The event link is on Facebook. Over 6000 are interested in attending and 800 planning to go. Event time changed to 4-8pm. Intermittent showers are possible, but of a today not during the evening speeches. Bring an umbrella just in case. Arrive early for parking.

The event organizers, Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana, are selling tickets on a charter bus from Fort Wayne and a bus from Evansville for $30. Enough tickets need to be purchased by August 4. That’s a great price considering you won’t have to pay for parking or fight downtown Indianapolis traffic.

The link to bus tickets is at the bottom of their website page:

The organizers have invited peaceful protestors to attend. This is a rally against government over reach. We the people are done with being pushed around. Facebook may delete the event page, so you might want to follow their website about the protest too in case that happens.

I’m really excited for August 8. There are thousands of people interested in going. Please come with signs with great messages about medical freedom and freedom in general.


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