054
Fady Qaddoura & Karen Tallian 317-232-9404
Greg Walker & John Crane 317-232-9984
Linda Rogers 317-234-9443
Chip Perfect 317-232-9489
Scott Baldwin 317-232-9533
Blake Doriot 317-232-9808
David Niezgodski 317-232-9491
Dennis Kruse 317-233-0930

You can also copy and paste the following emails to send a burst of emails with your written testimony to all senators on the Pensions and Labor Committee. Be sure to include “PASS SB74 AS IS.”

Senator.Greg.Walker@iga.in.gov, Senator.Baldwin@iga.in.gov, Senator.Boots@iga.in.gov, Senator.Kruse@iga.in.gov, Senator.Rogers@iga.in.gov, s24@iga.in.gov, Senator.Doriot@iga.in.gov, s10@iga.in.gov, s30@iga.in.gov, s4@iga.in.gov
Sb74 will provide protection against job loss and discrimination in the event an employee declines a mandatory vaccine based on religious beliefs or conscience.
Don’t forget to continue to become a member and share our petition!

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