Take Actions after reading some of the “New Normal” Plans. Action list at the end.

A petition for the White House gained 50,000 signatures in two days. This one will likely make it to 100,000 to get a response from the White House

Please watch the video of the Physician warning of the mRNA vaccines. This was posted on facebook but it was easier to link to and view from this website.
Dr Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Specialist claims that theCOVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Trojan Horse To Patent Humans as it will change your DNA https://banned.video/watch?id=5f176746677a7f01e9302af6

Please watch this 10 minute video giving information on what the “New Normal” plan is.

The European Union is planning to use the CoviPass as a passport for allowing travel passed on your health status. .
“Put simply, the user downloads the app to their smartphone device and uploads his/her key information, such as name, address, age. Their identity is then verified using a biometric fingerprint or facial scan. A COVID-19 test is then carried out by an authorised healthcare professional, nurse or medical doctor. The test is geo-fenced to that location ­– using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to set a virtual boundary around a geographical location – and the test results are then scanned from the testing kit into the Covi-Pass Health Passport.”

This type of passport is also being used in Africa as a Trust Pass for vaccination status

San Francisco company is using an app to track employee vaccination status.
“Civic Technologies has partnered with Circle Medical, an affiliate of San Francisco-based hospital UCSF Health, which will use the app so 500 of its employees can prove their health and vaccination status. First, the employees will be tested for COVID-19 at a Circle Medical facility in the San Francisco Bay area—more facilities are also expected to be coming soon”


  1. Attend or organize protests against this over reach
  2. Email and call your state legislators in the senate and the house. Find yours from this link
  3. Email and call your federal senator and congress person. Find your congress representative from this link
    Find your senator contact here. Indiana has two, Mike Braun and Todd Young
  4. Email and call your local school board members and superintendents to tell them you oppose a covid 19 vaccine requirement for students and staff. Your local school will usually have their contact information on the website.
  5. Contact your local state health department via email and calls to tell them you oppose a covid 19 and flu vaccine mandate and you want them to reduce the restrictions. The health departments have been making a lot of decisions regarding restrictions.
  6. Contact Dr. Kristina Box to tell her that you don’t support her restrictions or a covid 19 vaccine mandate.
    State Health Commissioner kbox@isdh.in.gov
    2 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Phone: 317-233-7400
  7. Talk to other people about the covid 19 vaccine and how it has a lot of side effects in the trials, it’s liability free because it can injure people, and it’s experimental. The FDA has allowed it to only be 50% effective to pass.
  8. Contact Mitch Daniels, President of Purdue University, to express opposition to requiring all students and staff to get a flu shot and to oppose a covid 19 vaccine requirement
    president@purdue.edu  765-494-9708
  9. Contact Indiana University’s President Michael McRobbie to oppose a covid 19 vaccine requirement. IU hasn’t required the flu vaccine like Purdue did, but please tell them you also oppose a flu shot requirement for staff and students
    812-855-4613 iupres@iu.edu
  10. Contact the presidents of other universities in the state to oppose the flu and covid vaccine requirements, you will need to look up their contact info
  11. Contact large employers such as Subaru, the meat packing plant, Eli Lily, GM, and others to tell them that you oppose any covid vaccine requirements for employees. This will take some work on your part to find the contact information for the CEOs of various corporations that employ people in Indiana.
  12. Join up with other freedom loving groups that aren’t just focused on medical freedom. We all have similar goals to reduce government over reach in our lives and can gain more support this way.
  13. Here is a letter that a group in West Virginia sent to their legislators. Children’s Health Defense posted this letter. For people who don’t know what to say, use this letter as a template and tweak it.

Your emails and phone calls do not have to be long. Just say you oppose a covid 19 or flu vaccine requirement. If all of us don’t make a loud cry against the coming vaccine requirements, we are about to be unable to fly on a plane, go into a stadium or grocery store, or work in what appears to be the near future.

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