Event Feb 3 10:00 am at the State House

You can read more about the issue at the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty link, but here is a summary.


SB74 is a bill to ensure exemptions to employer required vaccines. It was assigned to the Pensions and Labor Committee and it had a hearing on Wednesday January 13th, where over 60 people showed up to support SB74. We are so proud of the medical freedom community for the way they have continued to let their voices be heard! The following week, the State house was closed the due to concerns over potential protests after the Presidential inauguration. As the Chair of the committe, Senator Boots set the schedule and chose to hear SB361, regarding eyelash extensions instead of SB74. Does he feel eyelash extensions are more important than Hoosier rights? SB74 will impact the workforce and economy far more significantly than eyelash extension specialists. Yesterday Senator Boots informed us that he has unilaterally decided that SB74 is not worth taking a vote on. SB74 is worth it! He along with 3 other members of the committee have signed on as Authors/Co-authors of the bill.  SB74 has a total of 9 senators on the bill and bipartisan support. Senator Boots wants to have his cake and eat it too by refusing to give SB 74 a vote. He is pandering to corporate lobbists and the Chamber of Commerce who oppose the bill. He does not want to go on record voting no for SB 74, so he is letting it die without a vote even though over 60 people showed up to testify in support, thousands of support emails have been sent, and hundreds of phone calls to support have been done.

Senate Pro Tem Rod Bray was quoted at a recent meeting that he put SB 74 in the Pension and Labor committee, because Senator Boots felt strongly about it and passing this bill is the right thing to do.


  1. Call Senator Bray 317-232-9416 and let him know SB 74 needs a vote
  2. Call Senator Boots 317-234-9054 and let him know SB 74 needs a vote
  3. Call YOUR senator and schedule a meeting.  You can find their info at http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/ It will be the first person that results “State Senator”
  4. If you feel so inclined, you may continue to call the senators on Pensions & Labor committee. If you do this please thank Senator Kruse for authoring this bill and standing strong.
  5. If you would like the phone numbers of Senators Boots, Bray and others from the Pensions and Labor on a clickable list please text 260-286-0988 the word: pass

What do you say?

Let them all know you expect SB74 to be heard by the full senate! You might go so far as to say you expect its passage through the Senate.
These might be a few talking points.

  1. When was the last time 60+ people showed up to the Statehouse to SUPPORT a bill?  

                       Answer: Jan 13th, Pensions and Labor Committee for SB74

  1. Why won’t Senator Boots let the vote happen?
  2. Will they support Sb74 “AS IS?”

                     IF YES: Ask them to follow up with Senator Kruse, Boots and Bray.

Also let them know that Republicans in Wisconsin passed two bills through committee that completely prevent employers and the public health department from mandating the covid-19 vaccine. It doesn’t even mention exemptions, because it stops the mandate in the first place.


Statehouse Event on Wednesday February 3rd

We expect to start at 10am. All in attendance are to act with kindness. More information to come! There will be yellow paper with SB 74 written on them so you can recognize people. Press has been contacted. The plan is to have about an hour of speakers inside.

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