Indiana Legislators Filed an Official Exemptions Bill, They excluded Prospective Employees-leaving those who interview for jobs with mandates possibly unhirable

Take immediate action as they may pass this bill before January. Call these legislators, Rep Lehman is the bill author. Then call your legislators. Then use the provided 100 emails for all House reps and send the message listed. We need them to create amendments to the bill.

Majority leader Rep Lehman
Phone: 317-234-9380

Senator Bray

Rep Todd Huston
Phone: 317-232-9677

Rep VanNatter
Phone: 317-232-9405

Also call and email your own legislators

317-232-9400 Senate

317-232-9600 House

Here is an example to copy and paste in an email. There is an email list for all 100 House Representatives below. Please copy and paste all 100 to the BCC portion to send all at once. Make sure to BCC it.

Send this and use it as a script when calling:

HB 1001 has some problems with it. You did not include employees of government entities, you did not include prospective employees, and you did not include students at clinical sites. 

Excluding prospective employees and employees of government entities from this bill leaves people open to be denied employment when they have a medical or religious exemption to the covid vaccines. You need to do an amendment to add them in. 

  1. Employees of government entities deserve the same exemption rights as others since many government entities, especially public schools, will likely have an employee mandate. The vaccine passport ban alone is not enough protection. If government entities mandate the vaccine, they can work around the passport ban by simply verbally asking vaccine status. They aren’t required to offer exemptions in your current language. Other Indiana laws do include government entities in the definition of an employer, such as in the device implantation ban law. Please delete what is currently line 1 on page 4, section 3 that excludes government entities as employers.

2. Prospective employees need to be added to the bill for exemption protections. Otherwise, it will be impossible for those with medical contraindications and religious beliefs to get hired by an employer who mandates vaccines. Other laws in Indiana already work to protect prospective employees, and this one needs to do the same.

3. Student interns doing their clinical work, apprentices, and others within the realm of needing to complete an on the job experience to graduate from their educational program need to be included in having exemptions.

This is the link to HB1001. Over half the House Reps have signed on it. This will pass in some form. Our job is to get the best amendments we can.

Using a laptop, I got all the emails to work. They didn’t work when I copied using my mobile. Try copying a few at a time and correct errors manually. Thank you for your efforts on sending the emails for this important issue., ,,, , , ,, , ,, ,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,

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