Lawsuit Against IU has a Hearing July 13

Please donate to fund the lawsuit against Indiana University. This lawsuit handles several issues including exemptions for mask mandates, medical exemptions for vaccines (IU has been limiting medical exemptions even with a physician order for one), violation of the vaccine passport ban in Indiana, and mandating the covid vaccine including under emergency use. Even if an attorney donates all his time, court costs such as expert witness testimony are very expensive. We cannot sit back while others fight for us. This whole scamdemic is going to get worse than it already is, the tyranny is not over by any means. This is likely just the eye of the storm. Let’s try and fight back in the courts, despite how corrupt many of them are.

Did you know that many other major countries, such as Australia and France, are starting to lock down again? An Australia news reporter actually announced on TV that “today is the first day of the New World Order, only one person per household is allowed to shop, only 2 people can be in a group”. Australia’s Health Minister announced that the New World Order is here to stay. People are only allowed to go shopping for essential items like food within a short distance from home. Videos have shown police beating people breaking the lockdown rules. The United Kingdom is also talking about a fourth wave coming. Is this foreshadowing a United States lockdown this fall? Have you noticed the signs put up on businesses that state unvaccinated people are required to wear a mask? As of now, they are not separating people out, but once another “big covid wave” happens, that’s when the vaccine passport will be rolled out to separate us out. Do you think that can’t happen? Look at France. President Macron declared a few months ago that the covid vaccine would not be mandatory and there would be NO vaccine passports. Fast forward to this week, and he was proven to have been lying about that. France and the United Kingdom, which also promised there would be no vaccine passport to enter a pub, have both declared that heath certificates/vaccine passports will be required starting this July 21 into August. People who don’t have the vaccine will have to pay out of pocket for covid testing just to enter a pub. France has also mandated all healthcare workers to be vaccinated or be fired. UK is working on the same national mandate.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros, stated “let me be clear, we will not be returning to the old normal”. The world leaders have ZERO intent on ever allowing the people to go on with their lives with freedom. All the people telling us to “just wear the mask, it’s only 2 weeks, it’s only 30 days, it’s only a mask”, have no clue about what is really happening in the scheme of the world. The elite world rulers have stair stepped the world into allowing freedoms to be taken forever by using short increments of totalitarianism.

Door to door knockers are gearing up to be coming to your door. Lake county Illinois has laid out a plan in documents to volunteer health ambassadors to call property managers and ask to enter to senior living centers and apartment buildings. Those volunteers will be carrying a speadsheet that lists the address, apartment number, whether the person says yes they got the vaccine, whether the person says No they have not got it, and whether those who say no want to get it or not. When the Gestopo and SS officers were going door to door looking for Jewish people, do you think it would be smart to tell them you are Jewish when they ask, knowing it will lead you to a gas chamber? When these vaccine data collectors come to your home, you have to option to say Yes or No regarding if you took the covid vaccine. Do as you see fit to save yourself and family.

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