Action Alert for HB 1169

HB 1169 just passed out of committee and gets a 2nd reading in the House on Monday. It removes intemperance, which means lack of restraint, as a reason to remove a public health officer.

We experienced that many local health officers were intemperate the past two years. We can’t let them remove that term. The health department officials will just get worse and stricter if this happens.

Go to the Indiana General Assembly website to find your legislators. Get their phone number and call over the weekend to leave a message and send them and email telling them to oppose removing intemperance. Vote NO or amend HB 1169 to put intemperance back in. We don’t want more out of control public health officers.

On Monday, call the House 317-232-9600 tell them to add intemperance back in as a reason to remove a public health officer for HB 1169 or vote NO.

We are tired of having of the restrictions and intemperance the Indiana general assembly and local health departments have already shown the

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