HB 1032 is being heard Monday 1/24/22 at 8:30. That Monday is a busy morning for bills.

While people are being forced to take unsafe and ineffective covid vaccines to keep a job or attend venues, the GOP has not done anything to protect us yet. However, they are prioritizing decriminalizing donating blood with HIV and knowingly transmitting HIV to others without any repercussions.

HB 1032 needs 7 members to vote yes to pass committee. There are already 5 guaranteed yes votes, all the Dems and Republican Cindy Ziemke.

Call these committee members, especially the first two because Wendy is the chair of the Courts and Criminal Code committee.

Wendy McNamara Phone: 317-232-9816 Email:

Donna Schaibley Phone: 317-232-9753 Email:

Chris Jeter Phone: 317-232-9850 Email:

John Young Phone: 317-232-9648 Email:

Sharon Negele Phone: 317-232-9816 Email:

Michael Alylesworth Phone: 317-234-9447 Email:

Stephen Bartels Phone: 317-232-9863 Email:

Greg Steuerwald Phone: 317-234-3827 Email:

Example of talking points:
Current law is still making it a felony to knowingly give someone any form of Hepatitis or TB. Many forms of Hepatitis cause mild infection that goes away over time. HIV never goes away. It eventually causes death unless the person takes pharmaceuticals drugs for life. It makes no sense to continue to criminalize spreading Hepatitis or TB, but to remove HIV from the list.

Currently, IN is forcing people with covid to be quarantined if positive. Covid has a very high survival rate, and it goes away over time. HIV stays with a person for life. Restrictions for covid infections will actually be harsher than passing HIV to others if this passes.

As a covid survivor, I am not happy with IN allowing transmission of HIV while forcing me to be confined to my home under threat of being arrested if I declined self quarantine while positive for covid-19.

Either decriminalize all infectious disease transmissions or leave HIV on the list. How would you feel if your partner didn’t tell you they were HIV positive and transmitted HIV to you? You then have the option to waste away and die from AIDS caused by HIV or take drugs for the rest of your life being dependent on medical insurance to cover the drugs, worry about the side effects and drug interactions, and struggle to find new partners that are HIV negative. That’s life changing and all because some partner wasn’t afraid of any repercussions from knowingly giving you HIV!

I understand that stigmatizing people with a disease can be problematic, but I bring your attention to the fact that the law criminalizing the spread of Hepatitis and TB remains.

(Those are just a mix of ideas to bring up). People with HIV can live full lives on medication, but that doesn’t mean they should knowingly and secretly spread the disease to others. It doesn’t make sense to have any diseases on the criminal list if HIV is going to be removed from it.


For anyone that is available to be at the statehouse on Monday, here is a list of bills that might be of interest:

Monday at 8:30 in the House education committee. HB 1041 protects women’s sports. This is going to be Amend and Vote only, no testimony.

HB 1190 is about free speech at state educational institutions and is being heard in the House Education committee at 8:30 with testimony. SUPPORT

HB 1032 is being heard for testimony at 8:30 in the Courts and Criminal Code committee. OPPOSE or amend

Bills on Second Reading that could be amended on Monday in the House are:

HB 1107– protects parents from being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements in due process by the school- SUPPORT as long as that part stays in the bill

HB 1134-education matters, gives parents more information about school cirriculum-Support

HB 1158-public health bill that is not good-OPPOSE

HB 1169– They are removing the term intemperance as a reason to remove a local public health officer from office (fire them), this means that the health officers who shut down counties can be even stricter and harsher with their unreasonable restrictions with no way to remove them to being too harsh-OPPOSE-Unless they add intemperance back as a reason for removing a public health official.

We are also opposing HB 1003 that was referred to the Senate. We are closely watching HB 1001, the exemption bill, which was also referred to the Senate. SB 3 puts some the state of emergency into law has passed the Senate and was referred to the House. SB 3 is not going to be stopped. There was a previous post about it in relation to HB 1001.

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