French Police patrol outdoor cafes checking for vaccine papers.

This video is reminiscent of the SS Nazis checking people’s paper. French diners are hassled by police demanding they produce proof of vaccination papers to sit outside at a cafe. France is also denying non emergency hospital care to those who can’t prove they had the covid vaccine. They are starting to do away with using a negative covid test for entry and requiring the covid vaccine.

Just complying to get the covid vaccine this time is only going to make matters worse. There are already boosters being prepared and those might be required every six months. Once they get you, they don’t stop forcing you to be their slave.

Welcome to dystopian hell brought on with repeatedly complying with two weeks to flatten the curve.

Meanwhile here in America, we have a bill in Congress proposing to ban those who haven’t taken the covid vaccine from flying domestic and international while simultaneously trying to pass a bill that will lead to being charged per mile of driving . They really want to limit our freedom of movement.

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