Indiana Attorney General makes the Right Decision

Attorney General Todd Rokita made an opinion that IU is breaking the law with their mandate for proof of receiving the covid vaccines.
“Indiana University’s policy clearly runs afoul of state law — and the fundamental liberties and freedoms this legislation was designed to protect,” Rokita said.

The new law states that “the state or a local unit may not issue or require an immunization passport.”

He is being attacked on a national basis for his stand with freedom. We need to stand with him and support him to stand firm on that opinion. We have already seen OSHA back track their stance on making employers who mandate a vaccine as a condition of employment required to report those as covered work injuries if staff are injured. Due to pressure from the mainstream mob and big pharma dollars, OSHA retracted their stance and will not be enforcing that rule which leaves staff on their own if they are injured and opens the door for coercion “take the vax or get the axe and be left with no means to support yourself or family” for your job. We can’t let the same thing happen to our Attorney General.

Please call and email the Attorney General’s office to thank him for making the right decision, tell him to stand strong, tell him not to reverse his decision to appease the mob rule, and let him know why freedom is important to you. You can bet he is taking heat from all over, let’s show them that Hoosiers stand with him.

Office of the Indiana Attorney General
Phone: (317) 232-6201
Email form:

On the other hand, Senator Rod Bray needs calls of disapproval for going against the Attorney General’s opinion.

Senator Bray
Phone: 800-382-9467
or 317-232-9400

I was in a meeting with Senator Bray, and he told us that he had talked to employers and they weren’t going to mandate the covid vaccine, so he didn’t see the need for a bill to make a state law that ensured exemptions for all. I told him that it’s naive to think employers aren’t going to mandate it. Senator Boots and leadership worked to kill SB 74 for employee exemptions to mandates. IU sent an attorney that works at their school, Ross Silverman who is now giving interviews to the news to support IU, to oppose the bill for employees to have religious exemptions. Now we are seeing the mandates crop up even under emergency use authorization which is still experimental. They are mandating this even sooner than I expected.
Please contact Senator Bray to tell him that you disagree with his stance approving the IU mandates and going against the Attorney General’s opinion and against freedom . You expect him to stand up for Hoosiers and stand with our Attorney General. Bray had little to nothing to do with the amendment for the covid vaccine passport ban. Neither did Rep Chris Campbell D, who likely doesn’t support it, but she is quoted on the news as being a co-author on the bill who understands that the amendment didn’t include state units such as state universities. She had nothing to do with the amendment. The Republicans didn’t even want to vote on the amendment to ban the covid vaccine passports. They did so begrudgingly, because the people were so angry and that was their breadcrumb to throw. Those Republicans pander to IU, PU, the Chamber of Commerce, Eli Lily, etc…..but they work for us. Let’s remind them in the primaries. If you are interested in running in a primary against these anti-freedom legislators, please do and let us know.

The other legislator to contact is Rep Heath VanNatter.
Legislative Assistant: Elias Arnett
Phone: 317-232-9643 | 1-800-382-9841

Ask him why he killed HB 1488 which banned mandates for vaccines under emergency use but now wants do nothing Holcomb to ban mandates under emergency use.

HB 1488 “Vaccination exemptions. Prohibits an employer from requiring, as a condition of employment, an employee or prospective employee to receive an immunization that: (1) has been approved for emergency use; and (2) lacks full approval from the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prohibits an employer from: (1) inquiring into; or (2) otherwise requiring an employee or prospective employee to disclose; the reason for refusing an immunization that: (A) has been approved for emergency use; and (B) lacks full approval from the FDA. Allows for a civil cause of action against an employer for specified violations.”
Rep VanNatter refused to give the bill a hearing. We set up a meeting with him, but he did not show up. He wasted our time, because we waited for him. He did not have the respect to cancel.

He signed on the letter with 18 other Republicans asking Gov Holcomb to make an executive order banning vaccine mandates under emergency use authorization. According to people who got a response from his office, Holcomb is supportive of IU’s mandate and is not going to step in. Is anyone surprized about that?! Come on. VanNatter is on the contact list, because he is chair of the employment committee in the House. He chose to kill a bill in his committee that would have banned mandating vaccines under emergency use. Now he is asking the Governor to do exactly what he chose not to do a few months ago. He doesn’t support freedom or he would have heard HB 1488. Are these legislators just pretending to care and fight right now, because they know the Governor won’t do anything? Do they want to look like freedom fighters to the majority of people who don’t know what does on during legislator session? All the while doing everything they can to kill bills that support medical freedom when they have the opportunity to pass them.

Lastly, please contact Rep Todd Huston and tell him to stand with the Attorney General. Tell him you are against covid vaccine mandates.
Contact Information
Legislative Assistant: Brittany Jenkins
Phone: 317-232-9677 | 1-800-382-9841

And as always, contact your own Senator and Representative to tell them to stand for medical liberty and to side with the Attorney General.

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