Call/leave a message and Email Now to Have your Voice Heard for the Mandates

Legislators had a hearing on 11/23 to discuss draft language for a bill that includes exemptions for employees. They are finalizing the language now. We have to tell them what we want in this bill, because there are many problems with the current draft. It is moving fast, this is a call for immediate action.

They are changing the definition of who is involved in the vaccine passport ban. Based on that, they excluded public employees such as state police, school staff, firefighters, university staff, etc from the exemptions.

We need all hands on desk. Here is an example script that you may cut and paste to an email and use when calling their offices.

Please call and leave a message, then email these specific legislators. Then call and email your own two legislators.

What to say/email:

1. I support employee exemptions. As you make the final language on the draft, I am asking you to include employees of government entities.

Employees of government entities deserve the same exemption rights as others since many government entities, especially public schools, will have an employee mandate. The vaccine passport ban alone is not enough protection. If government entities mandate the vaccine, they can work around the passport ban by simply verbally asking vaccine status. They aren’t required to offer exemptions in your draft language. Other Indiana laws do include government entities in the definition of an employer, such as in the microchip ban law. Please delete what is currently line 1 on page 4, section 3 that excludes government entities as employers.

2. Prospective employees need to be added to the bill for exemption protections. Otherwise, it will be impossible for those with medical contraindications and religious beliefs to get hired by an employer who mandates vaccines. Other laws in Indiana already work to protect prospective employees, and this one needs to do the same.

3. Student interns doing their clinical work, apprentices, and others within the realm of needing to complete an on the job experience to graduate from their educational program need to be included in having exemptions.

4. I am asking that you keep the language currently on page 5, section 7 that says the employer must allow the employee to opt out with the exemption without further inquiry. That part must remain in the bill, or it will return to exemptions being denied like they are currently being denied now.

5. Regarding testing. The wording needs changed. Current language appears to require an employer to test those with an exemption. Not all employers who mandate want to be required to do testing for staff. They should not be required to test. If an employer wants to require testing, then they should have to be financially responsible for the expense. It should say “if” an employer mandates a vaccine, testing for covid shall not be more than weekly and the employee is not responsible for the expense.

6. Regarding an employer taking a negative action against an employee with an exemption, that should include stopping an employer from treating staff with exemptions differently such as charging more for benefits, separating staff by vaccination status, making staff with exemptions wear identification that those without exemptions are not required to wear, etc. All employees need to be treated equally.

Majority leader Rep Lehman
Phone: 317-234-9380

Senator Bray

Rep Todd Huston
Phone: 317-232-9677

Rep Leonard
Phone: 317-232-9802

Also call and email your own legislators

317-232-9400 Senate

317-232-9600 House

Find your state rep and senator at this link

Call and email this week, and every week in December. Demand they make the bill include ALL employees (don’t let them tell you the passport ban protects the others….look at IU mandates, it didn’t stop them). It should also include interns, students on clinicals, and volunteers.

We want the red part removed.

This is current law in the device implantation ban. We need to follow current law to include prospective employees and government entities as employers.

We have to keep this language in blue in the bill to ensure exemptions are not denied.

If you want to read their current draft language, you can download a copy at the website They Work 4 Us

I would love to get an exemption for testing, but I don’t see winning that fight. You are free to ask for that when you make your contact.

I would love to have vaccination status added as a protected class for discrimination. Other groups are working on that. If you want to ask for that, please do. But I think it’s important that we use their current draft language to make our requests as I believe they are going to use that framework. We need to get as much protection as we can written in their bill. They’re unlikely to scrap the draft bill they’re working on and already issued to the public, so it’s my opinion that we need to use its framework for our requests. I’d love to see the flu vaccine added to this since it only includes the covid vaccine. If people want to ask for that go ahead.

If you have more requests, please make them as you contact the legislators.

I do the best I can with a system of corruption that has been allowed to run wild due to lack of action from uninvolved we the people as a whole.

In 2019, an estimated 19,000 school staff showed up inside and outside the statehouse to make their voices heard about getting a raise and making education improvements. We are at the most pivotal point in history when it comes to taking away our freedoms forever, and the people continue to be inactive. We are one of the last countries that haven’t implemented a vaccine passport for entry.

If teachers can show up enmasse to raise their pay, surely people can take the time to fight for the freedom from being injected probably twice a year for the REST OF THEIR LIVES in exchange for having basic rights .


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