HB 1134 Education

Is this the type of “education” Senator Rod Bray thinks is okay for public schools to teach?

He is blocking a hearing and vote on HB 1134 to make teachers post this type of curriculum for parents to see BEFORE their children are exposed to it.

Call Bray and tell him he needs to at least allow a vote on the bill so we can see a voting record.

Call Senator Raatz of the Education committee, and tell him to have a hearing and vote on the bill. We want a voting record.



You can leave a message over the weekend too

The Connecticut school is saying this assignment document was “accidentally” posted and “accidentally” used as an actual assignment in class for 8th grade students health class. It’s truly unbelievable that a teacher decided that this assignment was fine and used it.

IF this was actually posted as part of the curriculum by mistake, it’s major poor judgement that the teacher read it and used it. I don’t think it was a mistake. It’s possible the creepy teacher enjoyed reading about student desires.


The Senate Republicans are killing HB 1001 to allow for guaranteed employee exemptions.

After the OSHA mandate was placed on temporary injunction by the Supreme Court, the majority of people no longer seem to care about getting exemptions.

Things for mandates with our jobs could change at any time. We really need guaranteed exemptions in state law. There are many jobs that are still mandating.

Some people have been led to believe the only way forward is to ban all mandates or do nothing. Indiana will never ban all vaccine mandates. We are a pharma controlled state. It will never happen. Move to a state that doesn’t have Eli Lilly, Rouche, IU Health, Cook, Boston Scientific, etc if you want to truly fight for a mandate ban.

Due to a lack of support, we are not going to get a guaranteed exemption bill passed to save the people put on unpaid leave when they ask for an exemption. Hb1001 would have ensured healthcare workers had exemptions approved without having to get an attorney.

Thanks to medical freedom activists going to oppose HB 1001 at the hearing, there’s a record of strong opposition from the people which was mentioned against the bill.

The state took the parts of HB 1001 that people opposed, and is passing the emergency measures into law with SB 3, and they’re getting the temp licenses for healthcare workers passed with HB1003. The state gets what they want without giving exemptions to the people. I tried to tell people that was going to happen.

It’s regrettable that people opposed HB 1001. If it doesn’t get a hearing and vote by 2/23/2022, the bill will be dead.

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