Action Alert Oppose HB 1003

Action Alert: This is a list of sponsors and authors of HB 1003

HB 1003 passed the full house. They are moving this bill as fast as they can to avoid opposition. This allows ongoing temp licenses for students with an end date of when the Federal government ends the emergency, reduces actual clinic hours for students and replaces with simulation, and makes the process to bring in foreign trained nurses easier than bringing in out of state nurses. It says “shall” issue a license to foreign nurses by endorsement, and current law for out of state nurses says “may” issue a license by endorsement.

Call all of these legislators and tell them to AMEND OUT ALL THE FOREIGN NURSES SECTIONS. We already have a system in place for foreign nurses to come here. Nothing against foreign workers, but we don’t need to make it easier to bring them in to replace unvaccinated Indiana nurses.

Ed Charbonneau- head of the public health committee 317-232-9494

Mark Messmer-majority leader of the Senate floor 317-232-9840

Justin Busch 317-232-9488

Ethan Manning-author of 1003 317-232-9619

Brad Barrett-coauthor 317-234-2993

J Michael Davisson-co author 317-232-9619

Next call your Senator and tell them to oppose HB 1003 all together. The only acceptable portion of the bill is allowing healthcare programs to increase class sizes. Everything else is not needed and not good for patient safety.


They will transfer you to your Senator.

Technically they are already addressing the temp licenses in part of HB 1001 the exemption bill.
So HB 1003 is unnecessary.

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