West Lafayette mayor calls people A$$holes for not taking the Covid vaccines. Please let him know what you think about that

Republican mayor Dennis showed how low class he truly is by name calling anyone who doesn’t take the dangerous covid vaccines. Mayor Dennis doesn’t seem to have Republican values yet remains in the party somehow. Last year he imposed some of the strictest mandates in the state and lost in court due to his actions being unconstitutional regarding the fines. Instead of apologizing, he went full force and got an ordinance passed with a fine. He also called for people to shame those who don’t follow covid restrictions and who don’t get the covid vaccine. He supported a covid vaccine mandate for all city employees and it was tabled by an amendment from a city council member to suggest recommending it versus mandating it. But this week, Dennis said, he’s considering a vaccine mandate for city employees. He’s still trying.

Please contact his office to complain.



Despite even the Democrats trying to ban facial recognition in West Lafayette, Republican Mayor Dennis said he will veto the ban. Who is this horrible guy? The answer is definitely not a person who believes in the constitution or freedom.

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