***ACTION ALERT for 1/15/18: NO on HB 1058 Forced Flu and Flu Vaccine Info on The SICK and ELDERLY

HB1058 Graphic

Updated: 1/15/18 12:50 pm

We were incorrect about the intended audience of HB 1058. The digest of the bill states “public housing assistance”, but the Fiscal Report indicates this law would target “residential care facilities”, meaning the sick and the elderly, which is WORSE! We’ve updated the letter included in this action alert. If you’ve already sent your emails, you can either re-send and let them have it, for targeting this susceptible population, or leave it as it is.

HB1058 Fiscal image.png

Calling All Concerned Citizens!

Please Take ACTION Today!

Tomorrow, January 16, 2018 at 1:30 pm our Indiana House of Representatives will be voting on HB 1058. This bill will provide FREE advertising for the Pharmaceutical Industry for Flu Vaccines for Indiana residents that are receiving housing assistance (Section 8).

Indiana For Medical Freedom opposes this bill for the following reasons:

  • This is State sanctioned FREE advertising for vaccine manufacturers, for a FOR PROFIT, LIABILITY FREE product.
  • The Flu Vaccine has the worst efficacy rate ( 10% Effective) of ALL vaccines available.
  • The Flu Vaccine is the MOST dangerous vaccine, responsible for more that HALF of all claims and compensation in Federal Vaccine “Court” for injury and death.
  • It is an unnecessary law. Flu and Flu vaccine information has totally saturated our grocery store parking lots, pharmacies, clinics, TV commercials and media outlets.
  • In NO WAY should our Indiana General Assembly seek to target a susceptible population. NO ONE should EVER receive a vaccination while sick, if they’re without their faculties and unable to make an informed decision.


Action Items

  • Email all 100 House Representatives TODAY! Find an easy to use “email block” here.  Simply copy each block into the “to”, “cc” and “bcc” section of your email. You will need to send a second email to include the 4th block.
  • Download This Sample Letter For Inspiration, Or Use In Its Entirety! You can copy and paste into the body of your email (recommended) or send as an attachment. All supporting evidence is included in this letter.
  • Join Us Tomorrow at The Statehouse! Wear your Indiana For Medical Freedom t-shirts and bring your handmade signs! Please make sure your signs are smaller than a regular size poster board. You can cut a poster board in half to make two signs, or buy the smaller sized poster boards, usually sold in packs. Do Not put them on sticks.
  • Call your Representative at 317-232-9600, leave a message (closed today for MLK day) and ask them to oppose tomorrow.


To Live In a Free and Democratic Society, Vigilant Citizenry Is REQUIRED.

Indiana For Medical Freedom thanks you for your immediate attention to this matter.

One thought on “***ACTION ALERT for 1/15/18: NO on HB 1058 Forced Flu and Flu Vaccine Info on The SICK and ELDERLY”

  1. Good afternoon. My name isDavid Williams with WISH TV NEWS 8. I’m doing a story today about this bill. Can you email me your contact information please? It’s David.Williams@wishtv.com. We’d like your voice to be included in today’s story. Thank you!


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