People sign a petition to imprison those who don’t take the covid vaccine.

Should you go to prison for not getting the covid vaccine? Apparently many people walking on the street in San Diego think you should be arrested and sent to prison. You tuber Mark Dice stood on the street asking strangers to sign his petition to force people to take the covid vaccine or arrest and imprison them. Sadly, many people agreed and wanted this to happen. They didn’t realize it was a joke.

We are being too nice and polite while our rights are being stripped. There are a lot of people who want anyone that doesn’t take the covid vaccines to be locked up and stripped of their rights. If you are put in prison, you lose your kids. These people literally want to take your children away. These people should be viewed no differently than the Jews viewed the Nazis. They are dangerous and would support our murder if given the chance. Watching the Nazis signing the form trying to imprison us should be a wake up call.

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