Are you a Business Owner/Employer?

January 13, we attending a hearing at the State House in support of SB 74, a bill that requires employers who mandate vaccines to allow exemptions for employees. We initially had good support for this bill with enough votes to pass it today. HOWEVER, opposition showed up in the form of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Immunization Coalition, an IUPUI law and public health professor, and EskeNAZI Health. The bill will be held until January 20 when it will be voted on. Around 70 people showed up to testify in support today, and testimony was cut off after 1.5 hours.

Senator Chip Perfect said that this is a MANDATE on businesses, and he does not think we should support if we do not believe in mandates.

But this bill is NOT a mandate on businesses. It continues to allow employers to mandate vaccines, but it stops them from discriminating against employees who decline. The opposition wants the rights of conscience and civil penalties for employer violations removed from the bill. They also want the bill to only pertain to the covid vaccine and nothing else.

We do not give up now. Several other states have introduced bills with even more freedom than this one.

If you are a business owner, please send an email to the committee members stating that you do not believe this bill takes away your rights as an employer.

The representative from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce told me that it is NOT okay to disallow employers from mandating vaccines, but it IS okay for employers to mandate vaccines because they have to maintain a safe work environment. Coincidentally, he also testified on the covid immunity bill that gives businesses full immunity from transmission of the virus. He disagreed that immunity from transmission would have anything to do with allowing people without vaccines to work who spread it. As he angrily walked away he yelled out to our crowd, “I’ll mandate what I want.”

Bottom line, we need business owners to call and email the committee members ASAP if you support this bill.
If you are not a business owner but support the bill, call and email your support and demand the bill stand as is written.

Senator John Crane:
Legislative Assistant: Morgan Torres
Phone: 317-232-9984

Senator Phil Boots:
Legislative Assistant: Sarah Potter
Phone: 317-234-9054

Senator Linda Rogers Email:
Legislative aide: Cassie Anderson
Phone: 317-234-9443

Senator Greg Walker Phone: 317-232-9984 Email
Legislative Assistant: Morgan Torres Email:

Senator Chip Perfect: Legislative Assistant: Michael Conway
Phone: 317-232-9489

Senator Blake Doriot
Legislative Assistant: Ryan Ritchie
Phone: 317-232-9808

Senator Karen Tallian:Legislative Assistant: Tyler Hempfling Phone: 317-232-9404 | 800-382-9467 Email:

Senatory Fady Qaddoura:Legislative Assistant: Tyler Hempfling Phone: 317-232-9404 | 800-382-9467 Email:

Senator David Niezgodski:Legislative Assistant: Shaneé Francher-Donald Phone: 317-232-9491 | 800-382-9467 Email:

Here are some concerning videos of women claiming that symptoms came on after the mRNA vaccines. One with Pfizer and the southern Indiana woman with Moderna. Facebook has been censoring these videos and deleted one of them today. Watch them fast, because they likely will not be up very long. We have to maintain our freedom to choose, because the medical providers and the media are NOT helping the people who are being injured. Take action so that you do not have to be next in order to keep your job. These woman are not able to work anymore due to the injuries.

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