Take Action for Your rights on SB 74

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Whether you know it or not, the United States of America is about to create a new segregated class of people. These people are natural humans beings who were born and did not use the pharmaceutical products called vaccines. Currently, children who have not fully taken pharmaceutical products are denied entry to schools and childcare. Adults are denied entry to colleges and some jobs. The condition is going to get much worse for people who want to keep their bodily autonomy with the introduction of covid immunity passports that will have your entire vaccine record uploaded to this digital passport. The QR code passports are planned to be used for entry into buildings, airplanes, and employment based on vaccine status. This is no longer an argument of “what about polio”. This is about every vaccine big pharma decides to mandate such as the HPV vaccine, the flu vaccine, the pneumonia vaccine, the shingles vaccine, and the covid vaccine in order to work, travel, and buy/sell. Moderna is already testing the need for annual covid boosters. If we replace the words “unvaccinated denied entry” with Black, Muslim, Jewish, Hispanic denied entry, most people would find such segregation disgusting and abhorrent. But since the media and government officials have given the green light for discrimination, people without vaccines are the most discriminated people in this country and are soon to be third class citizens disallowed from participating in society.

The following link has recommendations from the Journal of America Medical Association. Once the stickers don’t work, they jump to mandates for school, work, gyms, restaurants, airplanes, etc. SB 74 will at least protect your job while we fight the others. France already tried to ban non vaccinated people from public transportation and the people there often don’t own a car. The French fought that and won for the time being, but we know the agenda.


SB74 will provide protection against job loss and discrimination in the event an employee declines a mandatory vaccine based on religious beliefs or conscience. Don’t forget to continue to become a member and share our petition! Https://www.hoosiersformedicalliberty.com

There are 11 senators, the phone numbers are listed below. For your convenience you can text “AS IS” to 260-286-0988 to get a text with clickable phone numbers. Call them and tell them to vote YES ON SB 74 AS IS.

Phil Boots 317-234-9054
Fady Qaddoura & Karen Tallian 317-232-9404
Greg Walker & John Crane 317-232-9984
Linda Rogers 317-234-9443
Chip Perfect 317-232-9489
Scott Baldwin 317-232-9533
Blake Doriot 317-232-9808
David Niezgodski 317-232-9491
Dennis Kruse 317-233-0930

You can also copy and paste the following emails to send a burst of emails with your written testimony to all senators on the Pensions and Labor Committee. Be sure to include “PASS SB74 AS IS.”

We are already getting reports of IPL employees being threatened regarding getting the covid vaccine. Indiana ABA centers are issuing religious challenges and requiring clergy to sign religious exemption for the covid vaccine. Nursing homes in WI and PA are mandating staff to get the non FDA approved covid vaccine right now despite being experimental. An out of state city mayor has ordered all city staff to get the covid vaccine. Also, several Indiana employers this year started to mandate the flu vaccine even for employees with no public interaction. If you think your job won’t require this, think long and hard. Is your job requiring a mask? It will likely require a vax, because OSHA is saying the work environment must be kept safe.


Finally, a CNA in southern Indiana became medically harmed after taking the Moderna covid vaccine. These vaccines have zero liability and are not eligible for the Vaccine Injury compensation fund since they aren’t approved on the schedule. Shawn is going to do biomedical treatments to try and recover. She is patient zero to find out if a person can be recovered after mRNA technology has harmed them. She is unable to work and is suffering financially. Here is a fundraiser for her. She plans to help support SB 74. You can watch her explain her story on the you tube video before it gets taken down like Facebook did.

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