Did IU Over Play their hand or what when they denied religious exemptions?!

Indiana University recently issued what appears to possibly be automatic denials of religious exemptions based on review of records showing a history of previous vaccination. When appealing, those exemptions were later approved. Due to the amount of people up in arms against IU’s over reach, they have changed the statement on their website to say that religion exemptions will be per state law. The university plans to release the details of their “extremely limited” coronavirus vaccine exemption policy on June 15. The people are having a protest rally on June 10 at 1pm at the Bloomington campus outside of the IMU building. Here is a Facebook link to the event page. IU isn’t the only university over reaching, but they are the biggest and stopping them can help the others.

The other issue is the Indiana For Medical Freedom website where these emails are sent from. At this time only one person runs the website. I had planned to discontinue it when it expires in June. However, with the recent mandates, a lot more people are coming to the website to get the exemption forms and read the code.

Here is a picture of the analytics showing the massive increase in viewers for the month of May. There were almost 4000 views this month.

If anyone is interested in donating to continue the Indiana for Medical Freedom website, please send an email to indiana4medicalfreedom@gmail.com and we can figure out a way to send funds. I paid out of pocket for it last year, but this year is a little more of a struggle. It costs somewhere around $130 for the website and domain names. Any donations are appreciated.

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