Shockingly HB 1001 for Employee Exemptions is getting a Hearing on 2/16/22

Much to my surprise, HB 1001 is being heard Wednesday morning in the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee. The hearing starts at 9:00 am. There are a few bills being heard, and I don’t know if they will call HB 1001 first or last in order.

If you support this bill, please attend the hearing Wednesday morning in room 431 at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. I have already done other write ups to explain what this bill does and does not do. Please refer back to previous blog posts to learn more about the bill, and/or read it for yourself.

If you can’t make it to the Statehouse, and want to support the bill, here are the phone numbers for committee members. You can watch the livesteam at the link below:

Ed Charbonneau

Justin Busch

Vaneta Becker district 50

Kevin Boehnlein – District 46


Liz Brown

Michael Crider-District 28


Stacey Donato-District 18


Jean Leising-District 42


Ryan Mishler-District 9


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