Freedom Rallies Happening

FREEDOM! - Freedom wallace - quickmeme

Most people know the fate of William Wallace, a Scottish knight who fought to free Scotland when England took over and forced their Scottish King to abdicate. Wallace fought for freedom to the end, but he was up against an insurmountable force.

So are we. Time is running out, but if we join forces and gain enough people to stand up for their rights, we don’t have to suffer the fate of losing our freedoms. We have strength in numbers.

Governor Holcomb attempted to make not wearing a mask a crime with misdemeanor criminal penalties and fines of $1000. Thanks to state legislators, the Attorney General, police departments, and thousands of Hoosiers speaking up against his illegal use of criminal penalties, he had to drop that part from his executive order. If people had done nothing, rest assured there would have been criminal penalities in his executive order. Holcomb was so rattled that the GOP paraded Vice President Mike Pence in for a press conference in Indianapolis last week to help smooth things over. But Holcomb’s government overreach has angered a lot of people and shown an insight into what can happen when those in government are allowed to rule unchecked like the King of England.

Mask mandates are just the beginning. Are you prepared to accept a covid vaccine mandate? What if you job requires it as a condition of employment?

People who believe in freedom of choice to decide whether the take a liability free vaccine or not without being excluded from societal benefits need to get serious about taking actions. This is go time.
Vaccine makers have no liability when their vaccines injure people. When you get a vaccine, your provider makes you sign a form that releases them from liability if a vaccine hurts you or your child. If you don’t sign the form releasing them from liability for vaccine injury, they will NOT administer the vaccine to you. Sounds like the medical providers don’t have a strong belief in vaccine safety!!!

To that end, we all need to take actions to save our freedom. The government officials have been setting up a spiderwebs to trap us for several years. In 2016, the Federal Registry published the CDC rules. This set of rules was opposed by more people than any other set in the Federal Registry, but they still passed them through despite the American people saying no. The rules dictated quarantining and restricting travel for people, forced health checks, and an indefinite amount of time for holding an individual presumed to be sick. At least We The People were able to get them to set a time period of 72 hours for holding a person against their will before a physician assesses them. The CDC had written it as being indefinite before the peoples’ outrage. You can read the final rules here.

That brings us to the RALLIES. These were not sponsored or created by Indiana For Medical Freedom, but here is the information for them. There are probably more, but this is what was found when searching and from invites.

Monday July 27 3-5pm outside the Indiana State House in Indianapolis

Monday July 27 3-5pm outside the Goshen courthouse

I saw a rally planned at the Governor’s mansion on Monday July 27 at 7pm but can’t find a link to that rally anymore. People can search for that one to get information. Not sure if it’s still happening.

Saturday August 8 at 1-8pm outside the Indiana State House in Indianapolis-planning to be at this one

Monday July 27 at 5:30 in Evansville a group is going to stand up to the city council at the Evansville City Council Mask Meeting

Suggestions for signs include simple messages educating people. People who aren’t in the medical freedom movement need to be educated on the dangers involved with this fast tracked vaccine and the slipperly slope of allowing the government, our employers, and our schools to dictate what is injected into our bodies. Do they own our bodies??? Below are a few messages but feel free to come up with your own.
Covid RNA vaccine genetically modifies your DNA
Vaccines contain aborted fetal cells
80% of covid vax test subjects had adverse reactions
No forced covid vaccine
No ID 2020
Arrest Bill Gates
Covid vax made man sickest in his life

If we do nothing, our freedom and our children’s freedom is lost.
This software that is starting to be used in San Francisco gives a glimpse into our future if we stand by and watch our rights erode. Your phone will track your vaccine status to let you enter a store or travel on a plane. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s real and already happening right now.

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