Updated Action Alerts for SB74

The Indiana Statehouse is closed on January 20. Do not plan to show up that day. SB 74 will not be voted on next week. This bill ensures your right to decline an employer mandated vaccine. That means we have to spend time calling and emailing to support it this week, because the opposition will surely be working hard against your rights and they have more funds to do this.

Have you been denied or harassed at your job for your vaccine exemptions? Please fill out the form as evidence of need for the bill. We can keep your name confidential as needed.

The opposition, including the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, are saying employers outside of healthcare are highly unlikely to require vaccines. That’s not true. We already saw Universities and lawn care companies require the flu vaccine this year. In Georgia, there was bill last year trying to mandate restaurant workers to get vaccines. Mandating vaccines as a condition of employment is big agenda.

From the article link: “

Professor Meyers says employers can challenge workers who refuse a vaccine citing religious objections.

“People who just come in there and say, ‘I have my own religion, and I don’t, and we’re opposed to vaccinations,’ that is never going to work,” he said.

“I think if you were trying to enter a sporting event, a concert, I suspect most of them are going to say no, we’re not taking any exemptions,” Dr. Caplan added.”

This issue is coming to a head with people who decline a vaccine that has a side effect listed of death becoming third class citizens. We are at least trying to save your means of financial support by ensuring employment protection. If you want more protections, you need to get actively involved.

You may copy these article links and share them with the legislators. Workers are already being laid off for refusing during the emergency use authorization.

If you are a business owner and support freedom for bodily autonomy, the link below has sample letters for business owners to use when writing to support the bill.

Don’t stop calling. Send your written testimony in to support exemptions for all employees, please send it ASAP.

Senator Phil Boots:
Legislative Assistant: Sarah Potter
Phone: 317-234-9054

Senator Linda Rogers Email: Senator.Rogers@iga.in.gov
Legislative aide: Cassie Anderson
Phone: 317-234-9443
Email: Cassie.Anderson@iga.in.gov

Senator Greg Walker Phone: 317-232-9984 Email Senator.Greg.Walker@iga.in.gov
Legislative Assistant: Morgan Torres Email: Morgan.Torres@iga.in.gov

Senator Chip Perfect: Legislative Assistant: Michael Conway
Phone: 317-232-9489
Email: Michael.Conway@iga.in.gov

Senator Blake Doriot
Legislative Assistant: Ryan Ritchie
Phone: 317-232-9808

Senatory Fady Qaddoura:Legislative Assistant: Tyler Hempfling Phone: 317-232-9404 | 800-382-9467 Email: s30@iga.in.gov

Yes we are pushing a lot of action alerts, but it’s imperative if you want to pass these worker protections.

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